Thursday, April 19, 2012

4/19/2012 - The Experiment 2.0 Day 13

Greetings Friends. My Spirits and Energy levels can only get better.

Still under the weather a bit, things are getting much better, yet still a bit sick. I have hopes of being totally well by the weekend, but who really knows?
No real big plans for the weekend, except maybe yard work, fun I know. I have been wanting to do some “Square Foot” gardening. Just some herbs, peppers and some veggies that my family eats. Yes just call me Dave the “ENABLER” a title bestowed upon me somewhere else. HA!!!

Hey I gotta tellya something or should I? Yes, yes I should. This diet takes awhile to get used to. Hmm not a good description, but I really can’t tell about it at this point. Am I teasing? No. OK I am, well not really. 
Actually what I mean with this diet you have a period of adjustment that on average takes 3-5 days. I am sure I posted about this in the past I can’t remember and I am too lazy to research it. What I can say for sure is that when you reach that “balance” you need to be consistent. It will only help you succeed and not go through ups and downs and make it steady.
So that being said, I think I have finally reached that “STATE”. I think it should have happened sooner, but I guess my illness has played a role. I really dunno.
BTW how do you like my new background wallpaper? I sorta like it.
OK enough of the mush, ladies and gentlemen I proudly report yet another loss, not as much as I wish. Hey I will take it. What else can I do?
Results thus far:

(Please let me know if I mess up on my math below, I might add or subtract incorrectly)
Day 1 = (0) 0.0 lbs
Day 2 = (-)  0.2 lbs = loss   0.2 lbs
Day 3 = (+) 2.0 lbs =  gain  1.8 lbs
Day 4 = (-) 1.2 lbs  = gain   0.6 lbs
Day 5  = (-) 1.0 lbs = loss   0.4 lbs (bonus time)
Day 6 =  (-) 1.2 lbs = loss   1.6 lbs (it's only going to get better)
Day 7 =  (-) 1.6 lbs = loss   3.2 lbs (twice as nice)
Day 8  =  (-) 1.0 lbs = loss  4.2 lbs (I'll take it)
Day 9  =  (-) 1.0 lbs =  loss 5.2 lbs (just a pound? oh well)
Day 10 = (-) 0.6 lbs = loss  5.8 lbs (only half a lb? I give up lol)
Day 11 = (-) 1.0 lbs = loss  6.8 lbs (give me more)
Day 12 = (-) 1.0 lbs = loss  7.8 lbs (I said GIVE ME MORE)
Day 13 = (-) 1.0 lbs = loss 8.8 lbs (someone is not listening to me)

Have a Healthy Day my Friends and Family. I Expect and Want MORE AGAIN!!! OK, so I won’t be so demanding or will I? This Diet is: That Easy, That Simple. You will see.

Today's Menu: Black Coffee, H20, Seltzer Water, Fatty Beef Brisket with a little BBQ sauce. (hey it works)

No Surrender, No RETREAT




  1. The background wallpaper is as ASTONISHING as the weight loss!!!


    1. Hi Pro(ZC)ac and thank you very much. I kinda like it myself. The weight loss is good, but I want GREAT. HA!



  2. Dave,

    Is the BBQ sauce you use home made and low carb, or do you use the commercial stuff?

    1. Hi Dave O and thanks for not calling "Mr.) HA!!! BBQ sauce is drum roll please................................................commercial ta-da!!!! Am I worried ? No. Why? Because I use like three to four tiny drops. I would estimate 1/2 a teaspoon. Nothing to worry about IMO.



  3. Great wallpaper. It goes with your Battle On theme perfect. I am so amazed at the pace you are losing weight. I think it is fast enough.


    1. Hi Bill, thanks. Nice to get feed back from y'all. Yes, the Battle theme my full intention don't ya know. Ha!

      Fast enough? Well it has been going at at good clip, but I WANT MORE!!!





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