Saturday, February 2, 2013

2/2/2013 - The 5 Bite Diet Day19 & 20 - 2.0 Ala Zero Carb

Greetings Friends. My Spirits are great and my Energy levels are good.

Well folks I kinda said that I would have an announcement to make today. What can it be..........? OK am I going to make this hard? Easy? A mystery??? Um....well....I think.....I will..... tell all.............tomorrow.................NOT!!!

OK, I was being naughty and not nice. Not nice at all......jeez! Alright back to reality: Yes I do have an announcement to make. I have decided to make today my last day on the 5BDZC for now. I need to take a rest from it. Hey twenty days is not bad. I know one more day would make it three weeks, but is one more day? Right?

Now that being said.......... I just might take Denis's lead and attempt a three or even five day 5BDZC Mini Challenge. I hope I did not let anyone down, but I really think I had a good run. I will bet a paycheck some thought that I would not make it past a week. Not anyone that comments here, but the handful or two that visit and read time to time.

To those folks I say: Welcome. I hope you enjoyed reading about the 5BDZC challenge. You are most welcome to visit anytime and see what wacky thing I am up to in the future. I did get a few emails from some LC forum folks. They were very supportive and kind. Thank you and feel free to email me anytime you have some questions. I am always more than happy to answer to the best of my ability. I am no Guru or Nutty Professor, but I do have a little experience with Zero Carb Way of Eating.

Results thus far:

(Please let me know if mess up on my math below. I might add or subtract incorrectly)

Day  1 = (0.0) = lbs loss current weight 180.0 lbs (just starting, OK I am up a few pounds, be nice)
Day   2 = (1.2) = lbs loss current weight 178.8 lbs (let the games begin)
Day  3 = (1.0) = lbs loss current weight  177.8 lbs (going strong) 
Day  4 = (0.8) = lbs loss current weight  177.0 lbs (down, down do your thing do your thing...)
Day  5 = (1.0) = lbs loss current weight 176.0 lbs (that's the way aha, aha I like it)
Day  6 = (1.2) = lbs loss current weight 174.8 lbs (Fly, Robin, Fly)
Day  7 = (0.8) = lbs loss current weight 174.0 lbs (expected more, but I'll take it)
Day  8 = (0.6) = lbs loss current weight 173.4 lbs (a loss, is a loss, is a loss)
Day  9 = (0.6) = lbs loss current weight 172.8 lbs (still in the game)
Day 10 =(0.8) = lbs loss current weight 172.0 lbs (this is how we do it)
Day 11 =(0.6) = lbs loss current weight 171.4 lbs (they call me Sir)
Day 12 =(0.8) = lbs loss current weight 170.6 .lbs (I walk the LINE)
Day 13 =(0.6) = lbs loss current weight 170.0 lbs (Time after time)
Day 14 =(0.8) = lbs loss current weight 169.2 lbs (Records are being broken)
Day 15 =(0.4) = lbs loss current weight 168.8 lbs (Band on the Run)
Day 16 =(0.6) = lbs loss current weight 168.2 lbs (If your change your mind, I'm the first in line)
Day 17 =(0.4) = lbs loss current weight 167.8 lbs (Never say Die)
Day 18 =(0.8) = lbs loss current weight 167.0 lbs (The Things we do for Love)
Day 19 =(0.4) = lbs loss current weight 166.6 lbs (Oh no, not the triple six, oh my)
Day 20 =(0.6) = lbs loss current weight 166.0 lbs (That's All Folks)

Hunger pangs: Normal as can be.

Morning Fast: Plain Black Coffee, H2O

1st Meal: Hamburger patty 4 oz (both days)

2nd Meal: Hamburger patty 4 oz (both days)

Have a Healthy day my Friends and Family. Not an End.......Just the Beginning of something Wonderful. Keep the Faith and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er In the Pipe 5X5




  1. i am not surprised. you need to take a break. your body has had a major change in a small frame of time.


    1. Hi Sara, thanks for the support. Lots of changes in my life going on right now indeed....more than you know.



  2. Wonderful results Dave, I am inclined to agree with Sara. Give it a rest and see how your body adjusts. If you feel you need to continue then see what is a good time for that. I like the approach Denis is taking with the 5BDZC.~Maryzc~

    1. Hi Maryzc, rest is what I need. I feel good, but I think I could feel better. It is hard to explain. The words escape me.



  3. Dave great run my friend. Don't even think of apologizing. You have more guts than most for publicly posting your challenge. I have read in other places where people start these challenges only to fail after a couple of days. I think you described it as Hell Week.

    Good going old man. I fancy that you will be up to something soon. I know that you have described your schedule as rather full at the moment. So we will be patient and wait. It's great that Denis has taken up the reins and pitched in to manage this blog. My hats off to him. I am in total agreement with Maryzc.


    1. Hi Bill, I don't have any regrets. To tell you the truth I know at the start that if things went smoothly that I might have to cut it short. I wanted the entire 30 days for wiggle room, it seems I did not need it.

      Denis has been a true blessing indeed!!!



  4. Well 14 lbs down in 20 days is impressive… much better then me but since we are not competing…

    I am a big fan of the idea that "humans are creature of habits"… so this give me the motivation to try to integrate 3 days of 5BDZC per week and see what can come out of it.

    Look how we integrated so well ZC in our life and made it an habit and could not go back to a regular way of eating…

    Thank you for welcoming all the visitors… maybe a lot do not comment but they are there and I greatly appreciate it!!!


    1. Hi Denis, I would say that I had a good run. My Brother in Arms there is no competition here. Just warriors facing the same foe.

      Creature or habit indeed!!! These habits can be our down fall or life Well if we create "New Habits" to better ourselves. It is hard, but doable.

      Visitors is in a sense one of the missions of this blog. We share our experience at no cost. I don't sell anything on this blog. Not even those pesky "Adsense" deals. Battle On!!!





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