Tuesday, January 17, 2012

1/17/2012 - Update - One Life Ends - Another Begins

Zero Carb Family, Friends and those who are seeking, wondering or just curious. Lend me your ear...... or eyes I guess? 2012,2012, 2012 ................... and so on.

Promises made and promises broken. Which will it be? Which will it be indeed!

We all have wants, we all have needs. I have been on this Journey since June 21, 2010. I have experienced: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.


What happened ....... well should that be asked what did not happen? Yes, yest it should. I Tell You What: in theory Zero Carb is easy. Very, Very easy. Why? Because you limit your choices to just two (2) things: Fatty Beef and Water. At least when you go "Strict Zero Carb". I did it for a long time. I reintroduced other things as I went along and it was OK. Well most of the time. HA!

For all that are new to Zero Carb I suggest that you should start off with that Strict Stance: Fatty Beef and Water for at least six (6) months before introducing other things. Easier said than done? NO! It is totally up to you. A little motivation? Sure. Why not? Just look at my Before and In Progress pictures. Words are cheap. Action, well my friends are a whole other thing.

My weight loss is just a phase in my life. I have been saying and saying that I want to start an exercise program that includes weight lifting. Heavy lifting? No not really. I just want to life to gain strength I have lost with time and age. I am not as strong as I once was. I have nothing against heavy lifting. It is just not my choice at this time. I want to add a little cardio. In what exact form? I just don't know at this time. Tae Bo is actually very inviting. I would like to reactivate (don't laugh) my trusty old Soloflex. I would like to buy a used Elliptical and maybe a used Treadmill. Of course I want one of those Standing Kick Bags. I have remained for the most part very flexible and want to continue down that road with a very simple regiment of stretching exercise and a simple portable leg stretcher.

So here is Dave's line up for his next adventure:


Manual Elliptical

Manual Treadmill

Portable Leg Stretcher
Standing Kicking Bag
This will be my home gym. I only have the Soloflex at this time. I WANT all the other items. Do I NEED them? I dunno. I do know I WANT them. I don't like public gyms. Never have and never will. Why? Again I dunno. I just don't. I would like to try to find this equipment used. I don't want to pay a fortune for them. So my little gym will be slow coming, but the nucleus is there. Yes, the SOLOFLEX. I have used it in the past and I love it. Do I need all the other equipment? Maybe yes, maybe no. 

Hey I am not preaching to anyone. I just want to do this for myself. Others can determine what they want to do. Will Zero Carb work without this stuff. You gotta  know what Dave will say: Y-E-S!!!!!!!!

This is just my new adventure. I am an athlete by heart and miss a good workout. I guess it is like the "Runner's High". I guess. 


Did I mention that today is the first official day of my two week vacation? Well yesterday I was off because of MLK day. So I don't count that as the start of my vacation. All of my out of town / country guests are now gone. They have went back or to their new prospective homes.

Back to my vacation. I will embark on my next adventure : Dave's Cruise Ship Adventure. Yes you my Friends and Zero Carb Family will have a front seat of this new adventure via this blog through photos and true accounts from yours truly (Oh Brother, Oh Brother Indeed!!) HA! Yeah right.

OK comedy hour closed. Seriously folks. Yes seriously. I want to say Thank You to all that come by and visit. Rather in silence, via email or by making direct comments.

I am a man on a mission for Great Health. Mind, Body and Soul. So I will change this Blog from a Zero Carb Blog to a Health Blog. Eating and Drinking is a need that can't be substituted. So Zero Carb will be at the center, but will not be the only aspect of my never ending search for Great Health. Hey I am no health Guru or Nutty Professor. I am just a man on a mission.

My next update will either be at the end of this month or the first week of February. It will be titled "Dave's Cruise Ship Adventure". I will take tons of pictures of the food I ate among other things.

Have a Healthy (ZC) Day my Friends and Zero Carb Family. Fight the Good Fight and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC) One Life Ends -  Another Begins




  1. welcome back dave. i can't wait for your next update. keep us motivated. i love the idea of adding exercise to your diet. i do a daily workout myself. i really like the update to your blog. it looks really nice.


    1. Dear Sara, you are always so positive and kind. Thank you. I will try my best to keep you and others motivated. I am glad that you embrace the exercise. Thanks for your comments on the blog design.



  2. I see that you have not loose any of your energy Dave!!!

    I do agree with your advice to stick to for any ZC newby. But for us, the older ZC crowd, we must never forget that it is also where we should go back if we even begin to have problem.

    And it may come along as it did to me during Christmas... Could you beleive this? I am ZC as long as you Dave and then I accepted to drink some water with, what was said to me, only lime juice and it tasted quite nice... but I developped insane cravings in the next few days... to dicover they added some Splenda that I did not detected initially...

    This was a real nightmare for an old ZC like me and I was mad as hell...

    It tooked me 2 weeks to overcome these cravings, thinking I would never come out of the situation. But going back to the basics of with no added salt and even no added fat did the thing. But I do not wish this to any ZC on earth...

    Exercise seems to be on the of ZC when most of the weight is gone. Is'nt it intriguing?


    1. Hi Pro(ZC)ac. I so sorry to hear that happened to you about the lemon (splenda)water. I rather enjoy a little citrus water myself and sometimes swear it is lemon or lime ade. My taste buds are very sensitive now.

      I am excited about my exercise venture and hope that I am successful.I plan on going back to strict zero carb for awhile. Water and Fatty Beef. I want to maximize my energy and strength.

      Well my friend I am off to Galveston to embark on my cruise as soon as I finish responding to the nice folks that took time to comment. Battle On!!!



  3. Energy does not describe it prozcac. Dave just when I think you are gone you make a great come back. I am happy to see you are in good spirits and that you are on a mission. I like the ideas that you have described and like Sara I too workout.

    I like your list of workout equipment, because they are not complected and really make you work.

    I do wish you would come up with some more step by step recipes. I have enjoyed the ones that you have posted and look forward to some more in the future if you have time.

    I hope 2012 brings you what you are looking for in life. I have big plans for myself. I can't wait to see the pictures from your cruise. Have fun.~Maryzc~

    1. Hi Maryzc, yes "I am a Leaf on the Wind, Watch how I Soar"! HA! Thanks for your nice comments. I plan on getting ready for that workout. I will start on the cruise ship and hopefully continue here, although the garage is not ready at this time. Recipes? Well I do plan on going back to strict Fatty Beef and Water as I commented to Pro(ZC)ac, but you never know lol!

      I also hope that this year brings you many blessings my friend! Fight the Good Fight!!!



  4. Nice new design. It is very refreshing. I agree with your new sense of energy. I love the way you take the bright side of most things. I also have a daily exercise routine. I do cardio and lift light weights for toning.

    Have fun on your cruise. I am sure that you will find lots to eat. They almost always have carving tables, grilled burgers, eggs, bacon, ham and so on.

    You should enjoy and relax. Just like you did on your Cozumel vacation at that resort. -Jane

    1. Hi Jane, thanks for your comments on the blog. I like it. I do plan to relax, but I do plan on some light workouts at the gym. I will be reading also. I guess a little of everything.





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