Friday, February 22, 2013


I have been doing some thinking and I am trying to come up with some ideas to “structure” the maintenance phase of ZC.

The issue we are dealing with here is simple: “How and why may one regain weight on ZC and what to do about it? ”

There are many angles to the question and one that we have seriously to consider is MINDLESS EATING.

Mindless eating is when someone makes choices about food he will eat, choices that he is NOT aware of, choices that are influenced by people around him, places where food is sold and serve, presentation such as plating, labels, names, colors, shapes and smells and also, of big concern, distraction. All of this causing him to do seemingly inconsequential decisions that will affect his total food consumption.

Let’s give one example: at your lovely new local supermarket (with ample parking space) and his new trendy look d├ęcor, you find a big sale on aged Rib-Eye steaks packed in recyclable wrapping in portion of 16 ounces. Can you resist picking up a few of them, some to freeze, surely some to throw on your grill and share them with your love ones during this nice summer day that allows you to eat in the peacefulness of your garden, sitting on your new outside dining furniture and enjoying the smell of lemon scented candles? Life is good and the 16 ounces of your steak, and maybe half of another one, disappear from your plate as fast as it took to decide to purchase them.

This is what MINDLESS EATING is and we can all relate to it.

When I was first reading, many years ago, about sugar addiction, I remember how we were suggested planning to live without sweets and finding ways to add joy, comfort and celebration in our life to compensate for the “pain of mourning” the loss of eating sugar.

Did we replace our “best friend the sugar” by a life of “unrestricted and unconscious ZC food items consumption”???

Let’s be honest: maybe we did. But also, to put things at their right place, maybe we are victims here.

Victims of marketing as consumers, victims of the endless availability of food in our society, even victims of folks that want you to believe that you may indulge as much as you want on ZC.

So what can we do about it?

First thing is probably to become more aware of our environment. I have no problem on stacking up on a deal of Rib-Eye steak but letting others decide what is a decent portion is not. Enjoying a nice yard, nice furniture and company is not a reason not to be aware of what and how much is in your plate.

Nowadays, everything must be about pleasure, including food. The French call it “le manger-plaisir”: they say if you do not enjoy yourself while eating, you got it wrong. But look at the consequences: from a population that was nearly free of hearth diseases, in less then two decades, they have become fat and sick following the trend of the planet.

So let’s learn to add joy and celebration in our life without always thinking about food being the only way. It maybe OK for others, and we may even enjoy cooking and serving them well, but it is our responsibility to look for us.

Maybe the solution to MINDLESS EATING is to take the TIME to do things. Time to plan our meals (quality, portions and protein/fat ration), time to prepare and serve, time to consume and be aware of what we consume.

Honestly, how many times did you added extra butter to your steak while merely finish engulfing it?

I seems that the “golden rule” is still 20 minutes.

Maybe having a normal portion of meat + adequate fat, eating it mindfully and waiting 20 minutes before asking yourself if you need more is ONE solution???


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