Wednesday, April 25, 2012

4/25/2012 - The Experiment 2.0 Day 19

Greetings. Spirits are better, Energy OK.

I am doing as fine as fine can be. I am a little better, but far, far away from being back to normal. That's OK time will heal me. I just have to be patient. 

I sure wish I knew what is happening in my insides, that is with the Meds and so forth. I am on track with the Experiment as far as the eating is concerned. I have to admit it is a little discouraging sticking to the plan and not seeing results. I can understand retention of water and inactivity, but I still thought I should see something more than I have.

Without further delay:

Results thus far:

(Please let me know if I mess up on my math below, I might add or subtract incorrectly)

Day 1 = (0) 0.0 lbs
Day 2 = (-)  0.2 lbs = loss   0.2 lbs
Day 3 = (+) 2.0 lbs =  gain  1.8 lbs
Day 4 = (-) 1.2 lbs  = gain   0.6 lbs
Day 5  = (-) 1.0 lbs = loss   0.4 lbs (bonus time)
Day 6 =  (-) 1.2 lbs = loss   1.6 lbs (it's only going to get better)
Day 7 =  (-) 1.6 lbs = loss   3.2 lbs (twice as nice)
Day 8  =  (-) 1.0 lbs = loss  4.2 lbs (I'll take it)
Day 9  =  (-) 1.0 lbs =  loss 5.2 lbs (just a pound? oh well)
Day 10 = (-) 0.6 lbs = loss  5.8 lbs (only half a lb? I give up lol)
Day 11 = (-) 1.0 lbs = loss  6.8 lbs (give me more)
Day 12 = (-) 1.0 lbs = loss  7.8 lbs (I said GIVE ME MORE)
Day 13 = (-) 1.0 lbs = loss 8.8 lbs (someone is not listening to me)
Day 14 = (-) 1.0 lbs = loss 9.8 lbs (OK mouth shut)
Day 15 = (-) 1.0 lbs = loss 10.8 lbs (I know, I know)
Day 16 = (-+)  0 lbs = ??? 10.8 lbs ( just don't know)
Day 17 = (-)  0.2lbs  = loss 11 lbs (good grief)
Day 18 = (-+) 0 lbs =??? 11 lbs (Think Positive)

Day 19 = (+) 1 lbs = loss 10 lbs (what a bummer)

I can only report the truth. May it be good or bad news I will always report what actually happens. So as you can guess I am not very happy, but no matter what I will continue down this path. The Experiment has nothing to do with the weight gain. It can't. Believe me it just can't. 

No worries here. I will march to the beat of my own drum and continue to do what I know is right. So onward I go. Nothing is going to get me down. I shall move forward and conquer all that stands in my way of good health. What else can I do?

Have a Healthy Day my Friends and Family. Battles are won, Battles are lost. No matter what the War still rages on. I will live to Fight another day and that day is NOW! . This Diet is: That Easy, That Simple. You will see.

Today's Menu: Black Coffee, H20, Seltzer Water, Smoked Turkey with a little Mayo. 

Focus, Focus, Focus




  1. Glad to hear you are getting better!!!

    I would not worry a bit for the weight gain; I am very interested to see what will happen when the swelling will go down and you will be off medication.

    Keep the spirit up; if you don't, on God's green earth, who will ???


    1. Thanks Pro(ZC)ac. Spirits better!



  2. don't be down, just get well and do what you do best.


    1. Thanks Sara, I will get there.



  3. You will be the old Dave before you know it, full of new adventures and experiments lol!

    Focus on getting well, don't get bogged down on the weight. Your health is much more important. I always enjoy reading your blog like many others. Thanks for the uplifting and entertaining posts. -Marcus

    1. Thanks Marcus, I will back to normal before you know it.





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