Monday, February 25, 2013


I though, after doing the experiment of “3 DAYS 5BDZC + 4 DAYS 30 BDZC”, it would be interesting to summarize what I am eating these days on ZC as It seems more sustainable for me to eat the same quantity of food everyday. So I decided to take this road and see what happens.

I say this because I am on a “loosing speed” of 1 lbs per week which of course, brings me ONLY a few weeks away of the weight I want to reach… No complain.

I knew I was NOT overeating proteins in anyway. But I evaluated my fat consumption (calorie wise…) and discovered it was much too high. I adore butter and I believed I could rely on my “fat satiety mechanisms” to control my intake. It seems the mechanism do not perform as well as I would have liked…

So there I went counting calories to get an idea of my actual protein/fat ration… and discovered I was doing too much butter. So I had to reevaluate my portions.

I calculated that in no way I want to eat LESS then total 1,800 calories a day. I know it would not be sustainable, as for my metabolism, my health and my mental sanity.

I already eat about 300 calories from protein sources and this is OK with me and my protein needs; which left me a nice 1,500 calories for butter (sometimes, it may be substituted for olive oil but this is on rare occasions). Since more then a week, I get the nice protein to fat ratio of 15%/85%.

- 1,500 calories from butter means 15 tablespoons, or 7.5 ounces, a little bit less then 2 sticks or less then ½ pound.

So I planned again my meals and it went this way (my calculations are all approximated as I do not care about +/- 50 calories differences…):

LUNCH:                                3 eggs +  5 tbs butter

AFTERNOON SNACK:         2 ounces  chicken + 3 tbs butter

DINNER:                               3 ounces fish + 4 tbs butter

BEDTIME SNACK:               2 ounces chicken + 3 tbs butter

Many times, I omit the afternoon snack so I add it to the dinner portion. The bedtime snack seems to work best since I am a “light sleeper” and eating promotes a good night.

I have stopped the sour cream but I eventually will include it again. I only drink pure and simple water.

I intend to go on this way for another week and see what happens.


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