Friday, April 20, 2012

4/20/2012 - The Experiment Day 14

Hello, hello, hello!!! Spirits soaring. Energy good. 

Hey folks I am not happy to report that I have yet been able to shake this bug. It is getting way better, but I am not over it yet. To make things worse, yes worse I have this weird foot pain on my right foot on the side of the little toe about midway down the foot. The pain is from top to bottom. When I put pressure on it it huts like a MOTHER!!! Funny thing: I get this same deal about every 4 months or so. It comes out of no where. It fist starts out just aching a little one day and the next day it is full blown. I have not seen a Doc about it yet. Jeez!!!

Oh well. What can ya do? Plans for the weekend? I don't know. If the foot gets better I plan to do a lot of yard work. I want to do some gardening. Well pain or no pain I have to do my yard somehow before the neighbors lynch me, HA!!!

So there we are, I feel great about the Experiment and it is chugging along well. I did want to see more weight loss than I have been experiencing, but I really should not complain. It is becoming more and more simple as the days go by. Yes the start is hard, real hard. Maybe not for all, but for some. Once you get over the hump............. well lets just say it's all gravy. 

Hit me with your best shot:

Results thus far:

(Please let me know if I mess up on my math below, I might add or subtract incorrectly)

Day 1 = (0) 0.0 lbs
Day 2 = (-)  0.2 lbs = loss   0.2 lbs
Day 3 = (+) 2.0 lbs =  gain  1.8 lbs
Day 4 = (-) 1.2 lbs  = gain   0.6 lbs
Day 5  = (-) 1.0 lbs = loss   0.4 lbs (bonus time)
Day 6 =  (-) 1.2 lbs = loss   1.6 lbs (it's only going to get better)
Day 7 =  (-) 1.6 lbs = loss   3.2 lbs (twice as nice)
Day 8  =  (-) 1.0 lbs = loss  4.2 lbs (I'll take it)
Day 9  =  (-) 1.0 lbs =  loss 5.2 lbs (just a pound? oh well)
Day 10 = (-) 0.6 lbs = loss  5.8 lbs (only half a lb? I give up lol)
Day 11 = (-) 1.0 lbs = loss  6.8 lbs (give me more)
Day 12 = (-) 1.0 lbs = loss  7.8 lbs (I said GIVE ME MORE)
Day 13 = (-) 1.0 lbs = loss 8.8 lbs (someone is not listening to me)
Day 14 = (-) 1.0 lbs = loss 9.8 lbs (OK mouth shut)

Have a Healthy Day my Friends and Family. I still just feel the best is yet to come, I just do. This Diet is: That Easy, That Simple. You will see.

Today's Menu: Black Coffee, H20, Seltzer Water, Fatty Beef Brisket with a little HOT sauce.

Here Today, Here to STAY




  1. May I recall that we were promess to have details about this on April 8th and that we are 12 days later…

    Of course, I understand that David was sick and I have to accept this reality…

    But… but with a 10 lbs loss in 14 days… please give me the right to recall this!!!

    Lukely, a foot pain cannot stop somebody to think and write on a blog…….


  2. Hi Pro(ZC)ac, first let me apologize if I was not clear on 4/6/2012. When I restarted the Experiment I meant 30 days would go by before I would "Tell All". What I gave in return was a daily blog post for having to start over.

    So by my estimate I will tell all on Day 30 which should be on Sunday May 6, 2012. Right?

    Again I am truly sorry if I mislead anyone. It was not my intent. I do plan to stay on track with that date. It will take me more than one post to "Tell All" I will probably do at least 2 posts or more describing it with follow ups. Since I am sure to go beyond the 30 days I will continue to do daily posts during that period and who knows beyond that.

    So on day 30 the "Tell All" will start. Pro(ZC)ac I hope you understand and again please accept my apologies if I was not clear.





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