Monday, May 23, 2011

5/23/2011 - Daily Update - Zero Carb Guarantee? YES Indeed!!!

Greetings Friends. My Spirits and Energy Levels are riding high.

I had a great time over the weekend. On Sunday my best friend dropped by for dinner. I grilled up a few Rib eye steaks and Pork Loin Chops. I also made some SAD sides. I have not eaten a fresh grilled steak in a while and I have not eaten a grilled Pork Loin Chop in like forever. I was in heaven. I must have gnawed on bones for a half an hour. I swear the flavor was out of this world. YUM does not give it justice. I “Q”ed the meat using lump Oak coal. Wow oh wow.

I have to say that I ate really well: one Rib eye steak and two Pork Chops. Yes, a bit much for me now a days.  I expected to feel stuffed, but no. I felt good and satisfied. I also have to admit that I roasted a pound of fresh jalapenos and then puree them in a blender to create a wonderful pepper sauce that is hot to say the least, but the flavor “for me” is oh so great.

I got a good deal on some tires and rims for my truck. They had a rebate for $100.00 for each set. I was also able to sell the old tires and factory rims to a used tire shop for $70.00. So in all I recouped $270.00. Not bad at all.

My Experiment is going well. It looks like next Monday will be the “Tell All” date. I expect good things to be reported and maybe a few surprises …….. maybe or not. It is really not a real big deal y’all …….. or is it? OK I was just having a little fun ……….. or was I? YES, indeed!

Hey, just shoot me. HA! I make you this promise: If I don’t record an all time low on Zero Carb by next Monday. I will, I will …….. quit (ZC) forever and eat all the cakes and pies humanly possible. Well no, you know I would never do that, but I do promise that by next Monday I will announce an all time low on Zero Carb ………. Well actually period as an adult. That my friends and Zero Carb Family I Guarantee!

You may be thinking how in the world can Dave do that? Guarantee? What? You know you would be right in thinking so. When that report comes out it will have the “Good” the “Bad” and the “Ugly” in it. The main thing is that it will be the truth. That I pledge will with my entire honor my friends. A true “tell all” report coming to you from yours truly. OK too much hype and after you read it, it will be “Jeez Dave, I thought that it may have a little more …. well ….. a little more “zing” to it”. HHMM Zing indeed. Yes I am still having a little fun. Loosen up a little and enjoy your day or night depending where you are at. Once again, another tough crowd. I gotta tellya I need another gig. This one is wearing me down. Hahaha!!!

Have a Great (ZC) Day my Friends and Zero Carb Family. Keep On Keeping On!!!

(ZC) Tasters Choice



  1. Even from as far away as Hawaii I can feel you breathing down my neck !!! You're gonna catch up with me. Probably pass me by. Hope so...

  2. One Rib Eye steak and two Pork Chops... life is good on ZC!!!

    For myself, I am now eating butter after dinner like I use to eat cheese. Great!!!

    Cannot wait until next monday...


  3. Hi Teri, hey I am huffing and puffing and I am going to blow that next Mini Goal down one day. That you can count on. Catch up or pass you? Well I don't know about that. I hope you are having a Grand Time in Paradise. Thanks for stopping by. Keep the Faith!!

    (ZC)ers Family Support



  4. Hi Pro(ZC)ac, I gotta tellya that "Q" was oh so good. I miss that taste fresh grilled meat with lump oak coal. Wood is the best thing for grilling. It kicks the heck out of gas. I always try to use my cast iron wood chip box when I use gas, but lump oak coal is great "as is".

    Funny you should mention "cheese and butter" ......... or is it? Battle On!!!

    (ZC) Who Would have Known





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