Saturday, January 19, 2013

1/19/2013 - The 5 Bite Diet Day SIX 2.0 Ala Zero Carb

Greetings all. My Spirits and Energy levels are good.

Yes I went to the gun show and no I did not buy anything............well not exactly...... The prices were totally ridiculous. Some riffles are not twice the price as a couple of month ago and ammo is not much better.

So what did I buy you may ask. Beef Summer Sausage. Homemade that is will all the Yucky stuff missing. This place makes homemade Jerky, Cheese and Beef Summer Sausage. I bought a huge 3 lbs Beef Summer Sausage after sampling it. Wow was it good. I also go two small packs of Beef Jerky. Also very good.

I gave DW a taste and she was amazed. I was so disappointed on the price gauging. It was totally unreasonable. I will wait until the hype blows through and buy later. I am in no rush to get ripped off.

OK short post today:

Results thus far:

(Please let me know if mess up on my math below. I might add or subtract incorrectly)

Day  1 = (0.0) = lbs loss current weight 180.0 lbs (just starting, OK I am up a few pounds, be nice)
Day  2 = (1.2) = lbs loss current weight 178.8 lbs (let the games begin)
Day 3 = (1.0) = lbs loss current weight  177.8 lbs (going strong) 
Day 4 = (0.8) = lbs loss current weight  177.0 lbs (down, down do your thing do your thing...)
Day 5 = (1.0) = lbs loss current weight 176.0 lbs (that's the way aha, aha I like it)
Day 6 = (1.2) = lbs loss current weight 174.8 lbs (Fly, Robin, Fly)

Hunger pangs: Slowly going away, but still there..

Morning Fast: Plain Black Coffee, H2O

1st Meal: Beef Summar Sausage estimate 3-4 ozs.

2nd Meal: 3 Veal and Pork Meatballs made by Dear Wife. I guess about 5 ounces.

Well I ate a little more than I have been, but all in all not very much for the whole day. I feel good about the diet so far and have not regrets as of today.

I goofed on my math and have corrected it. Thank you Anonymous. 

Have a Healthy Day my Friends and Family. Live Long, Be Strong and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er Battle Tested




  1. I think this is my day for jumping on the 5BTZC wagon…

    I already know what are the up and down of intermittent fasting as I have experienced it in the past…

    Probably my main meal will be early evening. To be determined during the day…

    Yes, indeed, we are at war and there is no way to look back as the enemy is in front of us!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Hi Pro(ZC)ac, glad your on board.Hey at least I am not alone. Move forward my Friend. Please let me know how you are doing on the 5BD either here or through email. Fight the Good Fight and Always Battle On!!!

    (ZC)er Brothers in Arms



  3. **** you're welcome :) ****

  4. Hi Anonymous, thanks again for the math correction.





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