Friday, December 21, 2012

12/21/2012 - Still Standing......For Now

Greetings all. My Spirits are great and my Energy level is getting better and better.

OK so the Mayans were wrong.........or did we just get the day wrong? Who knows? Who cares? I sure don't. Hey just a little funny side deal. I don't know if I mentioned it or not, but I have a nice large copper Mayan calender on my kitchen wall. Yes I do. HA!!!  Believe it or not, it's the truth.

I had a lovely friend of mine and fellow (ZC)er ask "How are you doing?" She mentioned that from my recent posts that I am not reflecting my current state. Well, I guess the only thing I have been posting about is how tired I have been and how sore I was from actually doing some physical activity.

OK to answer her question: I have been doing OK. Not great. I just feel worn down more often then not. Is it from the (ZC) way of eating? Of course not. No way! I think it is from inactivity. I also have a lot of things going on that are not part of the NORM. I also was given a lot of new projects at work. I am the "go-to guy" at work for special projects for the most part, that need to be done quickly and accurately.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

12/20/2012 - Another Day, Another Choice

Greetings all. My Spirits are good and my Energy levels are getting a little better.

I got some well deserved rest last night. So what does that mean anyway. OK, actually I got a lot of rest yesterday. After I came home I just crashed and burned. I have been getting very little sleep these past few days. So now I am rested. I need to keep rested. I just have the bad habit of going on a trend of 3-5 hour nights of rest and start the trend again until I crash and burn once again.

We had our Christmas party yesterday. We had BBQ. At least that is what they called it. The Pork Ribs were black and dry. The sausage  look like "mystery meat" it was brown sometime like brown and serve links. They tasted OK, but not like real sausage. I limited my portion. I ate some deviled eggs, that were a little sweet, so again I limited myself to one.

Now I am thinking about Saturday's party. I have confirmed ten folks including my little family. I am thinking of inviting maybe one or two more. I am not sure at this point. OK the main course will Spiral Ham for sure. I was going to make BBQ chicken and Pure TEXAS "no filler" Beef sausage, but now I am not sure. For the appetizers I will serve a Tex-Mex Favorite of Chili con Queso Dip and tortilla chips and Herb Chicken Wings.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

12/19/2012 - How Time Flies

Greetings all. My Spirits are good and I am sore as hell. HA!

Sore indeed! Jeez how out of shape am I??? Very much so it seems. I can’t get over how long it is taking to recover. INCREDIBLE!!! So what am I to do? Wait, pray, hope…………let’s see what else? I guess I could just wait. I have already prayed. Anyhow back to business. Yes the business at hand. The hand that makes all the decisions of………… well I think I am getting lost and off the subject.

The subject of………… OK I will behave. We will celebrate our Christmas meal on the 22nd that is if we all survive December 21, 2012. Hahaha!!! 

Monday, December 17, 2012

12/17/2012 - Tired of Being Tired

Greetings Friends. My Spirits are very good. My Energy level could be much better.

Well I have been procrastinating putting up Christmas decorations. I did put some up  a couple of weeks ago with the tree, but I did not finish all the other decorations such as exterior lights and the dinning room table among other things.

I got my BUTT up into the attic and retrieved the rest of the decorations. I got my ladder and started to put things into place outside first before it got dark. I did not  put all the lights that I have in the recent past, but I did put out a lot. I then decorated the dinning area and some more decorations in the living area.

Everything came out really nice. My dear wife (DW) and I actually sat in the living area listen to some Christmas music and talked for a good while. It was nice. We have not done that in some time. Btw I did some Christmas shopping on my way home from work.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

12/16/2012 - Midnight at the Oasis

Greetings Friends. My Spirits and Energy levels could be better, well my Spirits are actually better.

OK so another late post............. To tell the truth I was not going to post at all, then I thought "why not"?

I just got through cooking up some cubed up chuck roast. I just cut it up into small cubes added some onion and garlic powder, then added some fresh cracked black pepper and a little Montreal seasoning. I cooked it in a stainless steal pan with a little oil at high heat. I sort of just stir fried it.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

12/15/2012 - It's Never Too Late

Greetings y'all. My Spirits and Energy levels could be better.

Sorry for the late post. I have been hard at work all day. That is outside the house getting to things that have been put aside way too long. Hay it is what it is.

I feel a little lost in my direction as of late. Not just about my way of eating, no not that at all. Mainly about life in general. Maybe it is just a stage that folks go through as they get older.

Friday, December 14, 2012

12/14/2012 - Is Anyone Out There???

Greetings all. My Spirits and Energy levels are OK.

Wow, the sound of SILENCE.................

Well that helps me a lot in some decisions that I need to make in the near future…… yes it sure does.

I have a big, big weekend chock full of yard work YAHOO!!! Leaves and Pine Needles and then some more!!!

Hey I don’t mind, it is the tradeoff I decided to make long ago to get out of Houston. I enjoy the peace and quiet and Serenity of The Woodlands.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

12/13/2012 - Stuck in a Rut

Greetings Friends and Family. My Spirits are getting better, my Energy levels could be and need to be better.

Lately I have been thinking.................. What no remarks from Cyber Mom??? No "Danger, danger, danger"? Hmm interesting..... OK then, like I was saying before I interrupted myself. HA! I have been thinking that I need to focus more on myself. Greedy I know, but true.

OK back to me: yes my favorite subject. Hahaha!!! No really back to me (in a solemn voice) I get in these moods that I need to do more. More you may ask ........or not. More for what exactly? OK is this some kind of end of the year regret?

Regret? Hold on where am I going with all of this? Questions, questions, questions…………. and more questions. Jeez! Well my Friends and Family I keep telling myself that I am going get on an exercise regiment and I just can’t seem to get into gear. I have some equipment so there is no excuse there.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12/12/2012 - Food....Got Some?

Greetings Friends. My Spirits could be better and my Energy level is a little zapped.

Wow what happened. What happened indeed!! Well nothing really. These past few days I have not been getting proper rest. So lack of sleep if the actual problem. Hey it happens every once in awhile. At least it is an easy fix. Right? Yes it is.

Did you notice the today's date? All those 12s. Wow I guess I won't be seeing that again in my lifetime or will I? No not exactly. I know that 01/01/2101 will be in 89 (I guess) years, so in retrospect no matter how healthy I get I will not be seeing that date.

Alright then, now back to business. Monkey business that is or is it? OK will stop monkeying around. OK yet another lame attempt to make a funny. Somehow I forgot what point I was trying to make. None more than likely.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

12/11/2012 - Change is Good or is IT???

Greetings Friends. My Spirits and Energy levels are good.

Happy Holidays to all that celebrate them. OK that was the PC version. Merry Christmas to all my fellow believers Tis the season and I am not ashamed. While I do not want to make this a religious or political outlet, I do have to express my views to a small degree. Why? Because it is part of what makes me......... well me.

OK that out of the way. Now onto business. What business you may ask...... or not. The business of getting this place all spruced up and......................... OK what in the heck am I talking about anyway??

I have a little time off and I want to make some more changes here. I am still thinking, but I have a small idea what I want to do. A blog is very limited and I need to look around and get some ideas. I have a few up my sleeve.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

12/5/2012 - A December to Remember

Greetings Friends. My Spirits and Energy levels are good.

Another holiday is coming soon. Another year is coming to an end. Lots of promises and good intentions being made. So what will actually happen? What indeed!!!

How about you Dave? ..........who said that!!!! This is not about me............ or is it? OK so what about me? 2012 has been a year of a lot of things. Wow now that was a great explanation don't ya know. HA!

Look-it: I will be the first to say that all did not go well and all did not go wrong. While that may not exactly spell it out I have to say it was at least a time to learn new things. Yes, new things like the 5 Bite Diet for instance. While not directly related to Zero Carb (ZC) it can be manipulated to fit in.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

11/28/2012 - Supplemental - Live and Let Die

Greetings Friends, Family and anyone else. My Spirits and Energy levels are good.

Let me see........ am I in the right place??? This place looks familiar yet strange. Well I have been posting at the 5 Bite Diet Blog............ but it has been mostly about Zero Carb (ZC). So should I just confuse everyone and just start posting here again??

I wanted to create a new place...... a different place........ but for now I will use this place as a foundation of a sort. Where will it go? Hey your guess is as good as mine. Will it live? Will it die? Hey that sounds like that James Bond theme song from the 70's. No really who knows? I have some ideas and time will tell.

Monday, May 14, 2012

5/14/2012 - One Life Ends, Another Begins

Click HERE to my New 5 Bite Diet Blog

Greetings Friends and Family,

Today I will launch an New Blog titled "The 5 Bite Diet". Look above and see the Page tab titled "The 5 Bite Diet" and click on it. It will link you to my new blog.

I will conduct my next 30 day challenge on it. This blog will remain in place for now. I have not decided what to do with it and I won't speculate at this time. Frankly I just don't know.



Thursday, May 10, 2012

5/10/2012 - Supplemental – A New Horizon

Greetings friends. My Sprits are soaring. My Energy levels are good.

I’ve gotta tell you I am on a natural high right now. Things are coming together. Yes, I may have sung this song before. I am sure I have, but I am living life day by day. Hey isn’t that a song? All this sounds familiar. Hhhmmm…………..

Anyway yes I am feeling good if not GREAT!!! So there it is. I am embarking on a new adventure y’all. One that may take me to places I have never been. Some that might think I am crazy, but I don’t live to please other’s “will”, but my own. Greedy I know or is it? You tell me.

There will be some changes coming about.  What are they all about? I won’t speculate about it now, but as it happens I will report. So there you go. Oh just another one my many mysteries don’t you know. HA!!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

5/7/2012 - Supplemental - Solitary Man

Greetings all. My Spirits are good. Energy levels are zapped!

Zapped indeed. It was hard today adjusting to a regular work day after being on my butt for two weeks of prescribed “bed rest”. Jeez I got home, ate, exchange a few words with DW who was off today. I then went to bed and “Crashed and Burned” I slept for about an hour or so and then started to respond to comments left on the blog.

I had a lot to think about today and have decided to give yet another WOE a shot instead of the 5BD. Yes I will tread down the road of becoming a VEGAN. Yes, that is right and you heard it right here. My research has shown that ….............not! Hahaha!!!!!!!! Oh hell to the double NO!!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

5/6/2012 - The Experiment 2.0 Day 30

Hello there. My Spirits are Great and my Energy levels are good.

So we finally made it y'all. Yes indeed. I mentioned that I would finish my Meds by Monday I miscalculated. I will finish my Meds today!!! YYYEEESSS!!!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

5/5/2012 - The Experiment 2.0 Day 29

Greetings all and Happy Cinco de Mayo for those who celebrate it. I don't myself. My Spirits and Energy levels are Good.

Well I did indeed get released by the Doc. I will be finished with the Meds by next Monday. Hooray last day for that mess. I will then let my body get aback to normal or as normal as I can get. HA!

Then, then, then............................ I will...... umm ................. well I just don't know or do I? OK I will Try the EXPERIMENT for another 30 days with daily updates. I have just have to give it a fair chance. That is the plan. Unless by then I change my mind lol! Most likely not, but with me ya never know.

Friday, May 4, 2012

5/4/2012 - The Experiment 2.0 Day 28

Greetings from Mars. HA! My Spirits are really good. Energy levels are OK.

Well today I will visit the Doc to get the verdict on my illness. I still have some swelling and a little discoloration. I also have a dull ache. So we will see if I get released or not.

The Experiment is doing fine, as fine as it can be. I am getting closer to determine if I will continue it or move to my next venture and exploring another WOE (way of eating). It will be a big change if I go down that road to a degree. I am almost there, but not exactly yet.

5/3/2012 - The Experiment 2.0 Day 27

Friends, Family and Countrymen lend me your ear. My Spirits are on the up and up. My Energy levels are OK.

So how is the EXPERIMENT going? What can I say ? Considering it all I am somewhat pleased, yet I want more. It seems that I just can't hit that high note as I did on the very first two weeks of the start when I first tried it. I was really shooting to lose 1.6 to 2 lbs a day. My average is more like 0.6 lbs a day. Now if you just add up the loss days only well the story changes a bit: My losses add up to 21 days @ 20 lbs which = .95 lbs loss a day or almost a pound a day. I'll take that any day. At the end of 30 days that would be almost a 29 lb loss instead of my 17 lb loss so far. A real big difference. I am confident it could and should happen.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

5/2/2012 - The Experiment 2.0 Day 26

Greetings from Texas! My Spirits and Energy levels are good.

I got a late start today. I was doing some research on a "New WOE". What it is I am not telling at this time. Yet I just might try it after The Experiment is concluded.

DAVE!!!! WT...... Hey hold on their buddy this is a PG blog. Keep your cool. Well if you know me I am a sucker for trying new things .......... well at least to a degree. I stumbled on this WOE while looking up something else. Sorta like I stumbled on to Zero Carb. Is it ZC? No, not exactly. Does it have elements of ZC? Yes, most defiantly or I would not even consider it.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

5/1/2012 - The Experiment 2.0 Day 25

Hello all. My Spirits and Energy levels increasing.

Another great day of resting and healing. I am slowly, but surly starting to feel like my old self. I am oh so eager to get back to a normal life. Normal life? Did I just say that? HA! Well as normal as my life can be. lol!!!

I have been doing some preparations for the "Tell All" event that will occur soon. I just hope everyone has an open mind about ................... Well I think you get the picture. Right?

Monday, April 30, 2012

4/30/2012 - The Experiment 2.0 Day 24

Hello all. My Spirits and Energy levels are good.

Another day, another day of healing. Things are going right along nicely. I am healing and feeling better. I am still on Meds and I will take them for a total of 14 days. I will see the Doc this Friday for a look-see. I hope I get released soon. I might go stir crazy for another week HA!!!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

4/29/2012 - The Experiment 2.0 Day 23

Greetings my Friends. Spirits on the rise, Energy good and steady.

Things are getting better. I feel stronger physically and mentally everyday. While I am not where I want to be, I am getting there at a good pace. I have to be patient and let my body heal and heal it is at it's own time.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

4/28/2012 - The Experiment 2.0 Day 22

Greetings all. Spirits Up and Energy good.

Well to my surprise I had some positive results on the scale or was it a surprise? I guess I should not be surprised. So what did I do different? 

OK, I will admit I went against my own rules and conducted a Mini Experiment.  Hey I had to do something to break the stall. So what was involve with the Mini Experiment? First I decided to change................not!!!

Friday, April 27, 2012

4/27/2012 The Experiment 2.0 Day 21

Greetings Friends. Spirits are OK, Energy levels steady.

I am really trying hard to stay positive in a difficult situation. My condition is getting better, but slowly. I know I need more patience, yet it is somewhat wearing me down. So "Chin Up" for now. I need to stay Strong, Positive and most of all Focused.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

4/26/2012 The Experiment 2.0 Day 20

Howdy. Spirits are good, Energy level is steady.

Hmmm ..... hmmm ..... hmm ..... OK, I am here. I am here wondering why me...............not!!! A little humor in a bad situation a'int all bad, right?

So anyway I do have some GOOD NEWS. Good News? Dave have you been reading your own blog as of late? The Foot, the Pain, the Stall, the Gain and so on? Has the infection reached your brain???

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

4/25/2012 - The Experiment 2.0 Day 19

Greetings. Spirits are better, Energy OK.

I am doing as fine as fine can be. I am a little better, but far, far away from being back to normal. That's OK time will heal me. I just have to be patient. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

4/24/2012 - The Experiment 2.0 Day 18

Howdy all. Spirits are OK, Energy could be better.

Here I lay pretty miserably. I feel like a caged animal. I feel trapped in my bed. I can type alright, but what to tell? I want this Blog to be a "Positive Source" of information and inspiration" not an outlet of whining and griping like a big baby. HA!!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

4/23/2012 - The Experiment 2.0 Day 17

Greetings all.

Things are not good. I went to the Doc today to follow up and did not get good news. The Doc said I will be on the sidelines for two weeks. I have agonizing pain on my right foot. It is called Cellulitis. It is not good and I am really down in the dumps about it.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

4/22/2012 - The Experiment 2.0 Day16

Greetings. Spirits OK, Energy level OK.

Things are not so great right now health wise. My foot pain escalated and it got swollen, red and tons of pain. I mean I could not stand on it. I kept thinking it would subside, but it didn't and got worse. It was to a point that I could not stand on it and had to hop around. Jeez!!! 

So I went to Woodlands Emergency Center, well actually I thought it was St. Luke's Urgent Care, but the hospital sold it and the new company turned it into an (so called) Emergency Center. What a joke. I should have paid a $60.00 copay, but instead I paid $200.00 copay for my TEN (10) minutes of time spent there. Jeez. 

Then I get a prescription that my "Cheap" worthless insurance only covers thru Mail Order. HMMMM let me see I have a foot infection and now I will wait until I receive a mail order. Oh yeah it is Saturday night so when may I actually get it. So what did I do? Well I paid $129.00 for seven (7) freaking pills. Thank God I am not that cheap. Why? Because while I am not cured it is actually getting a little better. I passed on the Vicodin and chose to use 600 mg of Ibuprofen instead. I do not want to use pain killers. I will hold out until I can't stand it. It's my personal choice.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

4/21/2012 - The Experiment Day 15

Greetings Friends. My Spirits and are good.

Now my foot is another thing. It is in big, big pain. So much so that I made an appointment this morning with the Doc. Jeez this is sounding familiar. too many Doc appoints too soon. YIKES!!! My foot was swollen and a little red with tons of pain when I put pressure on it. I just don't know what caused this.

Friday, April 20, 2012

4/20/2012 - The Experiment Day 14

Hello, hello, hello!!! Spirits soaring. Energy good. 

Hey folks I am not happy to report that I have yet been able to shake this bug. It is getting way better, but I am not over it yet. To make things worse, yes worse I have this weird foot pain on my right foot on the side of the little toe about midway down the foot. The pain is from top to bottom. When I put pressure on it it huts like a MOTHER!!! Funny thing: I get this same deal about every 4 months or so. It comes out of no where. It fist starts out just aching a little one day and the next day it is full blown. I have not seen a Doc about it yet. Jeez!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

4/19/2012 - The Experiment 2.0 Day 13

Greetings Friends. My Spirits and Energy levels can only get better.

Still under the weather a bit, things are getting much better, yet still a bit sick. I have hopes of being totally well by the weekend, but who really knows?
No real big plans for the weekend, except maybe yard work, fun I know. I have been wanting to do some “Square Foot” gardening. Just some herbs, peppers and some veggies that my family eats. Yes just call me Dave the “ENABLER” a title bestowed upon me somewhere else. HA!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

4/18/2012 - The Experiment 2.0 Day 12

Greetings all. My Spirits and Energy levels are good.

I am getting much better. Still a little down, but getting there. Not much to report or talk about today. I have a load of things going on and don't have a great amount of time. So this will be very short.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

4/17/2012 - The Experiment 2.0 Day 11

Howdy Y'all. Spirits up,,so. Yes, I am still sick.

Jeez this is getting old. I all but lost my voice for the last three days. Today my voice is coming back. I am getting better, but it is taking a long time. Thank God I did not get the Meds. I hate to take any kind of Meds. I just do. So is getting Well taking long or have we become a society that expects everything quick. I don't know because I am not that smart, but all I know is that I will get well and I will move forward. In this state of being I am not able to peruse a few things that I want to do. God willing by this weekend I will be better and start new ventures that have been on the back burner.

Monday, April 16, 2012

4/16/2012 - The Experiment 2.0 Day 10

Greetings all! Still sick, yet getting better. My Spirits are great my Energy........well it's OK.

Day 10 already. Wow where did the time go. 1/3 of the way through. Now I will be honest and say that if I continue to get good results like I have been so far, I will extend the Experiment for yet another 30 days or more.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

4/15/2012 - The Experiment 2.0 Day 9

Greetings Friends and Family. I am feeling like ............ well lets say not great. This virus thing just sucks. I still have not got the prescription filled. I am hoping to fend it off myself.

So again a short post or maybe not so, so short, yet I am keeping with my promise of a daily post right? I think so. I am just resting mostly. I really need to go to work Monday. So sick or not I will be going to work. Too many things going on there. I am worried about sucking down these sugar free cough drops maybe hindering my weight loss. No excuse just a concern.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

4/14/2012 - The Experiment 2.0 Day 8

Hi all. My Spirits are up, but my Energy level is still a little low. 

This bug just won't let go. I went to the Doc yesterday evening and he gave me a different prescription, but he said that it my be a virus and that I should wait and see it it runs it course. So I am fine with that and here I suffer.

Friday, April 13, 2012

4/13/2012 - The Experiment 2.0 Day 7

Greetings all! My Spirits are great. My Energy levels are a little down.

Well folks I’ve gotta say that the “bug” that got me recently is raising its ugly head. I have pain in my throat. I will call the Doc to see if he will prescribe the meds again. I hate to take the meds, but I need to get well and right now I am down.

That being said, the diet is getting only better. Why? Because I am going full throttle on it, I won’t make any excuses. I will be successful and that is it period. Jeez did I sound determined or what? HA!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

4/12/2012 - The Experiment 2.0 Day 6

Hello y'all! My Spirits and Energy levels are "A" OK!! 

More and more and more, I don't know where we're going to,
More and more and more, there's so much we don't wanna do 

Well what in the heck does all that mean? I dunno I just like the song for crying out loud. HA! Yes I am in a rather chipper mood today. Why? Can you guess? Yeah I am sure you can.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

4/11/2012 - The Experiment 2.0 Day 5

Greetings All!! Another beautiful day in the neighborhood, my Spirits and Energy are on the up and up.

Well today will be short and sweet or will it? It looks like the Experiment has finally kicked into high gear. I am following it to a tee………………well except for a tiny little side mini, mini Experiment……………….not!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

4/10/2012 - The Experiment 2.0 Day 4

Howdy my Friends and Family. Spirits are flying high and my Energy levels are much better.

Today I expect to catch up on my rest. I don't have any activities scheduled tonight so I will get to rest early.

Well it had to happen. It was just a matter of time. What can I say? Would it make a difference? Would it? Especially at this point. What is the use?

Monday, April 9, 2012

4/9/2012 - The Experiment 2.0 Day 3

Greetings All! My Spirits are great and Energy levels are getting better. I think another day of good rest will bring me up to par.

Well today was a pretty good day. I went to a church meeting at 7 pm so I did not get to catch up on my rest as I wanted to. I just got home less than an hour ago. The meeting was over two hours long. We are getting ready for our next church retreat. This time I will be a team member instead of a Retreatant. Hey it's good to give back.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

4/8/2012 - The Experiment 2.0 Day 2

Great Day All! I have to say that I am tired beyond belief. My Spirits are high, but my Energy levels are at an all time low.

Energy low? OMG Dave what's going on? (!) Jeez it actually easy to explain or is it? OK: Actually I was wrong about last night. OMG x2 Dave what the heck!! You were wrong about what?(!) Whoa there y'all calm down it's really no big deal. I just made a mistake about the events for last night.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

4/7/2012 - The Experiment 2.0 Day 1

Good Day All! My Spirits and Energy Levels are good.

Day 1 = 00.0 lbs

Day 1, day 1 indeed. Is it hard? Is it easy? Is it.....what? Yes, yes and yes. Well it is not really hard in a sense or is it?

I have decided to put a day to day record of the weight I lose day by day. The format may change if I come up with a better way to display it. Today being the first day will so of course a big FAT ZERO or just 0. The first results + or - will be recorded. Yes gain or loss will be recorded. Example: 1 pound loss will be recorded as - 01.0 lbs, 1 pound gained will be recorded as +01.0 or something like that. Of course there will be running total regardless of gain or loss.

Friday, April 6, 2012

4/6/2012 - Experiment 2.0, The Time Is Now

Hello all! My Spirits and Energy levels are on the rise. I am not 100% as of yet, but I am getting there. That being said I have decided to move forward with the Experiment or will I?

To avoid being hung yes I will HA!!! BUT, there is a catch. Yes, a CATCH. I placed it in large letters just in case you missed it.

OK, lets not all get excited a once..................... there anyone out there?

Thursday, March 29, 2012

3/29/2012 - Update - Experiment? What Experiment?

Howdy all! Something really strange has been happening these past few weeks or so. Something really, really strange.

I have been getting a fair amount of email to my Gmail account about some weird new Experiment. Folks keep asking what it is all about. Well I have to tellya that I don't have the foggiest idea what the heck everybody is talking about or do I?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

3/22/201 - Update - Experiment The Tide Has Turned….Almost

Good day all or is it? Well yes it is……………………… I guess? Hmmmm……………… interesting, interesting indeed!

So what happened? Jeez all these questions. I will get back to you next week with all the details! Yeah right. 

This week of the Experiment was quite interesting as stated above. Why? (ha I bet you did not see that coming) Because it was a little hard to get back into the grove. At first I thought oh I am back in the driver’s seat and away we go. Well it kind of sorta started that way, and then some things began to creep back and raise its dirty little head. I managed for the most pat to keep it under control, but sadly not always.

Friday, March 16, 2012

3/16/2012 - Update - Experiment Gone Wild or ?

Good Day All! Sorry for the delayed update or am I?

Why yes of course I am sorry folks, just caught up with life's everyday......... well you know what I mean? Right?

I wish I had some great news to report, but at last I do not. I said from the start that I would report the "Good, Bad and Ugly" of this experiment. While I can not exactly discuss at this time the actual details of the Experiment I am at liberty to say that it offers great flexibility and that you need to find what works for you. I have tried no less than 3 combinations of this Experiment to great success and to great failure.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

3/8/2012 - Update - Experiment Gone Right!

Flash to the scene: a dark castle on top of a hill. It is night and a lighting storm flashes all around.

Zoom into a room: in the room is a mad scientist (me) over a table with all kinds of bottles and beakers bubble with that white smoke that dry ice gives off, oh yeah I almost forgot: he is wearing a white lab coat mixing and measuring and placing beakers on Bunsen burners. Liquids are bubbling  and, and ...... did I mention the white smoke? Oh right I did. HA! 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

3/3/2012 - Update - Experiment: So Far, So Good

Hello Friends! I am happy to report that my experiment is doing very well. I did hit a bump when I decided to do an experiment within the experiment. I know, I know: "Why did he do that?" Yes, I agree why indeed. I can't help it. I am just like that. Hey I had a few side experiments while starting (ZC). It turned out OK.

I can't tell y'all anything about it right now or will I? No I won't. Sorry or am I? Alright already with the "or will I?" bit or is that bite hmmm I wonder if I say that 5 times two times a day will it..........................

Sunday, February 26, 2012

2/26/2012 - Update - Experiment in Progress

Greetings All, Energy and Spirits are Soaring!!!

Well my Friends I am about a third way through my "Experiment" and I have to say things are going very, very well. I have conducted an experiment within the experiment and have learned a lot. Yes I can't help myself. My little mind likes to look at processes and twist and turn then to see what happens. I note the results and move on.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

2/18/2012 Update It's About Time to ..........

Happy Days ............ Happy Days ................. Happy Days ...................

Wait a minute, didn't Gomer Pyle say something like that? Or did he? Yes, yes he did indeed. HA!

So what does that have to do with the price of tea in China? Nothing ............ except that I am ever so happy. And why you may say or is that think? Well anyway I a indeed happy.

Now I will reveal why I am sssooo happy.................not. Why not Dave? Because it is sorta kinda a secret. That I will "Tell All" in around 30 days or so. No not again, not one of your EXPERIMENTS!!! Hmm one word can answer that: INDEED!!! But why? You are doing so well. Great question. Why?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

2/9/2012 Special Edition Dave's Cruise Ship Adventure Part 2

What you want,
Baby, I got,
What you need,
Do you know I got it?
All I'm askin'
Is for a little zero carb
Find out what it means to me
Oh sock it to me, sock it to me,
sock it to me, sock it to me

OK, out of my system YO.

Hey what can I say? Would it make a difference? I think NOT.

Yes, once again a little strange ...........or whatever you want to call it.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

2/4/2012 Special Edition - Dave's Cruise Ship Adventure Part 1

Greetings friends! My Energy and Spirits are good.

Let me first say that I am very grateful for finding Zero Carb and including it in my daily life. It has changed everything for me in a positive way.

Now for the good stuff ......... the stuff that dreams are made of...........the stuff that, that.......... oh brother get on with it already HA!

Alright then.....................

Thursday, January 26, 2012

1/26/2012 - Supplemental - Nice to Be Home

Greetings All!!! First of all let me say that my Excitement Level is through the roof.

Hey for me I am still a babe in the woods concerning Zero Carb and I am always on the hunt for a new leaf to turn, a new way of looking at it. Why?....................... I say why not. Why not indeed!!!

I'm baaaacccckkkk!!!!! HA! Well sorta, kinda back that is. Jeez I have a ton of things to do. I will lay a little low today and gather myself. One of those "I need a vacation from of my vacation" moments.

First of all I am happy to report that the cruise went well as far as a safety concerns. Well we did hit a rather thick patch of fog that........................... oh I am jumping ahead of myself there, sorry. That and much, much more on my first installation of "Dave's Cruise Ship Adventure Part One"

Saturday, January 21, 2012

1/21/2012 - Supplemental - Bon Voyage

Greetings Friends. My Spirits and Energy levels are on the rise!!!

Today I embark on my "Dave's Cruise Ship Adventure" chock full of excitement! Well you know what I mean. Right? HA!

I will be sure to take many photos of food and such and post them when I get back with full report. For now all is well and I am living Life to the Fullest! Is there any other way?

Have a Healthy (ZC) Day my Friends and Zero Carb Family. Live Long, Stay Strong and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC) Walking the Plank



Tuesday, January 17, 2012

1/17/2012 - Update - One Life Ends - Another Begins

Zero Carb Family, Friends and those who are seeking, wondering or just curious. Lend me your ear...... or eyes I guess? 2012,2012, 2012 ................... and so on.

Promises made and promises broken. Which will it be? Which will it be indeed!

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