Monday, July 25, 2011

7/25/2011 - Weekly Update - A New Adventure

Howdy Y’all! My Spirits and Energy levels are great! I am surging with energy y’all.

Wow, what a week, what a week indeed. There are a lot of things brewing at work. There are a lot of things brewing at home. Hmmm ……. It’s seems like I have the “Brew Factor” brewing here. So many projects, yet so little time.

Yesterday after church I went to have lunch at my new friend’s house. He is a nice chap that I met at my retreat a little while back. We ate T-bones and chicken grilled to perfection. He was amazed that I downed two of the three T-bones and two pieces of chicken. I would estimate that the two steaks alone were close to 32 ozs. The chicken was rather small. I was pleasantly full for the rest of the day and did not require a second meal.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

7/19/2011 - Update - Family and Good Times

Greetings. My Spirits and Energy levels are good.

I had a very special guest this Friday and Saturday. I had another niece from San Diego visit. She is staying primarily with my sister, but spent the night over on Friday and visited most of Saturday. Unfortunately (DW) was scheduled to work on this weekend. After work Friday evening I picked her up and (DW). We all went out to eat. Where? Well she is a sushi fan and I took them to a real nice new Japanese restaurant by the name of Kita. Located in The Woodlands near the Water Way.

So did Dave find something to eat? Yes indeed. I had a NY Stripe Steak. It was only 6 ozs but hey I am not complaining lol. It was all good. The main thing is that my niece, (DW) and I had a great time together. We then took a ride on the Water Taxi. It was real nice. It was getting dark and all the trees on the banks were lit up. We then got off at the main entrance to the mall and we wen to the Cheesecake Factory for desert. I had a black coffee. No it's not the name of a new cheesecake for goodness sake. Yes I do drink plain black coffee here and there and it does not seem to affect my  weight loss. I have posted before that I started to drink plain black coffee awhile back. I also said as far as I am concerned it is not up for debate. To drink coffee or not to drink coffee that is the question: for me "to drink". Jeez Dave coffee and cigars? What next?

Friday, July 15, 2011

7/14/2011 - Update - Dave's(ZC) Grand Canyon Adventure Days 5 - 8

Greetings Friends. My Spirits and Energy levels are great.

So on with the trip. Next two days were very interesting and a lot of fun.

Day 5

Yes you guessed it again: another glorious day........because......... now all together now "Slept in late" YES!!!! Hey sleeping in late is a pure luxury for me. I wake up Monday thru Friday at 4:30 AM. So Waking up at 9:00 AM is really late. So we went to the breakfast buffet and dived in. I had a couple of heaping plates of Scrambled Eggs and Bacon. They were fresh and good. One problem. The resort was packed to the tilt. I mean crowded. That means crowded lines at the buffet and folks going the wrong way in the line. The Bacon and Eggs were at the end so I skipped to the front. A lady entered the line on the wrong end and almost knocked the full plate out of my hands and had the nerve to look at me like it was my fault. I said "Oh well that what happens when you enter on the wrong side" well she mumbled a "curse word" and moved on (in the wrong direction). I will give her a little room considering she was from a foreign country and may not be used to this form of eating. No worries. I just wanted to get my breakfast on. HA!!

Bacon and Eggs (stock photo)

After breakfast we started on our way for the third time to the Grand Canyon. We had planned to park the car at one of the many parking lots at the central location near the train depot and finish exploring the central area, then start our "Rim Hike" to Hermits Rest.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

7/13/2011 - Update - Dave's(ZC) Grand Canyon Adventure Day 3 & 4 of 8

Good Day All. My Spirits and Energy level are great.

Day 3

A most glorious day indeed. Why? Well why not?. ...............OK Dave, that did not make too much sense. Did it? Yes, a little more fun or was it? OK, OK, OK ........ anyway it was a glorious day because I got to sleep in a little. This is the day that we took an old fashioned train ride from Williams Arizona to The South Rim Entrance of the Grand Canyon.

First we ate breakfast at the Pine Country Restaurant. I had The Meat Lover's Omelet: Bacon. Ham and Sausage. It was pretty good. It's one of those old fashioned Mom and Pop type of place. Then we went across the street to the Railroad Depot. They had a Wild West show for about 20 minutes. We then boarded our train for a slow scenic ride to the Grand Canyon. We had a personal attendant in the rail car that gave us a tour of our surroundings as we passed through the area. Then we had an entertainer play the accordion and harmonica for about a half an hour. the entire trip was about two hours long.

Wild West Show

Monday, July 11, 2011

7/11/2011 -Update - Dave's (ZC) Grand Canyon Adventure Day 1 & 2 of 8

Great day all. My Spirits and Energy levels are on the up and up.

Where to start? So many things, so little time.

First of all I will lightly touch on the Family Reunion. What a blast. Let me tellya that folks were totally amazed at my 100 lbs + loss. Wow oh wow. I had a cousin that actually started to introduce himself to me before he caught himself. Jeez!
Ready to CHOW

BBQ Pork, Chicken and Beef.

I had so much fun visiting with lots of cousins and their kids of all ages. We talked all night. I did not want to leave.

On to the Grand Canyon Trip:

It turned out to be an eight day trip. It was a lot of fun with a little challenging situations. I just stuck with my new Motto: "There is Always a Way, Always". I will break this down to four "Two Day" posts. It should be interesting or will it? Well I hope you enjoy my little report.

Day one:

We started out early around 5:30 AM. We ate breakfast at home. I had my oh so good Beef Cheek Omelet with Naturally Lactose free Gouda (Finlandia Brand).

Our first stop was Amarillo, Texas (600 miles +) home of the 72 oz steak challenge. If you can eat it all it is free. Hmmm............ I think that I could do it without a doubt. The only thing is that you have to eat some potatoes, salad and a shrimp cocktail along with the steak. I believe that is what it is or close to it. Anyhow Amarillo was just for a nights rest and on to the main destination. That evening we ate at a Chinese buffet located next door. Not a good choice by far, but (DW) was craving stir fried rice. Yuk to the tenth degree. Hey this is her vacation too and we can't just cater to me. They had some grilled chicken and boiled shrimp that I could eat. The chicken was plain without marinade. It was eatable. Hey I would have fasted before I ate an ounce of carbs. No freaking way. If worst came to worst I could have made a mercy run to a fast food burger place later for some hamburger patties "There is Always a Way, Always". We had a good nights sleep. End of day one.

Day Two:

We started out around 7:30 AM after my scrumptious breakfast lol.

This was the breakfast offered. Ohh mystery sausage. Well it was real greasy.

Yes, I went for seconds. The breakfast was included. It was OK. No big frill. I ate a lot on purpose in preparation for the next 600+ leg of the trip. I wanted to make sure I had lots of protein and eggs are light for me. I passed on the mystery sausage on the second round.

Our destination on day two was Williams Arizona. It is about an hour from the South Rim entrance. Why there? Why indeed. Because I wanted to take a train "side trip" to the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon Hotel was right across from the Railroad. We took a side trip to the "Meteor Crater". Pretty neat.

Well we got to Williams in the evening just in time for dinner. I foud a nice restaurant "Red Raven" and had a 12 oz Rib eye steak.

I requested lots of butter on top.

Don't mind the red-orange stuff. It was from the potatoes I gave to (DW). Just call me Dave the enabler lol. 

After dinner we walked around a little in the pristine tourist town of Williams and checked out the shops. We then settled into a very nice and comfortable bed. End of Day Two.

Well folks I hope you enjoyed part one of four. I left out all the driving stuff. At this point I drove around 1300 miles or so. Hey who's counting? I am on vacation y'all.

The next two days were interesting and a bit of a challenge or was it? Stay tuned for "Dave's (ZC) Grand Canyon Adventure" days 3 & 4.

Have a Great (ZC) day my Friends and Zero Carb Family. The Fun has Just Begun!!!

(ZC) It's Not Just a WOE, It's an Adventure


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