Tuesday, January 29, 2013

1/29/2013 - The 5 Bite Diet Day15 & 16 2.0 Ala Zero Carb

Greetings all. My Spirits and Energy levels are great.

OK it was no accident that I did not post an update yesterday. I wanted yesterday to be "Denis Day". I wanted the focus to be on him. He has and will have very important input that we all can appreciate. I am very pleased, but not surprised at his debut. He is a very talented and knowledgeable person. I rather like this chap much and enjoy the comfort of his wisdom.

OK then, where do we go from here? Where indeed! Up of course, can there be any other direction? Yes that was a rhetorical question. It sure was......

So here were are: Locked in Battle for our very souls..... OK not souls, but our very Lives........ Battle you say..... Battle indeed!!! Now for some of y'all, well you have got it together. For most of us, like ME, we are in a constant state of "Learning". Just when you think you know it all............. What can I say???

Results thus far:

(Please let me know if mess up on my math below. I might add or subtract incorrectly)

Day  1 = (0.0) = lbs loss current weight 180.0 lbs (just starting, OK I am up a few pounds, be nice)
Day   2 = (1.2) = lbs loss current weight 178.8 lbs (let the games begin)
Day  3 = (1.0) = lbs loss current weight  177.8 lbs (going strong) 
Day  4 = (0.8) = lbs loss current weight  177.0 lbs (down, down do your thing do your thing...)
Day  5 = (1.0) = lbs loss current weight 176.0 lbs (that's the way aha, aha I like it)
Day  6 = (1.2) = lbs loss current weight 174.8 lbs (Fly, Robin, Fly)
Day  7 = (0.8) = lbs loss current weight 174.0 lbs (expected more, but I'll take it)
Day  8 = (0.6) = lbs loss current weight 173.4 lbs (a loss, is a loss, is a loss)
Day  9 = (0.6) = lbs loss current weight 172.8 lbs (still in the game)
Day 10 =(0.8) = lbs loss current weight 172.0 lbs (this is how we do it)
Day 11 =(0.6) = lbs loss current weight 171.4 lbs (they call me Sir)
Day 12 =(0.8) = lbs loss current weight 170.6 .lbs (I walk the LINE)
Day 13 =(0.6) = lbs loss current weight 170.0 lbs (Time after time)
Day 14 =(0.8) = lbs loss current weight 169.2 lbs (Records are being broken)
Day 15 =(0.4) = lbs loss current weight 168.8 lbs (Band on the Run)
Day 16 =(0.6) = lbs loss current weight 168.2 lbs (If your change your mind, I'm the first in line)

Hunger pangs: Normal as can be.

Morning Fast: Plain Black Coffee, H2O

1st Meal: Fatty Beef Brisket Ala Dave 3 oz

2nd Meal: Fatty Beef Brisket Ala Dave 3 oz

The same food, another day. It's all good. The Fatty Beef Brisket was sort of small, sot I anticipate I will finish it soon, but that being said, it does not mean that I might venture to make another....... maybe.....just maybe. I do have some Lamb in the freezer, but on second thought I rather save it for when I return to more of a normal meal.

Have a Healthy day my Friends and Family. Keep On Keeping On and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC) A Rare Treat




  1. Your doing really well Dave. You are a true inspiration to us all. Thanks for sharing. Battle on! :-)Cat

    1. Hi Cat, I just do what I do. HA! Thanks for the kind compliments.



  2. Your are "melting"… and now at a lower weight then I was when I began the 5BDZC…

    Where will it get you???


    1. Hi Denis, melting indeed!!! Where.... the choices are endless........



  3. Hi Dave and Denis,
    Great stuff going on here! Was wondering, with the 5 bites, has your stomach shrunken at all?... are you finding the 5 bites adequate ie feeling satisfied? Are feeling hunfer pangs despite the satiety of ZC? and when can we see a photo of you :))

    Smiley x

    1. I think, yes, there is probably a shrinking of the stomach… but we must also consider that the insulin levels after 5 bites of ZC food are probably extremely low, which will keep hunger out of the way, and should help brain leptin to do its work in cutting down further appetite.

      But this certainly does not mean you are never hungry…. the hunger is still there but it seems to be manageable…

      My only concern is about putting down the body metabolism, that should react to this low food intake and adjust to this sort of starving period. It is known that you can go with no food at all for 3 days without affecting your metabolism but then your body should react and adjust to your intake to protect your body. Sadly, I do not find any further science on the subject.

      For myself, I did stop 5BDZC after a week of good results and I am keeping the weight stable. I will probably try 3 days of 5BTZC then stop and see how I will react. Results on studies about intermittent fasting are quite interesting BUT I think we all have to figure out what works for each of us… considering that we all have "broken metabolism" after many years of bad nutrition…




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