Monday, August 8, 2011

8/8/2011 - Weekly Update - Life Changes and Future Endeavors

Great Day All!! My Spirits and Energy Levels and through the ROOF!!!

I finally broke into my stash of Ground Fatty Beef Brisket Burgers. Lately I have been eating preformed 100% Ground Chuck patties that I bought on sale at HEB for $1.99 lb. I can tell a big difference between the two. I really like them both and to me they have totally different tastes. The best thing is that they are both GREAT. A Win, Win situation Jeez what a situation to be in. HA! One note the Fatty Beef Brisket burgers seem a little leaner than the Chuck. Less flare ups on the gas grill.

I swear I just love my Signature two Egg Baracoa Omelet with natural lactose free cheese (Gouda and Munster) that I have been eat for some time now. I savor each bit and take my time eating it. It is almost sinful. LOL!!! Am I addicted to it? Would this become an out of control craving? OMG!!! Well no. No it wouldn’t. This week end I had three over easy eggs on top a bed of Baracoa. I just love to break the yolks and mix it all up. I serve it in a bowl and use a spoon. I place some Baracoa into bowl and pop it into the microwave for 30 seconds; I then mash it up a little. Next I cook three large eggs in a ½ table of butter. The eggs are slid on top of bed of Baracoa. I get a spoon a cut up the yolks and whites and lightly mix it up. The result is just heavenly. Yes, I also eat this really slow and savor each and every bit. For me it is oh so Deslish to the tenth degree.

I did a lot of yard work this weekend and I am a little sore. I am still in the process of cleaning out my garage to make space for a workout area. I promised myself to work on it a little every day until I reach my goal. I will get there. It is only a matter of time. I am really ready to get started with the workouts. I just feel that I want to get this routine started before I get too old. Yes, don’t laugh. It is just an inner feeling. I feel that at 47 yrs old I am still relatively young and I feel now that I have found my optimum way of eating I want to “Lock it In”. In my little mind (Danger, Danger, Danger) I see getting this body into physical shape will keep me in “Optimum Health” for life. Yes some may think this is “retrado”, so what. My way of eating is considered “retardo” and I will do it lifelong anyway.  Oh yeah I forgot to mention that I had a blow out in my truck over the weekend. I was able to make it home on the flat. Well the tire was in shreds by the time I got to the house. Now keep in mind I have not changed a tire in many, many years. Now those who have trucks know in general that most trucks carry the spare under the back bed suspended by a cable/ crank deal. Well folks I had to use muscles that have been dormant for a long time. Jeez! I was able to do the job, but it was a battle. It only took me 20 minutes to complete the job, but it was a struggle. I could tell the difference in strength and it was not a good feeling. I would hate to see the same situation occur when I am 50 yrs old. Well this is my little theory and I plan to run with it. I will record my workouts and other stats for reference purposes.

Have a Great (ZC) Day my Friends and Family. Live Long, Be Strong and Never Ever Forget to Continue to Battle On!!!

(ZC)ers Kicking the Others (WOE) in the A_ _

260/177/185 ???
Overall health (1-10):9
Energy level (1-10):11+
Rocky Stage: Getting Strong Now
Today's Menu: Fatty Beef Brisket Patties, Baracoa Omelet, Munster Cheese, Black Coffee and H20


  1. Getting old is hell if you don't take care of your health. I look at your pictures and can see that you have zc down. I would not give it a second thought on the workouts. If you take it easy and plan it will be a stroll in the park for you. You have a good head on your shoulders and are more than capable of this task.


  2. lol I just love the pic and tag line. This will be good for you Dave. Keep in shape inside and out. strength training can only benefit you. I don't see anything negative about the way you describe what you plan on doing. Like a few have already advised to take it slow and easy and work your way up. Battle on Dave!


  3. The more I study the different RESTRICTED CARB ways of eating, I seems that there is no WARRANTY it will help to live longer then any other person. Whatever someone changes in his lifestyle, genes appear to be the most important “control device” of longevity. It is only long-term observation that will give us an idea of the effect of ZC on life expectancy. And I suspect it will be good…

    But what comes out, as THE incentive for a RESTRICTED CARB way of eating, is the NEAR IMMEDIATE “global health improvement”. People feel good, happy and full of energy. I am sure we all are enjoying this. Well, David seems… except when he has to change a tire...!!!

    Of course, David has to understand that after so many years dealing with a weight problem and limited physical activity, the situation is quite normal. But I am sure in one year from here, he will be able to change a tire in a few minutes...

    I think it is not the strenght we loose with years but our resistance to any stressfull event. We have become a society that wants everything done now and not get bored by details. Look at the way kids and teens react nowaday and you will get a good idea...

    ZC has tought me to enjoy life in a simplier mode, taking pleasure to do "work in and out the house" without feeling they are a burden. People doing the PALEO way of eating describe this feeling much better then the ZC people do.

    Maybe it is time for ZC fellows to try to have a more global approach to life, not only to food. Maybe David will give us in the coming year this "new attitude" we should try to reach???!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    PS: I would adore having a flat today just do see how I would react and compare.......

  4. David does have to get used to his new weight. I am surprised that he does not mention any changes he has experienced physically. His balance has to be different, his ability to squat or a different posture when sitting. I would be surprised if he just did not notice the subtle changes.

    He must have new abilities in the form of movement. His pictures show him in a very large state that must have been uncomfortable when in confined spaces such as a standard airplane seat, roller coaster or fixed seating such as some booths at restaurants.

    A little toning and strength training could be healthy. I don't recommend any strenuous type exercise that might cause an injury. I think David is on the right track and I wish him continued success. I can't wait to see update pictures in a few months or so.

    I continue to follow your journey and enjoy it very much. You give when you don't have too. Thank you. I am still having problems signing up as a follower. Keep up the great work.


  5. Hi Bill, yes indeed planning is the key to my success. It is the only way. I just want to live as healthy as possible to the end. I'm sure that is all anyone would want. I'm will and capable of giving it my best.



  6. Hi Pro(ZC)ac, how true. We are a "NOW" society especially in the United States. I try to take things in stride, yet I fall into the trap. To tell you the truth I am cool under fire. When all hell is breaking loose around me, I would be the one figuring out the solution to the issue. I feel that I would have been a great battlefield front line commander. Maybe I was in a past life. HA!

    What I would give to have a simpler life lol! Well someday I hope. One year form now........ Hhmm one year. I can't wait.

    There will be a DAY...........



  7. Hi Marcus, yes I intend to take it easy and slow until I get my GROOVE!



  8. Hi John, you've brought up a good point. I am not used to this new body all together. Sometimes I do feel off balanced. I have had to catch myself a few times.

    I will plan my workouts. I anticipate to have lots of fun. I just have to complete that garage project and it is a bear! Yikes!





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