Wednesday, October 26, 2011

10/26/2011 - Weekly Update - More About Fat .... Sorta

Greetings Zero Carb Friends and Family! My Spirits and Energy levels are up and at 'Em.

Well I thought I was going to give a nice report today about my "Renaissance Adventure" this past weekend. So what happened ........... what happened indeed!! I went to the Festival, but had to leave early due to things I rather not talk about. Jeez what an excuse. It is what it is.

One bright point: I plan on giving it another try this coming Saturday. I will take my two young strapping tennage nephews and I plan to keep up with them lol! I believe that we will have a grand time. Neither of them have been to the festival  and it will be a new experience for them. Lucky for them they have a "seasoned Uncle" roaring to show them a great time. I will pick them up on Friday and we will set off early Saturday morning.

More about Fat? Why not? I am trying to educate myself and pass along some tidbids along the way. Nothing new to the Vets, but maybe to the new.

So here is another nice bid of information I came across:
"If you were around for the low-fat diet craze of the 90's, you may have found yourself convinced that fat is the dieter's worst enemy. But that's not necessarily true.

Ready for some fat facts that just might surprise you? 

Fat is actually considered a vital nutrient. It is an important part of your diet: It can not only be beneficial ... it's essential!

Fat supplies essential fatty acids for growth, healthy skin, vitamin-absorption and regulation of bodily functions. Not to mention ...

Fat is a Feel-Full Food

Eating enough fat may actually help you manage your weight loss efforts by providing a better sense of satiety than other lower fat foods. This is because it helps you feel fuller longer than other lighter fare.

For example, if you eat a reduced-fat cheese and egg white omelet in the a.m., your tummy may grumble by the time you've settled into your cubicle; but if you use a small portion of regular cheese, that morning meal may have longer staying power and keep you hunger-free until noon.

The reason is fat actually takes longer to digest than some other types of foods. Since it sticks around in your stomach a while, you'll feel fuller longer and will be less inclined to eat until you feel a sense of hunger again.

More: Why is Fat My Friend?

It's Satisfying

A sure-fire way to set yourself up for diet failure is to deprive yourself of the foods you love on a daily basis. For most of us, few of those fave foods happen to be low-fat.

The key is to choose higher-fat foods carefully and keep an eye on portion sizes. Remember, any diet should allow enough wiggle room for a "fattening" treat now and again.

Foods with a higher fat content truly are more satisfying that their low-fat counterparts. When you're physically hungry, and you eat only low-fat foods, that gnawing hunger never really goes away.

When you eat just enough fat, the sense of satisfaction will obliterate that ever-present hunger pang. As with all-things weight loss, moderation is truly the key."
My oh My, this was just a general article not based on Zero Carb, but you can at least see this person is on the right track about fat, at least to a degree. Not too bad at all. Is there a new "Eat more Fat Revolution"? Well ..... maybe no,  maybe yes. Look it: I have no delusions that Zero Carb will be the next big Diet Wave, no not at all. Yet, if it somehow comes to fruition, it has to start outside. "US" (ZC) loony tunes can only beat the drum and spread the word the best we can. When the so called "norm" starts to question their views on our (WOE) and see the LIGHT.............. then maybe.... just maybe........ of course this is just my little old opinion. 

I promise to give a full report on my up and coming "Texas Renaissance Adventure" on my next update chock-full of pictures. Til then: Have a Great (ZC) Day my Friends and Zero Carb Family. Stay in Fight, the Battle may be won, but the War still rages On!!!

(ZC)er I See the Light




  1. i am sorry that you had to leave early from the festival. i hope you have fun with your nephews.


  2. Nice article. Newbies should get the most out of it. It might be a challenge with your nephews at the fair. Did you have any special plans for the way you guys are going to eat? I assume they are not zc'ers. Have fun.-Jane

  3. Interesting article Dave. I am no expert in zc and this helps me understand some of the science behind it.

    Too bad about your first trip to the Ren Fest. I hope this trip turns out good. Your nephews should have a great time. I wish I had an uncle like you when I was growing up. It is nice to spend special moments with loved ones. I bet they will remember this special trip with you throughout time. ~Maryzc~

  4. Great basic info. Have fun at the festival. Don't forget to post pictures. I'd like to see you eating one of those turkey legs lol.:-)Cat

  5. Comments about fat, in your post, are extremely pertinent. But something is discretely profiling itself:

    “Small portion of regular cheese…”

    “Keep an eye on portion…”

    “Moderation is truly the key…”

    So a question arises here: how much care ZC folks must take about fat quantity they eat?

    Selecting high fat food is, of course, THE solution. But when you are having lean cuts like beef filet or white fish, fat such as butter must be added. But how much?

    We know sugar is addicting but studies have also shown that fat has the same problem. Do ZC are at risk of “fat addiction”??? An easy test, that I DO NOT RECOMMAND, is to try to eat only lean meat for dinner. I did the experiment myself and I got horrible withdrawal symptoms… resolved by fat ingestion.

    End point: lets have our fatty cuts of meat, the way nature has created them for us to enjoy and survive.

    For the occasional extra fat quantities, we must learn what we can tolerate… just as with alcohol???


  6. Ditto pro(zc)ac. Just eat meat as it is naturally. There is no need to modify it. I went through a similar experiment in the past and it was not good.

    I have to admit I drink a glass of wine now and then, especially with a fresh grilled rib eye. I drink the driest reds I can find.


  7. Thanks Jane, sorry so short.



  8. Thanks Maryzc, sorry so short.



  9. Thanks Cat, sorry so short.



  10. Nice comment Pro(ZC)ac, sorry so short.





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