Monday, May 7, 2012

5/7/2012 - Supplemental - Solitary Man

Greetings all. My Spirits are good. Energy levels are zapped!

Zapped indeed. It was hard today adjusting to a regular work day after being on my butt for two weeks of prescribed “bed rest”. Jeez I got home, ate, exchange a few words with DW who was off today. I then went to bed and “Crashed and Burned” I slept for about an hour or so and then started to respond to comments left on the blog.

I had a lot to think about today and have decided to give yet another WOE a shot instead of the 5BD. Yes I will tread down the road of becoming a VEGAN. Yes, that is right and you heard it right here. My research has shown that ….............not! Hahaha!!!!!!!! Oh hell to the double NO!!!

Yikes, I might as well end it all now. Yet another weak attempt to make a funny I do agree. I did mention my interests in another WOE. Yes.... well it is called the Bulletproof Diet and yes it can be adapted to ZC if you are so inclined. The part of it that fascinated me was a drink called “Bulletproof Coffee” it is basically a high grade coffee guaranteed to be toxic free, mold free and other sorts of good stuff.  The hot coffee is mixed with a hunk of “grass fed butter” not necessarily “organic” put into a blender and mixed well. Wow that sounds Great to me! The Bulletproof Diet continues to list a list of Grass Fed meats and organic foods on a list. I won't into detail, because at this point that is on the back, back burner for now I will supply the link and you can investigate. I do plan on drinking some of that Bulletproof Coffee with my regular coffee and Kerrygold grass fed butter.

Bulletproof Diet link:

Oh yeah I almost forgot:

About the next 5BD 30 day challenge, well I change my mind about the start date. I will go with my first thought of waiting the week out to let the Meds pass through so I can start 'Clean and Sober” I will give a shot at “Maintenance” during this time. No daily weigh ins. I will find out next Monday how I did. I will also reread my book “Why Weight Around” by Dr. Lewis for reference and reinforcement and I also will join the private Forum.

I am taking the 5BD real serious folks. PORTION CONTROL is my next “Venture” more than likely be a big part of my LIFE. I have went from: SAD, to LC to VLC to ZC and now to the 5BD ala Portions Control. These diets, WOE or whatever you want to call them have been like “loves” that have “come and gone” The “break up” is always hard and to start again with someone or in this case something  different is always “unsure” and a “chance” this one will be the “ONE” finally just to find out.....

I have always “Marched to the Beat of my Own Drum”. That is who I am: A Solitary MAN!

Solitary Man -Johnny Cash (my new theme song)

Belinda was mine, 'till the time, that I found her,
holdin' Jim, and lovin' him.

Then Sue came along, loved me strong, that's what I thought.
Me and Sue, but that died too.

Don't know that I will, but until, I can find me,
a girl who'll stay, and won't play games behind me.
I'll be what I am,
a solitary man, a solitary man.

I've had it to here, being where, love's a small word,
a part time thing, a paper ring.
I know it's been done, havin' one, girl who loved me,
right or wrong, weak or strong.

Don't know that I will, but until, I can find me,
the girl who'll stay, and won't play, games behind me.
I'll be what I am,
a solitary man, a solitary man.

Don't know that I will, but until, love can find me,
and the girl who'll stay, and won't play games behind me.
I'll be what I am,
a solitary man, a solitary man, a solitary man.

YouTube Video: Solitary Man: Johnny Cash

So I will use the rest of this week to Regroup, Plan, Detox, and of course I have a big, big  SURPRISE  to unveil next Monday. Did you for one minute think I was going to make this easy? HA! No Way!!!

Any questions? Just email me or post a comment. I will answer it.

Have a Healthy Day my Friends and Family. Looking Forward to Next Week. Keep the Faith!!!

True Love,




  1. Dave, It's funny you mention the bulletproof diet. A couple days ago when I asked you about hunger, I was asking because I was about to embark on an experiment of my own with the Bulletproof Rapid Fat Loss Fast:

    I starting drinking bulletproof coffee every day for breakfast about a month and a half ago, and let me tell you, it's great. I have all kinds of energy and am never hungry before 1 or 2 PM. Giving the Rapid Fat Loss plan a go right now. Made it through Day 1 yesterday pretty much hunger free, and am down nearly 3 lbs this morning!

  2. Hi Dave O, see Great Minds Think Alike! Wow that is GREAT!! Hey I know of this young man who is doing the Bullet Proof Diet this is his blog:


    I believe he has been doing it for at least 38 days. Post a question to him and he will answer you. Tell him ZC Dave sent you.

    Good for you my Friend. I was really tempted to start that diet, but I cannot afford that high end food at this time. I do want to start to drink the Bulletproof Coffee once I am settled on a weight for life.

    So are you going to set up your own blog and report your daily results? You can post your progress here if you want. I could make a Page Tab and title it "Bulletproof Diet" and you can do your thing.

    Let me know Bro and I will have it up jumping Jack Flash.

    Good luck and let us know how you are doing. Also I will Email you with some questions if you don't mind. Be Strong, Live Long and Always Battle On!!!



  3. What a bunch of "experimenters" we are…….!!! As long as it stays in the "ZC zone", why not?

    But a question remains for all of us: why do we need to do "portion control" and not just let our appetite guide us???

    Were we born this way? Was a permanent damage done to our brain after many years on a high carb/high food diet? Is it the "easy food availability world" in which we live?

    Personnaly, I have a problem doing portion control, the problem being the control itself. I feel it is another stress in my life, requirering constant vigilance that is added to the already needed vigilance of ZC…

    I tend to 'portion control" my protein intake, as these proteins can ultimately
    affect insulin + blood sugar (even if much less then carbs) but I tend to be quite liberal with fat because it tends to "auto-control" itself.

    Anyway, eating twice a day is probably a golden rule in ZC as this is done by most of us.

    Please continue your quest David. I value a lot your experiments, the main reason being that you tend to make things easy and accessible. And God knows we need more then ever this kind of approach!!!


    1. Hi Pro(ZC)ac, didn't you know? "Easy and Accessible" is my middle name. Ha!

      For the most part I was OK eating small portions that were high fat. Just as I hit my all time low the tide started to slowly turn the other way. Heck at one time I was openly accused by some or rather one on another site that I was starving myself. It really pissed me off. I was following the rules of eat when hungry stop when full........

      Eating twice a day was my norm until things went south.

      Until I am satisfied 100% that I found what I deem the way that I will eat for life, I will continue on my QUEST.



  4. Dave - I'd be happy to report in on my progress from time to tome, but I am not actually doing the regular Bulletproof diet at this time, but the Bulletproof Rapid Fat Loss protocol. It's basically nothing BUT Bulletproof Coffee for 4-6 days in a row followed by a re-feeding day, so essentially a fat fast.

    As far as making the Bulletproof Diet more affordable, I can think of a few tips.

    The Upgraded Coffee on the website is great, I bought a bag and really liked it, but Coffee Bean Direct coffee from Amazon is also excellent and is half the price. There are many varieties, and several seem to meet the criteria for Bulletproof Coffee.

    Being in Texas, I assume you have Trader Joes nearby? If so, you can stock up on Kerrygold Butter at a great price.

    I order 75/25 grass fed ground beef from US Wellness meats. Though grass-fed steaks are pricey, grass-fed ground beef is pretty reasonable, and the 75/25 ground beef is nice and fatty. I buy at least 40 lbs at a time for the volume discount.

    1. Yo Dave O, you are always welcome here. This place is laid back, no fear of being criticized, challenged or put in an embarrassing situation where you have to explain or justify yourself.

      I would actually be willing the to try the Bulletproof Diet full force if I could afford it. I don't see anything on it that would cause me to not to try it.

      Unfortunately there aren't any Traders Joe's near The Woodlands, Texas. I have only heard of them in passing online. What there is are plenty of are ranches that have grass fed beef. Hell it ain't nothing to buy a whole processed calf. You can get it whole, half or quartered.

      I have been talking with my wife and almost have her convinced. I mean you get the whole gambit. steaks, burgers, roasts, ribs and so on. It isn't going to happen soon, but maybe in a year or so. Heck as I get older time just zooms by. I will ZC for two years on June 21st. If I make it that far.

      The offer for the Page tab is always open just say the word. Hey that goes for any of the folks that post here. I can fit quit a few. Just a thought.





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