Sunday, June 26, 2011

6/26/2011 - Update - TURN OF EVENTS

Wonderful Day All! My Spirits have never been higher and my Energy High!!!

Well first of all I want thank Everyone that took the time to stop by and posted a comment. Also I want to thank the many of Y'all that took the time to Emailed me with comments of encouragement.


You have all touched me in a very special way. YOU are part of my success and I will not forget. That is one of the reasons this Blogs continues to be here. I may not have the time to keep it up as in the past but for now it will live.

So what is the big "TURN OF EVENTS" Dave? Is that you I hear Teri? Yes I think I recognize that voice .....(voices?) ..... (no, not again!) ......... just when I thought ......... oh well. 

OK a little fun or was it? Fun indeed! Well you folks give the "Sound of Silence" a whole new meaning. Sound? What sound? Really? Dave?............

Dave has left the Blog ................... or is it his mind?

Enough HA! OK alright already ....... Jeez!!! 

The Turn of Events: this is not news that I have become a vegan or anything sacrilegious like that Oh My!!! No it is a turn of events concerning my vacation. We planned a little to late and I had a hard time finding lodging at Yellowstone National Park. What is a Zero Carber to do? Well keeping with the National Park theme we decided to go to The Grand Canyon National Park. It was actually in the cards the whole time and we initially leaned to Yellowstone. No Worries here. So I have been busy planning a last minute trip to The Grand Canyon. We will drive just like the plan to Yellowstone. 

We will spend a night in Amarillo Texas. It will be just a stop over to sleep over and a bite to eat in the morning. They supposed to have a full breakfast buffet included in the price. We don't plan on seeing any sites. After breakfast we will hit the road. My next big stop will be Williams Azizaona. This is a two night stop. This place is about an hour or so from the Grand Canyon National Park. Why there? Because it has a train that takes an nice slow ride to the Park. We will then spend the first day there and chill. Then take the train back in the early evening back to the hotel, spend the night and then go to the small resort in Tusayan Arizona. Which is around seven or so miles from the South Rim entrance from the park. We will spend two days there. Next we will leave and spend the night at Clovis New Mexico located just next to the New Mexico / Texas boarder. This is just a stop to sleep and eat. They too offer a full breakfast buffet. Then for a side excursion we will head to Fredericksburg located in the Texas Hill Country. My time line puts us there on July 3 rd. We will spend the night there and tour and eat and have fun. We will arrive on the 3 rd early enough to soak in some sights. On the Fourth of July we will do the same. Just chill and take in the sights. We will leave early evening and make as last quick stop to Driftwood Texas to visit the world famous "The Salt Lick" bbq restaurant. If we are not hungry I will phone in a large order to go. Then back to The Woodlands Texas. 

My Trip will be exactly Seven days long. I will still be off until the 11th  of July. I have plenty of house projects inside and out to keep me busy.

I plan on keeping a diary of what I ate and where. I will take as many photos as possible of the food and sights and have a big report posted at that time. I will take my laptop with me. I can't promise anything, but I will at least try to respond to any comments.

Well got to run. I still have a family reunion TODAY!!! I will report on that with some photos. Gotta Run Y'all!

Have a Great Day My (ZC) Friends and Zero Carb Family! Keep On Keeping On!!!

(ZC)er On the Road Again



Tuesday, June 21, 2011

6/21/2011 - Update -The Double Whammy

I have been truly Blessed. Today I celebrate two big events.

First: as of today I have been one solid year on Zero Carb. I have been strong and had Zero Cheats. Hey I am human and while some things looked good, smelled good, brought back carb infested memories of momentary pleasures .......... I stood my ground and resisted the temptations. I hope you don't mind that I am proud of myself. For me this is a big, big, big accomplishment.

I fought hard for every second, minute, hour, day, week, month  and year that I have held the line. Yes my Friends and Zero Carb Family. I have been here. I have been here standing guard. I have kept my shield up and my spear pointed towards the enemy. I did not falter in my duties. I did not let one of those bastards through the line. I was locked in Mortal Combat everyday and though there were times that I questioned my Resolve, I wondered if I had the Will or the Strength to carry on. I simply refused to go down. I found that ounce of Strength. That glimmer of Hope. Yes my Friends and Zero Carb Family, those were the things that made me Rise to the occasion and rally the the Will and Courage to "Stay in the Fight" and "Battle On". This is my Last Stand, yes I have said it over and over again. While many if not most of you are able to recover and start again if you should fall. I am not so sure of myself. I want to think that I could, but at last ......... that may not be a reality for me. I don't know and I sure as hell don't want to find out. So instead I muster all that I have inside and move forward. When pushed I push back harder. When tempted I use counter measures. When all seems lost, I find a way to win the day. I have too. I do not have a choice. I want to live a long and healthy life and this is the path that I plan to stay on forever.

Hey I heard a rumor that this bozo promised some update slash compare and contrast pictures. Well lets just see if we can do something about that.

(Click on Photos to enlarge)

Second: I have been at or below my last Mini Goal weight and I am comfortable to "Cross the Goal". Yes my Friends and Zero Carb Family. That last Mini Goal is now officially HISTORY ... Gone ... Never to be seen again ....... Kicked to the curb ...... OUTTA-HERE ... SCRAM ............

So now I will set another Mini Goal of 169 lbs. Wishful thinking? I dunno. I originally thought 185 lbs would be a prime weight for me. Now??? Who knows? I don't. Oh yeah ......... I guess Zero Carb may have an inside track on that. YES INDEED!!!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. I tried my best to simulate the "In Progress" pictures as close as possible to the "Before" pictures. Yes, I did call them "In-progress" because: "It ain't over until it's over". Guess what? IT AIN'T OVER ....... No not by a long shot. How low can you go? Do you really want to know? Yes, please!

What will another Year on Zero Carb bring me? Joy, Peace, Well Being, Great Health .............. I know, yes I will sum it up and say that it will bring me:

PuRe SeReNiTy

"Take me High, Take Me low, Take Me Where I want to Go .......... You Can't take my Joy form me, since I found  Serenity."

Have a great (ZC) day my Friends and Zero Carb Family. Keep the Faith and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er Can You Hear Me NOW



Monday, June 20, 2011

6//20/2011 - Supplemental - On the Horizon

Wonderful Day All. My Spirits and Energy Levels are High.

This is just a small note to inform all of the events coming tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow. Why tomorrow? I guess so that I could write it three times in a row lol. No really because it will be my one (1) year anniversary on Zero Carb and I want to make a special posting for that celebration. The year has went by fast and well I don't want to go to deep in that conversation because I won't have nothing to write about tomorrow. See I got in again (YES).

I had a long chat with a new friend I met at the retreat. We went to Mass together yesterday and had a long conversation afterwards. He is a nice fellow and we get along well. We have eaten a couple of times together in the past. He is curious about (ZC) and has learned to accept my (WOE) without being judgmental. He is height and weight proportionate and has no desire to go (ZC). I am not going to push anything on him. All I can do is pass the word.

I have a Family Reunion to attend this Saturday. I assume there will be some shocked faces when they see me   minus 100 lbs.  Some have not seen me for at least that long or longer.There will be plenty of meat handy. I am thinking about making Beef Ribs. I know that someone is making Beef Brisket and Pork Ribs. The following Monday we will start our vacation to Yellowstone National Park. I plan on staying a couple of days in Colorado. Maybe Colorado Springs. I am not sure yet. On the way back we may hit the Texas Hill Country. I am not sure yet.

Well if any of you (Z)ers are in my path and want to do a "Mini Meat Up" Let me know. We will see what we can arrange. I am due for some time off to relax and reflect on all my life changing experiences I have went through this past year: Physically and more importantly Spiritually.  I really look forward to spend some special time with my (DW). Cozumel was the last time we spent some time away together for an extended time. That was last November. Wow, where did the time go? Were did it go Indeed.

Have a Great (ZC) Day my Friends and Zero Carb Family. Keep the Faith!!!

(ZC) Got Beef



Friday, June 17, 2011

6/17/2011 - Update - From Out of the Shadows

Howdy All. Great Day to be a (ZC)er. My Sprits are Soaring and my Energy levels are on the up and up.

Great Day Indeed!!! Wow what a response to the last post. Nice to see, as someone put it, folks come out of the shadows and comment. Very, very nice.  I want to thank all that commented. I am again very touched at the responses.  I am both honored and embarrassed once again.

I have to apologize about even having the thought of shutting down the Blog. No it will not be shut down. Yes I will post less because of time constraints. I am on a Spiritual Journey that will take precedence.  It has awakened in me and I will follow where it leads.  This is very important for me and I just know it is not a phase, but a lifelong pilgrimage.

What can I say? What can I say to a group of folks that showed so much love and kindness? I have never met you, except for Teri aka Cyber Mom, and yet you have taken the time to make such nice comments in response to a post. This is just a little spec in the huge cyber world. It is amazing that some folks from who knows where, from all walks of life come together to share some comments about a common belief. Now it is not such a small belief. Why? Well I will tell you what I think, that is if I have permission from my “Cyber Mom” lol!  OK, just being silly. Yes I will tell you what I think why this common belief is so important to me. Our common belief sets around the way of eating (WOE). Sounds small at first then …………. Eureka!!! Eating is LIFE!!!

Yes my Friends and Zero Carb Family this is a big DEAL indeed. Way of Eating sets off a whole chain of events. Mainly and Chiefly HEALTH. How simple is that? Even I can grasp it. Jeez! Those of you that have followed this Journey of mine from the start darn well know that I was on the path of destruction; a path of “No Return”.  I reached my highest weight of 280 lbs, brought it down to 230 lbs or 235 lbs with VLC then slid my way back to 260 lbs with no hope in sight. I discovered (ZC) while researching VLC, looking for recipes, looking for hope, looking for answers.  Thank goodness for the ZIOH Forum. Thank goodness for all the nice folks over there that are so supportive of me, especially in the beginning stages. Yes I did not ask for much help, but just the nice comments, the cheering on ……. Well that is a type of support on its own. So that is why I will not tolerate any bashing of ZIOH on my Blog. No, not at all. I may have a difference of opinion with some folks there, but I would be shocked if folks that visit here don’t have the same with me.

For those who do not know I will beat this drum once again. Some may think “Dave has dedication and has given his all to Zero Carb”. Well folks as I have stated on many occasions: This is my last stand. Failure is not an option. I cannot fail, I will not fail. I cannot afford to fail. If I should stumble, should I fall, well there may be no turning back for me. As strong as I may seem, as dedicated as I have been, I know my weaknesses. I truly admire those that are able to give it a second, third or more “Go”. You my Friends and Zero Carb Family are much more powerful than me.  I humbly bow my head and heart to you. 

Have a Great Zero Carb Day my Friends and Zero Carb Family. Battle On!!!

(ZC)ers From the Shadows we Rise


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

6/14/2011 - Update - Which Way

Greetings Friends. My Spirits and Energy levels are good.

Is this my first day here? Well, I feel like a new member of some board. I don't know. Things are different for me now. I feel like a whole new person. I just do. Sometimes I am amazed at the guy staring back at me in the mirror. It has taken a bit of time for me to get used to the new me. I still have a way to go, but .............

So I had a lot of nice comments once again and I want to thank all. It is real touching that folks write such nice comments. A couple of folks indicated that they felt like I might shut down the Blog. I don't have any plans to do so right now. I am think of just slowing it down to a weekly Update like I had mention before ..... I think. Well anyway that just might be the route for me.

I did not like the pictures I took over the weekend so I am going to take new ones soon and post. It was way too sunny that day and the pictures seem bleached out. So I will try again.

I am still eating my staple of Fatty Beef Brisket and my new staple of Barbacoa Omelet with cheese. A big yum on that second one. I have not grown tired of it yet. It is a great mixture of flavors bursting in my mouth. Heavenly!

Funny thing ...... well not to funny. Yes OK it is funny. What is it? Oops. Well I received a real nice picture from one of the Retreat team members of my discussion group. I am in the front row kneeling next to three other guys. My wife took a look at it and said "you are not bad looking" I just stared at her in disbelief and said " Gee thanks" lol!!! She went on to tell me that I am somewhat attractive now that I have lost the weight. Oh brother! Again "Gee Thanks" Go Figure.

Well my Friends and Zero Carb Family I have a long road ahead of me on a new path. I am so excited. I am wondering where it is going to take me. Well I kinda know where I want to end up at I am just wondering about the actual Journey. Lots and lots to learn and experience. Wow I am on cloud nine just thinking about it.

Have a Great (ZC) Day my Friends and Zero Carb Family. Battle On!!!

(ZC)er Decisions, Decisions, Decisions



Saturday, June 11, 2011

6/11/2011 - Update - Day of Confirmation

Glorious Day All. My Energy and Spirits are In A Galaxy Far, Far Away............

Today I will be Confirmed in the Catholic Church. This is a big step for me in my Spiritual Journey. I will be lock for life. Yesterday my Dear Wife and I had our marriage valideated in the church. It was basically a full blown wedding ceremony without all the hype. The ceremony included all the steps and prayers of a regular wedding ceremony. My brother and his dear family were able to attend. I cooked a very nice dinner for all to enjoy at my home. He has recently returned from the Middle East. We had so much fun talking and eating and just enjoying time together. This was the first time he and his family visited our home since we moved here in 2008. We had a ton of fun.

My Confirmation is not until 7:00pm this evening and I have a little time to post and respond to comments from my last posting. It really touched me to have so many responses. Thanks to all.

I will try to get out of here soon and take some pictures in some of my new cloths. I was not able to buy a 'fitted shirt' yet. So I will do with what I have already purchased. I don't see a great deal of difference from my last update pictures when I was wearing size 36 waist, but the measurements tell the tale. I had a really nice comment left by Pro(ZC)ac on my Blog indicated that I might be looking at weigh as little as 160 lbs when all  is said and done. Maybe. I don't know. I was thinking maybe 165 - 169 lbs. It is only a guess. I really don't know.

Well as I indicated to Teri I have some more good news to post. Without Further Adieu:

I had an all time low on Zero Carb today = 179.0 lbs

This marks 101 pounds lost (VLC+ZC) total from my all time high of 280 lbs.

Have a Great (ZC) Day my Friends and Zero Carb Family. Fight for whats Right!!!

(ZC) The End Game


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

6/8/2011 - Update - The Journey Continues

Greetings Friends and Family. My Spirits have been lifted higher than high. My Energy levels are good.

Where to Begin? Where to End? Where indeed ………………………

First of all I know this Update is a little late. I have been going full speed since last week and have not stopped. My life is so filled with JOY and PEACE and HARMONY that I …. I just don’t know how to correctly describe it. So I guess I will leave it at that.

This is a most busy week for me. I just came back recently from a Spiritual Retreat that has changed my life forever …….. I am still on a high from that and I don’t want to come down. Time will tell. I know one thing: I will never be the same …. Never.

I have my last Confirmation class, this week, I will have my marriage Blessed by the church this week, I will be Confirmed in the church this week. Can I have an amen? HA!


I won’t go into great details, but I have to say that I was humbled beyond all expectations. First of all we gave up watches, cell phones, i-pads and such in order to not be distracted during the time we spent together. It was a relief taking the leash off for this period of time. Every day, every hour brought us something good, something wonderful, something GREAT! If you are a Catholic or just interested in my religious experience at the Retreat and just email me and I will share with you. Let me just say this experience is just so overwhelming that I am for life a change man. I was already on a path in that direction. I give Zero Carb credit for clearing my mind and granting me physical freedom so that my spiritual being was free to soar without hinder.

*I was not able to take a camera, so I did not take photos of the food I ate*

The Setting

The Retreat is set deep the woods in and around Magnolia Texas. It was a very beautiful wooded setting with lakes, wooden bridges, abundant gardens and wild life in the form of ducks, geese, peacocks and other birds that I have no clue of what they were called, roaming the grounds. They were so used to humans that they did not run away. They just simply wandered around freely and undisturbed. This place had a feeling of Pure Serenity.

Food for Thought

I have to say these folks did their best to accommodate me. First of all I requested on the registration form that I eat only an all meat diet. This was about a month before the Retreat. Then about two weeks before the retreat a gentleman emailed me that inquired what foods would be appropriate especially for breakfast. I simply explained that I could eat any kind of meat that was grilled, baked, roasted, deep fried, pan fried and so on. I also want requested that the meat be free of any breading, sauces or gravies. I told them that eggs and a hamburger patty would be fine for breakfast.

Day One: Thursday 6/2/2011

At 5:30 pm I arrived at the church to begin processing in. I was the second to arrive out of around 38 Retreatants. Check in lasted for about an hour or so. We then loaded on the bus and took off to the retreat.
I would say it was around 7:00 pm or so when we arrived. We then went to the dining hall where they had a set up to make sandwiches. They had large aluminum containers with rolled lunch meats such as turkey, ham, beef and so on. As well as a variety of sliced cheeses and all the fixings. They also had a tray of assorted chips, cookies and cakes ….. oh my. I ate a couple of rolled up beef and turkey. I really was not hungry and should not have eaten anything. I estimated that I ate about 4 ounces of meat. After the meal we had a eye and heart opening experience that will follow me the rest of my days and this was just the start of one overwhelming event after another.

Day Two: Friday 6/3/2011

We were up very late the night before. If I had to guess I would say past midnight or near one AM. They woke us up I would guess around 5 AM. Let me step back a bit. We were instructed that at the first bell to get up and get ready. At the second bell to make your way with haste to the conference center and wait outside the doors. I shared a small cabin, actually more like a small house with five other Retreatants. I shared a room with an older gentlemen, he was a very nice and kind person. Well they had a little miscommunication with the bell ringer and the second bell was rung around 10 minutes later. I like to take my showers at night when sharing with others in order to have more time and privacy. So I lucked out. My group hurried to the meeting area only to wait around 45 minutes. It was really not a big deal. This is the first A.C.T.S. Men’s Retreat this church has held and small quirks are to be expected. To tell you the truth the rest of the time was perfect without flaw. They carted coffee for us outside until all showed up. We then had “Sharing”, prayers and singing in the conference area.

Just a side note: Similar to my experience while on jury duty, they had tons of packaged and fresh carb filled treats to snack on every day available in the conference room. I mean chips, cookies all and any type of candy available. Sorta like a vending machine that was free. They keep the huge bowls stocked. They also had a central area full of more snacks and treats.  I am so in tuned with ZERO CARB that this did not bother me at all. I never felt tempted or compelled to snack on those “things”. I dare not call them food. HA! What amazed me was the continuous eating of the Retreatants and other participants. In all there were about 85 of us at all times.

Breakfast rolled around and since we did not have watches I have no clue at the times we actually ate. Any way we were seated and the folks served us plates filled with pancakes, toast, scrambled eggs and bacon. They also had fresh fruit, muffins, brownies and so on. I told my server to take back my plate and take off everything except the eggs. I did not want to throw away the food. Hey I was worried a little because the eggs only looked like two and I had a feeling it would not hold me. Then an angel appeared with a plate tagged with my name on it. It was a two egg omelet with cheese. They also put a thick piece of ham on it. They told me the cheese was lactose free. I was very happy to get this meal and that they did not forget about me. I was suspicious about the cheese, but oh well.

Lunch rolled around after lots of activities. This time we were in a line cafeteria style. I was partnered up with one of the “servers”. Their job was to serve us in our needs during the Retreat. I was always served my meals and drinks the entire time. Anyway I could see that we were having beef and chicken fajitas tacos with all the trimmings. I warned my server that I was on an only MEAT DIET. Well I really don’t expect too much from folks who are not familiar with (ZC) or lc. Anyway he grabs a packet of flour tortillas. I asked him to put them back because I ate only meat. Then we approached the guy serving the beef and chicken and he puts about 3 ozs of each on the plate. I told him I ate only meat and he kinda laughed. I said “no really I only eat meat” so he put about an ounce more of each. Don’t get me wrong with all the sides and deserts I would have been busting my sides if ate SAD. I asked my server for a refill on the meat and he came back with about t 4 oz of each meat. I was satisfied with the portions and moved forward.

Dinner rolled around after lots of activities.  We were seated and the servers began to take plates of food to everyone. They ate hamburgers with all the trimmings and deserts that you could not imagine. Then a plate tagged for me promptly showed up with some of that thick sliced ham and a single burger. I would judge the burger to be around 5 to 6 oz and the ham to be about the same. I grabbed the butter bowl and took about half the stick and placed on my plate to my tablemates’ surprise. The burger must have been “ground round” because it was very dry considering it was a little pink in the middle. So I smeared the butte on top and ate. I was well satisfied with the meal. We had another activity that night, but not too late.

Believe it or not: I got a few stares about my way of eating, but after a brief explanation and the revelation that I have lost a total of almost 100 pounds (ZC +VLC) they seemed to understand.  I had different tablemates every meal so I did the explanation every time just for the sake of it.

Day Three: Saturday 6/3/2011

Breakfast rolled around after a nice rest. We went to bed a little earlier and slept in a little later. We had an extended event in the chapel before breakfast. Well while everyone was having French toast and other carb filled breakfast delights, I was served two easy over eggs and a hamburger patty. I ended up eating another chunk of butter to compensate the dryness of the meat. Hey I am not complaining at least it was good clean protein.

Lunch rolled around after tons of activities including confession and other spiritual experiences.  They served grilled chicken breast over a strawberry spinach salad. I received some sliced chicken breast. The meat was a bit over cooked and dry. Thank GOD for butter. I would say that I was served around 12 ozs of meat. I don’t think they understood that I did not eat all the sides or munched all day long at the conference room like all the other Retreatants and Servers. If I ate SAD I would have been bursting from the sides. There was tons of food, just not the kind I could eat.

Dinner rolled around after yet another full day of spiritual experiences. I swear the events built upon the other. Must when you thought you were at the top, you went up a little further. Outstanding! To my delight we had BBQ brisket. I got a nice size plate of sliced brisket. I would estimate about a pound and a half.  This had to be my best meal yet. The meat was tender, had some fat and tasted great.
We were told that we would not have a regular breakfast the next morning. They said that Danishes and drinks would be brought to the cabins. We were to leave that day in the morning and conclude this spiritual journey at Mass at the church. We would also have a lunch reception.

Day Four: Sunday 6/4/2011

This was such a nice day. We slept in a little and instead of the bell ringing we woke up to a group of strolling singers singing hypes accompanied by a guitar. They then carted Danishes and milk to the cabins. I look and thought “Oh well they forgot me”. I was not worried because I could wait until later or did I? Once again an angel came to my rescue. I server came to our door and asked for Dave. He left me two boiled eggs, hamburger patty and a slice of cheese. Wow, a really nice size breakfast compared to the others.  I was very grateful for this. I was very grateful for all the effort these folks made to aid me in keeping with my way of eating.

I weighed myself on Monday morning and to my surprise I lost another 1 ½ pounds while on the retreat and another ½ pound current for a total of 2 pounds lost since my last reported weigh in.

I had an all time low on Zero Carb today = 179.8 lbs.

Yippee!!! Should I cross out eh 179 lbs Mini Goal? No way Jose. It is too close to 180 lbs for that and then I need to stay at or under that weight for at least one week. “Dave’s Rule”.  Hey I will get there when I get there.

I hope you enjoyed my little “Big” Spiritual and eating Journey.

I plan to take new pictures Sunday after Mass. I will try to post them that day. Remember that yellow shirt that wrapped around me a little? Well I plan to do an update with that. I hope I can buy a fitted shirt for the Sunday photo shoot. I have bought a total of three new flat front slacks and a pair of black Jeans. I need at least one more pair of slacks and some blue jeans. I have also bought two new shirts. I believe they were size 15. I want at least three more shirts. I also need an new jacket or suit.  Any donations? Yeah right? Ha!

Sorry so long.

Have a Great (ZC) Day my Friends and Family. Keep the Faith and Always Battle On!!

(ZC) Just when you thought it could not get any Better



Thursday, June 2, 2011

6/2/2011 - Update - Another Journey

Good Day All. My Spirits and Energy levels are flying Higher than High.

One note: I will not use “Daily Update” in the title of my posts because mostly they are not daily anymore at this time and may be only Weekly. I know I posted that I will give a daily menu and that still can occur in a Weekly Update. I will try to figure that out over the weekend and report next Monday.
I am on an all time Zero Carb high my Friends and Zero Carb family. Things are looking on the Up and Up. This evening I will embark on my Spiritual Retreat. I am a little nervous and excited at the same time. It will be an adventure. Well at least something new.

So how did Dave Celebrate his all time Zero Carb Low? One word ……………………….. SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just had to buy something. So I went shopping for some new clothes yesterday. I also got a haircut. My locks were too long. I let my hair grow out on purpose to see what a longer look would look like and when I saw myself in my recent photos I thought “OOHH…..Not” So I decided to cut the hair. I guess my long hair days are over. I tell you what: Believe it or not ……… in my young gun days I had my hair almost to the middle of my back. I wore it that way for about a year, cut it all off and then grew it back again to the middle of my back and kept it that way for about 2 ½ years. It was fun and crazy. Those were my young wild single days.

Back to the SHOPPING! Anyway I decided to reward myself for a job well done. At least that is what I told myself. So since I had already purchased some jeans this past weekend, I decided on a couple of pairs of slacks and a couple of shirts.  I had a lot of fun trying on different pants. Deep inside I kept thinking “These are way too small, they won’t fit” then once I put them on and fastened them “Shazam” they fit. I mean each and every time. Jeez why is that important ………. Important indeed, at least to me. BECAUSE I have that little voice in the back of my mind saying “Oh Dave these pants are miss labeled and are really a bigger size”. Hey that has happened to me in the past. I also bought a couple better fitting shirts. They were not fitted. I do plan on buying two to three more pairs of pants and a few more shirts which will include at least one fitted.  Why only one ($$)?

I will tune back in on Monday with a full report on the Retreat. I will take pictures of what was offered to eat and what I chose. This will be an interesting situation because it is totally out of my control. I did make a written request on my needs. So let’s see if “only meat” means “only meat” to others.  Yes I told them no “Breaded Meats”, “No Sauces”, “No Gravies” and so on.  It will be interesting.

Have a Great (ZC) Day my Friends and Zero Carb Family. Battle On!!!

(ZC) Enlighten Yourself

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