Friday, January 25, 2013

1/25/2013 - The 5 Bite Diet Day TWELVE 2.0 Ala Zero Carb

Greetings all. My Spirits and Energy level are good, very good that is.........

Wow almost at the halfway mark. Where has the time gone? Where indeed! OK, yes a short post today.....BUT yes a very BIG BUT............ OK no jokes in the background y'all I have very sensitive hearing. OK then: Like I was saying: I have a big announcement to make this Sunday......

So tune in Sunday for the BIG EVENT, refreshments and door prizes will be available for all that participate. Yes we will be serving all types of Zero Carb (ZC) treats starting with................

Yes there will be a big announcement this Sunday concerning this Zero Carb Blog, something good and positive. Just when you thought you have....................

Results thus far:

(Please let me know if mess up on my math below. I might add or subtract incorrectly)

Day  1 = (0.0) = lbs loss current weight 180.0 lbs (just starting, OK I am up a few pounds, be nice)
Day   2 = (1.2) = lbs loss current weight 178.8 lbs (let the games begin)
Day  3 = (1.0) = lbs loss current weight  177.8 lbs (going strong) 
Day  4 = (0.8) = lbs loss current weight  177.0 lbs (down, down do your thing do your thing...)
Day  5 = (1.0) = lbs loss current weight 176.0 lbs (that's the way aha, aha I like it)
Day  6 = (1.2) = lbs loss current weight 174.8 lbs (Fly, Robin, Fly)
Day  7 = (0.8) = lbs loss current weight 174.0 lbs (expected more, but I'll take it)
Day  8 = (0.6) = lbs loss current weight 173.4 lbs (a loss, is a loss, is a loss)
Day  9 = (0.6) = lbs loss current weight 172.8 lbs (still in the game)
Day 10 =(0.8) = lbs loss current weight 172.0 lbs (this is how we do it)
Day 11 =(0.6) = lbs loss current weight 171.4 lbs (they call me Sir)
Day 12 =(0.8) = lbs loss current weight 170.6 .lbs (I walk the LINE)

Hunger pangs: Normal as can be.

Morning Fast: Plain Black Coffee, H2O

1st Meal: Mini Beef Meatballs 3 ozs (finished)

2nd Meal: Fatty Beef Brisket Ala Dave (YES!!!)

Man O man I made my almost famous Fatty Beef Brisket Ala Dave. Jeez it has been so long I almost started to cry as the aroma filled the house. I don't know why I have not made it until now. I know at one time I was a little tired of it, but now........... it was like a homecoming. Hahaha!!!

OK so that is it for now. Have a Healthy Day my Friends and Family. New and Great things are coming down the pipe, yes they are indeed! Live Long, Stay Strong and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er Times TWO




  1. Who is in charge here??? I want to talk to the boss… this 5BTZC thing is total insanity… Look what is happening to me:

    Day 1 = (0.0) = lbs loss current weight 171.6 lbs
    Day 2 = (1.3) = lbs loss current weight 170.3 lbs
    Day 3 = (0.9) = lbs loss current weight 169.4 lbs
    Day 4 = (1.3) = lbs loss current weight 168.1 lbs
    Day 5 = (1.2) = lbs loss current weight 166.9 lbs
    Day 6 = (0.8) = lbs loss current weight 166.1 lbs

    But I think I will try to stay "insane" for another 8.1 lbs...

    Something has changed in my brain… something has changed in my body… surely, something is not the same. Somebody would have told me I would be doing the 5BTZC a year ago, I would have said: IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!

    But… but I think I will try to go on for another 2 weeks…

    Hope Dave will continue to have good results because I do not want "to go down alone"…….

    Sunday surprise with drinks??? I'm in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Prozac you are having great success on the 5bdzc. You guys make it seem so easy. Did you forget about the water explanation? You have me curious. Keep it up. :-)Cat



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