Saturday, August 27, 2011

8/27/2011 - Supplemental - More Motivation .... This Is Who I Am

Greetings Friends!

I have been thinking ......... that ........ well I want to put this in a way folks will understand and I am having a hard time y'all. Wheres' my  Cyber Mom when I need her? I know Teri would just say spit it out Hoss. Yes she is aloud to call me Hoss because long ago I made her an "Honorary Texan" she kinda sounded a little hillbilly at first, but then she mastered a great Texican accent. Yes indeed. Well OK I will spit it out: I am on many Journeys right now in my life, but my two main ones are my Spiritual Journey and my Zero Carb Journey. They have both change my life Forever. So I can't help to feel motivated by certain Christian songs that I can relate to for both Journeys. The words are of course meant for Christ, but at the same time for ME they also speak for the Journey that I am with Zero Carb. Very motivational.

One that I have came across in more recent times is Born Again by Newsboys:

Found myself looking into the mirror
Knew I wasn't who I wanted to be
I was living like the way that I wanted
But my eyes reminded me I'm not free
Believe that I saw, everything that I know
Says I gotta go, tired of going solo
But I'm never gonna go there again

This is what it is
This is who I am
This is where I finally take my stand

I didn't want to fall, but I don't have to crawl
I met the one with two scarred hands
Givin' him the best of, everything that's left of
The life inside this man

I've been Born Again

I see you're walking like you're living in fear
Having trouble even looking at me
Wishing that they give you more than words
Sick of people telling how it should be (how it should be)
What's your download, where'd you get your info
Saw that I'm show, now you're in the in-load
I'm gonna tell you what I believe, OH


We are the ones, he called by name
Never gonna look back
Let go, let go the guilt the shame
I said I'm never gonna look back
This is who I am

(Chorus 2x)


This song gives me a lot of motivation on both fronts. I am very fortunate to be able to correlated these feelings and get these benefits. It may not be for everyone, but to each their own. I thought I would share this, so if it just helps one person for either or both .... well then it was well worth the effort.

Have a Great (ZC) Day my Friends and Zero Carb Family. Never lose Faith, Fight the Good Fight and Always Battle On!!!




  1. You can't escape or get away from me. You're in my radar always. Mom's have eyes and ears all over the place!!!

  2. i love that song dave. the words are so true.i also feel strong on what you describe as both fronts. it is not strange to feel motivated by those words. keep up the great work.


  3. "This is what it is,
    This is who I am,
    This is where I finally take my stand...."

    That is definitely you Dave. You are always so true to your convictions. I admire your will and drive. It really helps me on my zc journey. Thank you.~Maryzc~

  4. Hi Teri, I always appreciate your watchful eye. I hope all fares well with you and Bob. Battle On!!!



  5. Hi Maryzc, yes INDEED!!! This Is Who I Am. Thank you for you kind comments.



  6. Hi Sara, isn't that song great? I have grown to love it too. It picks up my Spirit Big Time!





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