Thursday, February 9, 2012

2/9/2012 Special Edition Dave's Cruise Ship Adventure Part 2

What you want,
Baby, I got,
What you need,
Do you know I got it?
All I'm askin'
Is for a little zero carb
Find out what it means to me
Oh sock it to me, sock it to me,
sock it to me, sock it to me

OK, out of my system YO.

Hey what can I say? Would it make a difference? I think NOT.

Yes, once again a little strange ...........or whatever you want to call it.

Anyhow it is time for Dave's Cruise Ship Part 2 of 6. Six (6)? ................not. Maybe Part 2 of 3 or just maybe Part 2 of 2. Alright then, 2 of 2. By your command.

So much to eat, so little time. Well that is what you would have thought looking at the folks at the buffet. I mean it was dog eat dog. It was every woman and man for him or herself at the dessert table folks were walking away with three to four different desserts and a time and going back for fifths. Eat, eat, eat and over eat. It was sicking.

What was Dave doing in the buffet area you might ask. Eating desserts what else.............not. Actually on our way to and from the sit down dinning room we cut through the that buffet restaurant. Yes I do believe we did eat lunch and breakfast there maybe once or twice. We always ate dinner in the Paris dinning room, you know: Fancy Pancy and all. HA!

Yada, Yada, Yada..........On with the story Dave. Ha, on with the story indeed!!!

Well to start with I was on a Carnival Cruise out of Galveston Texas. It was a 6 day 5 night cruise that they advertise as a 5 day cruise. The first and last day and only a few hours, so I guess that is why it is advertised as a 5 day cruise, but you do spend 5 full nights. The first half and full day is "Fun at Sea" . The first port of call is Progreso, Mexico. We only went to the cruise ship terminal. The small, small town is only available by bus. No thank you. The next day the port of call is Cozumel. Back in November of 2010 we spent a week there, so we again went to the cruise ship terminal. Actually there is two terminals so we took the short walk to the second older terminal. I actually bought some cheap T-Shirts there. The town is not too far away and it cost about $4 bucks for a cab to town. We took off that night and the next day was: "Fun Day at Sea." Actually you are at sea all that night going back to Galveston. So the next day you have enough time to eat at the buffet restaurant for breakfast which starts at 6:30 am. They start to "debark" at 8:00 am. We cheated and sneaked in wit the first round of folks instead of waiting to almost 10:00 am. Heck I was almost home by the time I would have been barley leaving the ship.

Pictures? Did I hear pictures?

I will only waste one photo to show you the typical "Buffet Buster" passengers. I took it out side because it was less conspicuous.

"Man the harpoon" 

Shame on you Dave. OK I am sorry ........... or am I? Uh yes ...... I am. Right?

Now on to the good stuff. ZERO CARB FOOD!!! Well as close to Zero Carb food as I could get. 

Typical Breakfast: Easy over eggs, bacon and "mystery" sausage

Actually it was not bad. The bacon was always extra greasy and the "mystery sausage was not fake tasting. It had a good sausage taste. 

And now a parade of "Zero Carb Appetizers" we had through out the cruise:

Escargot (snails) in melted butter and herbs 

The escargot was ssssooo good. Man at first I thought "no thank you", then I thought "Why not" I am glad I changed my mind. No I did not eat the bread. 

Frog legs (very good)

The Frog Legs were really pretty good. It was with melted butter. Nice, really nice. 

Some Indian style spiced chicken (yum)

This little chicken dish had tons of flavor. I really enjoyed it.

Flat Iron Steak with butter

My typical dinner was Flat Iron Steak. I packed on the buttah aka butter. I ate this just about every night except for the night I had the Prime Rib.

There were other Zero Carb dishes such as Lobster, Grilled Shrimp, and Brisket offered in the Fancy Pancy restaurant. The buffet had a carving table with: Prime Rib, Lamb, Turkey, Rump Roast, and Pork Roast. I have to admit as I cut through the buffet restaurant I tried the Lamb, Rump Roast and Pork Roast. They where very bland and probably would have tasted a little better with just a little salt and pepper. So yes there was plenty of Zero Carb choices among a "Sea of Carbs"

I ate the cheese plate previously posted almost every night for dessert and once for an appetizer.

My Confession

Now let the Truth BE TOLD: I HAVE SINNED!!! What? You did what? Yes my Zero Carb Friends and Family I have Sinned. No Joke.

What you may ask. What Indeed!!! I ate when I was not hungry. Oh is that all. You had me scared there Dave. No big deal. Yes it is a BIG DEAL. Why? Because I went from eating two meals a day to three meals a day. Worst of all I gained 7 pounds and got bloated. What the Heck!!!

Yes my Friends and Zero Carb Family it really happened. Though I have all but lost the weight, I feel real bad about it. I broke my own rule of "Eat when hungry, stop when full". I was almost never hungry the whole time. I even dreaded some dinners and asked for only one steak instead of two. Yes I still ate the cheese afterwards because I liked the creamer cheeses. I was never tempted to eat any of the thousands of fancy desserts or any stuff like that. I actually did pretty well on my Cozumel vacation which was all inclusive. Enough on that subject.

All in all it was OK, but I doubt I will be on another Cruise. I rather go to Europe.  Hey some folks on the ship were on their 6th to 10th. You know the old saying "Different strokes for different folks" or something to that effect.

Sunset from our balcony

So ends Dave's Cruise Ship Adventure. I hope you liked it or at least for the most part. My next adventure? Hey with "me" ya never know lol!

Have a Healthy (ZC) Day my Zero Carb Friends and Family.

(ZC)er Don't Miss the Ship




  1. great report dave. shame on you for eating so much lol. keep us informed about your workouts.


    1. Hi Sara, thanks. Yes I will keep you informed about the workouts as soon as they start. When will that be. Pretty soon I hope.



  2. OMG what great food. Dave thanks for the pics. I would never have guessed you could eat like that on carnival. I have never been on a cruise and now may consider it.

    Please keep us informed about your workout routine. You have got me stirred up about getting into shape. Keep doing what you do.


    1. Hey Bill,you are welcome. Yeah the food was better than I anticipated. Will do on the workouts.



  3. Leave to you to find zero carb paradise on a cruise ship. Hey the food looks great. Thanks for the nice photos.

    So like a few have been inquiring what about your workouts? I would really like to know how it reacts to your diet. :-)Cat

    1. Hi Cat and thank you. I am interested too about the interaction. I can only think it will benefit me. Updates on that subject soon.



  4. I enjoy cruises. We go in the summer with kids and have a blast. There is always something zc to eat if you look and you don't have to look too hard. Thanks for sharing your vacation with us like you always do.

    Good luck with your exercise venture. I am sure that you have a plan and will follow thru with it.


    1. Hi Taylor, thanks. You are right. The food came easy. I was a little skeptical at first, but the waiters really helped. I hope to report soon about the exercise.



  5. Hello Dave, I discovered your site about a month ago and love it.I am a 26 yr old female that really needs a lot of help losing 40 pounds. I have been reading your archives and getting the idea of zero carb. I hope you don't mind if I email you or just ask questions through the Open Comments tab. Thank you for this wonderful blog. You are very inspirational and positive.

    I have started to limit my fluid intake to just water, plain black coffee and carbonated water. If I am not mistaken just like you. I am now eating mostly beef roasts, ground beef, brisket, chicken thighs, wings, bacon, breakfast sausage, eggs and real cheese.

    Do you have any suggestions? I do some moderate exercise. I stretch, fast pace walk with hand weights. I also do an exercise routine with tension bands for toning.

    I live in a big city in the US on the gulf coast so food items are not a problem to get. I am having a little trouble to sign up with your blog as a member. I do enjoy reading the comments by some of the regular members that comment such as prozcac, teri, sara maryzc and the rest.

    Thanks again for your blog, insight and the interesting way you put things in an encouraging positive and entertaining way.

    I loved reading about your vacation adventures and this last one was entertaining and informative. The pictures were great and I had no idea that this type of food was available on the carnival cruise line. I just might drag my best friend to one on my next vacation.


    1. Hi Sandra, what a great choice you made to become zero carb. Hey I am just a man on a mission to better health. I am glad that my little blog has helped you. The only suggestion I have to you is to go as strict as you can. Lay off the salter choices and the cheese if you can for at least the first 6 months. Stick to roasts, brisket and steaks. The fattier the better. Chicken is fine, but I would limit it at first. Your fluids sound fine at this time. Some folks have a hang up with coffee, but I don't. I feel that the benefits of coffee outweighs the the negatives. That is my opinion.

      Welcome and stay tuned. I think I have gotten a second breath and this blog will live for now. I think the prospect of adding excise and reporting my progress with it will be interesting. I think lol! Battle On!!!



  6. Just back from a cruise myself!!!

    The two fist days were very difficult . Well it was more a question of portion size. Most of the time, I was leaving the main dining and I was still hungry... so I went directly to the 24 hours buffet and got extra meat to settle the situation. But then I learned how to order extra portions...

    Still the offering of carbs is insane on a cruise. You must be a very strong ZC to survivre to this exposure!!! But it can be done.

    The other big problem is coming back to reality of life after this kind of vacation... they catter so much to all passengers. Having a ZC cruise would be a dream. There is already a low-carb one but we all know LC IS NOT ZC......!!!!

    Anyway, we survived the cruise and we are all back to our regular ZC life!!!!


    1. Hi Pro(zc)ac, I am sorry to hear that you had trouble on your first couple of days. I agree the carbs are outrageous, in the buffet area. Yes, it can be done indeed!!! Wow I have to agree once again, it is nice to be waited on hand and foot. Hey I could get used to that lol!

      I did not know there was a LC cruise. Interesting. ZC? They would go broke HA!

      No one has commented on how now I can directly respond to each person that commented. Blogger finally did something right. They are way behind the times. I guess I should not complain since it's free...............not!

      Thanks for stopping by.





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