Tuesday, April 24, 2012

4/24/2012 - The Experiment 2.0 Day 18

Howdy all. Spirits are OK, Energy could be better.

Here I lay pretty miserably. I feel like a caged animal. I feel trapped in my bed. I can type alright, but what to tell? I want this Blog to be a "Positive Source" of information and inspiration" not an outlet of whining and griping like a big baby. HA!!!

I took the pain Meds and they take about 50% of the pain away, but then I can't drive or operate machinery. They do make me drowsy, so maybe that's why I slept good last night. When I woke this morning I could tell the pain meds wore off, because I had Pain, pure pain. Jeez!!! Oops I forgot about the whining. lol!

With help I managed to weigh myself (see what I do for you folks lol), and I can't explain the results other than what my good friend Pro(ZC)ac explained about the fluid build up. I also have been........ well it is hard for me to say, but here it goes: constipated for at least three days. OK I said it. That was not easy for me, really.

It is what it is:

Results thus far:

(Please let me know if I mess up on my math below, I might add or subtract incorrectly)

Day 1 = (0) 0.0 lbs
Day 2 = (-)  0.2 lbs = loss   0.2 lbs
Day 3 = (+) 2.0 lbs =  gain  1.8 lbs
Day 4 = (-) 1.2 lbs  = gain   0.6 lbs
Day 5  = (-) 1.0 lbs = loss   0.4 lbs (bonus time)
Day 6 =  (-) 1.2 lbs = loss   1.6 lbs (it's only going to get better)
Day 7 =  (-) 1.6 lbs = loss   3.2 lbs (twice as nice)
Day 8  =  (-) 1.0 lbs = loss  4.2 lbs (I'll take it)
Day 9  =  (-) 1.0 lbs =  loss 5.2 lbs (just a pound? oh well)
Day 10 = (-) 0.6 lbs = loss  5.8 lbs (only half a lb? I give up lol)
Day 11 = (-) 1.0 lbs = loss  6.8 lbs (give me more)
Day 12 = (-) 1.0 lbs = loss  7.8 lbs (I said GIVE ME MORE)
Day 13 = (-) 1.0 lbs = loss 8.8 lbs (someone is not listening to me)
Day 14 = (-) 1.0 lbs = loss 9.8 lbs (OK mouth shut)
Day 15 = (-) 1.0 lbs = loss 10.8 lbs (I know, I know)
Day 16 = (-+)  0 lbs = ??? 10.8 lbs ( just don't know)
Day 17 = (-)  0.2lbs  = loss 11 lbs (good grief)
Day 18 = (-+) 0 lbs +??? 11 lbs (Think Positive)

I am not going to get caught up in feeling bad about the stall. I'm sticking to my guns and will continue with the Experiment that you can be assured. I refuse to let my illness throw me off. I will get through this and I will continue down this path and even extend it. Yes, that is how much confidence I have in the Experiment.

I Tell You What: I almost gave in to my missery and thought of suspending the Experiment or at least suspending posting. HELL TO THE DOUBLE NO. What good would that do? No Sir or Ma'am whichever applies.

Have a Healthy Day my Friends and Family. As I have recently advised to a dear sweet friend of mine: Be Consistent and Follow Through. This Diet is: That Easy, That Simple. You will see.

Today's Menu: Black Coffee, H20, Seltzer Water, Chorizo (Mexican Sausage) and Egg, and Smoked Turkey. 

Stand your GROUND




  1. I am praying for you Dave. Try to get your spirits up.~Maryzc~

    1. Thanks Maryzc, I am praying right besides you.



  2. Too many things happening at the same time. I hope you get well and stay well soon. :-)Cat

    1. Hi Cat, yes too many things indeed. No worries things will be back to as normal as ever.





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