Sunday, April 8, 2012

4/8/2012 - The Experiment 2.0 Day 2

Great Day All! I have to say that I am tired beyond belief. My Spirits are high, but my Energy levels are at an all time low.

Energy low? OMG Dave what's going on? (!) Jeez it actually easy to explain or is it? OK: Actually I was wrong about last night. OMG x2 Dave what the heck!! You were wrong about what?(!) Whoa there y'all calm down it's really no big deal. I just made a mistake about the events for last night.

I mentioned that I was sponsoring someone for my church. Well last night the person I was sponsoring actually went through the conformation along with about 35 others. We rehearsed that afternoon for about 1 1/2 hours then returned at 7:15 pm and did not leave until about midnight. Then I went shopping for some last minute items at the grocery store. I got home to start cooking. I went to sleep around 2 am then got up at 5:30 am drove across town to pick up my Mum. We then went to 9 am Mass on my side of town. We got back to my house around 10:30 am and I continued to cook our Easter meal.

So I got very little sleep and I was on my feet most of the day. At the end of it all I had to drop Mum back off across town, but before that we went grocery shopping at a discount grocery store on her side of town. So over an hour shopping. About an hour each way to and from my Mum's home. Then to top it off there was still some cleaning after the Easter meal that needed to be done.

So yes I am tired and almost decided not to post since it was so late, but I promised and I try to keep my promises the best I can.

Now for the good stuff or not so good stuff:

Weight lost or gained:   Day 1=      00.0 lbs
                                      Day 2=(-)  00.2 lbs

No much at all. I was rather disappointed. I thought an easy 1 to 2 pounds at least. I think it may be to the lack of sleep, I guess. I know in the past sleep was a factor that made a difference for me.

Tomorrow I predict a gain. OMGx3!!! Why Dave? Why indeed!!! Very, very simple: I overate. Something I promised that I would not do. Hey I am not worried. No not at all. The weight will come off and fast. You will see. There is no doubt in my mind.

Don't let this get any of you discouraged or disappointed. I know this works. Words are cheap. You will see.

I am so tired right now and I feel like crap from fatigue, being over worked, driving long periods of time. Remember I spent over 4 hours just driving Mum back and forth in one day. 4x 1 hour each way. I do feel miserable from overeating. YIKES!!!

Not a great day for the diet, but a Great day Spiritually.

I told ya I would report the truth no matter what it is. Did you expect less?

Have a Healthy day my Friends and Family. Try, Try Again!




  1. don't worry, just stick to it and report what happens. imo you should have waited until after the holiday. it is hard to resist all that food lol.


    1. Hi Sara, well in retrospect I might have waited, but I didn't. I am not worried at all. Thanks for the support.





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