Wednesday, May 2, 2012

5/2/2012 - The Experiment 2.0 Day 26

Greetings from Texas! My Spirits and Energy levels are good.

I got a late start today. I was doing some research on a "New WOE". What it is I am not telling at this time. Yet I just might try it after The Experiment is concluded.

DAVE!!!! WT...... Hey hold on their buddy this is a PG blog. Keep your cool. Well if you know me I am a sucker for trying new things .......... well at least to a degree. I stumbled on this WOE while looking up something else. Sorta like I stumbled on to Zero Carb. Is it ZC? No, not exactly. Does it have elements of ZC? Yes, most defiantly or I would not even consider it.

There are some things in it that I have done in the past with great success and I did not know I was following this near WOE at the time. Now as you can see I said WOE and not DIET. Yes folks this is for LIFE. What I am doing now is just to lose weight and then you can fiddle with it to suit you. So in that sense it can be a WOE I think I will just confuse you. So lets just wait for the "Tell ALL".

Tell it like it is:

Results thus far:

(Please let me know if I mess up on my math below, I might add or subtract incorrectly)

Day 1 = (0) 0.0 lbs
Day 2 = (-)  0.2 lbs = loss   0.2 lbs
Day 3 = (+) 2.0 lbs =  gain  1.8 lbs
Day 4 = (-) 1.2 lbs  = gain   0.6 lbs
Day 5  = (-) 1.0 lbs = loss   0.4 lbs (bonus time)
Day 6 =  (-) 1.2 lbs = loss   1.6 lbs (it's only going to get better)
Day 7 =  (-) 1.6 lbs = loss   3.2 lbs (twice as nice)
Day 8  =  (-) 1.0 lbs = loss  4.2 lbs (I'll take it)
Day 9  =  (-) 1.0 lbs =  loss 5.2 lbs (just a pound? oh well)
Day 10 = (-) 0.6 lbs = loss  5.8 lbs (only half a lb? I give up lol)
Day 11 = (-) 1.0 lbs = loss  6.8 lbs (give me more)
Day 12 = (-) 1.0 lbs = loss  7.8 lbs (I said GIVE ME MORE)
Day 13 = (-) 1.0 lbs = loss 8.8 lbs (someone is not listening to me)
Day 14 = (-) 1.0 lbs = loss 9.8 lbs (OK mouth shut)
Day 15 = (-) 1.0 lbs = loss 10.8 lbs (I know, I know)
Day 16 = (-+)  0 lbs = loss 10.8 lbs ( just don't know)
Day 17 = (-)  0.2lbs  = loss 11 lbs (good grief)
Day 18 = (-+) 0 lbs = loss 11 lbs (Think Positive)
Day 19 = (+)   1 lb =  loss 10 lbs (what a bummer)
Day 20 = (-+) 0 lbs = loss 10 lbs (OK)
Day 21 = (-) 1.2 lbs = loss 11.2 lbs (Confused? I am)
Day 22 = (-) 1.6 lbs = loss 12. 8 lbs (Huh?)
Day 23 = (-) 1.0 lbs = loss 13.8 lbs (back on track)
Day 24 = (-) 0.8 lbs = loss 14.6 lbs (not a peep)
Day 25 = (-) 1.0 lbs = loss 15.6 lbs (nice)
Day 26 = (-) 0.6 lbs = loss 16.2 lbs (hum, hum, hum)

So let me explain why I think I did not lose at least a pound or should I? OK, I will: I think because I did vary a little from what I have been doing. First I ate way to late. Second I ate after I was satisfied. Not good on any diet. ZC mantra: "eat when hungry, stop when you reach satiety." Well I got caught up in the moment and ................... whatever. No excuse, just an explanation.


Blogger went a little crazy and I did not get the first comment made on yesterdays post. I do receive all the comments posted sent automatically to my blogs Gmail account listed on the top right side of the blog. When I went to respond to it there was nothing there. Then later Sara posted a comment. Strange, but not unexpected with Blogger. I wish I had went withe World Press instead,but is too late in the game. The Comment was from Pro(ZC)ac (sorry) so I cut and pasted it to the comment section of that post.

I went ahead and joined my own blog. Yes, it sounds silly, but this way I can send messages through "friendconnect" to individual "Friends of Dave" that I do not have their email. It does not show me their email that they used when they signed up, but sends it without me seeing your email address. So if I don't get a response I really don't know if they got the email.

So Pro(ZC)ac I did send you an email through "friendconnect" explaining what happened with your comment.

Have a Healthy Day my Friends and Family. A little down, but not OUT. Stay the Course. This Diet is: That Easy, That Simple. You will see.

Today's Menu: Black Coffee, H20, Seltzer Water, Smoked Chicken with a little spicy Mustard and Mayo mix Chicken Salad. (ran out of Turkey)

It's Closer than you KNOW




  1. Dave, you only lost .6 lbs in the last day… but multiply by 7 and this makes 4.2 lbs per week… which is absolutely satisfactory!!!

    Anayway, this is your average for the last 26 days of your experiment (16.2 lbs lost divided by 26 days = 6.2 lbs per day).

    You are now beginning to be an absolute ZC expert!!!


  2. Hi Pro(ZC)ac, Mystery solved. Somehow blogger put your previous comment in the spam folder. Incredible. So I activated it and it is posted in its original form.

    Anyhow I wish that I did indeed lose 6.2 lbs a day. Unfortunately it only adds up to 0.62 lbs a day. Expert.........maybe someday. Thanks for the confidence and support my Friend.





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