Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I was doing some thinking, asking myself why I stopped 5BDZC after a week of excellent results, even if I still had about 7 lbs to loose to get back to a perfect weight.

Maybe it is because everything is our body, metabolism set point, brain chemicals and hormone levels, addiction risk (especially sugar…), organ functioning, from pancreas exhaustion to liver function abuse ect. are all set to an individual level…

And this level could depends on many things that can go back to what your mother was exposed to during gestation, food and chemicals, and what you were fed with as a kid, also including the way you were brought up, with a caring family or not, and the stress you were expose to, all this setting your brain chemicals with eventual imbalance. Not forgetting what was genetically programmed…

And this individuality could also include what made up your lifestyle getting older, like smoking, alcohol or any drug consumption, exercise and, again, diet, stress and chemical exposure, to whatever makes your actual way of living…

It would be nice to resume the “beauty of ZC” with a few words, but on a long run, we do realize it is more then eating animal proteins + fats and avoiding the rest of food items.

I think somewhere we need to stop and meditate on our personal situation to finally pinpoint what stops us finding “harmony with ZC”. For some of us, it may be a hard and long journey but I think it is worth it.

I am actually reading the recent published book “FAT CHANCE: Beating the Odds Against Sugar, Processed Food, Obesity, and Disease” by Dr. Robert Lustig. Interestingly, he describes how some kids are plagued with “food anxiety”, which is the fear of not getting food (because of poverty), or not enough to eat (for other reasons). The results being, at there young age, it programs brain wiring and chemicals, permanently, giving birth to a huge variety of lifetime inadequate emotions.

Still, we should not get upset about all this because, as I see that in my own experience and other ZC’s, it seems our WOE has a strong effect on imbalance in our body, the best example being the multiple testimonies of how “anorexia nervosa” sufferers can cure with ZC.

Now I have to meditate myself about why I stopped this fantastic 5BDZC week. I do have a small ideal of the reason but it would be nice to have the “whole picture”…



  1. Hi Denis, another Great post my Friend. The beauty of the 5BDZC is that it is always waiting for you if you are so inclined to start it again. You will know when to start and stop. I think you did what you had to do. No "ifs" "ands" or "buts". It was the right time to start then it was the right time to stop. That simple that easy as you have seen.



  2. fat chance? i never heard of that one. i have to look it up. give us a short report on anything that really stands out if you don't mind.




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