Saturday, February 9, 2013


The weekend is going quite find.

My body is probably still learning to adjust eating less because even if I feel some hunger pangs, I have no problem dealing with them.

But I felt much more comfortable from Monday to Thursday on my “10 bites meals” as they were totally satisfying. And since I have lost some weight during the week, I will reevaluate the need to do more of these 3 days periods on 5BDZC.

Anyway, I only have to loose an extra 5 lbs. and I will have reach the weight I think is ideal for me, 158 lbs.

I am more and more convince that I must, at any cost or pain, avoid overeating in any occasion. The principle being that if, for example, I reward myself with a 16 ounces steak on a special meal, some of the excess protein will be turned into glucose and give an insulin spike. We well know the insulin release during a meal is done in 2 phases, the 1st one being calibrated according to the previous meal and the second, about 20-30 minutes later, according to the content of the present meal. So if the previous meal was 16 ounces of meat, I will have an insulin spike of phase 1 and I will be trapped into overeating again to compensate this imbalance. This would create a vicious cycle and I would put back some weight.

And, of course, if I include cheese or cream which stimulate an even larger release of insulin for the same quantity of protein, the vicious cycle will become an hell…

This would mean that if someone regains weight on ZC, he should maybe avoid AT ALL COST AND ON A PERMANENT BASIS any excess intake of protein.

I hope the following days, and weeks, will help me to confirm this.



  1. I see what you are saying to us non-scientist types, is that we need to be consistent on the amounts of protein we eat each meal.

    Would it make a difference if you ate a larger meal for your second meal? You would have many hours to fast overnight. Does that make a difference? :-)Cat

    1. Excellent question!!!

      I could not find specific studies to answer your question. But one year ago, I did INTERMITTENT FASTING for 6 weeks having 2 meals per day, the first at 12 noon and the second not later then 8 pm, which gave me a 16 hours of fasting until the next day meal. These 2 meals included "all u can eat" servings. Results: I lost some weight even if I was eating as much as I wanted.

      Intermittent fasting is known to have powerful effect on lowering insulin secretion so I guess that, YES, if you eat a larger meal for the second meal, the 16 hours of fasting would probably cause a lower "first phase insulin secretion". But this is considering that you eat or drink absolutely NOTHING during the fast.

      If someone can do it, great. In my case Intermittent Fasting was not sustainable more hten 6 weeks.

      It seems the maintenance phase is not that easy, especially for very "insulin sensitive" folks like me.

      Thank you for your input; your observations are precious to find the answer!!!


  2. Your experiments really show how our bodies are fine tuned machines. I believe that it is our lack of self control that throws us out of order. I have been following your progress and really appreciate your sharing this vital information with us.

    At the end of the day most people take for granted this beautiful human machine that we are and abuse it with toxins that are addictive rather it be hardcore drugs or foods that have for all intense and purposes the same negative effects. I just feel that most people don't understand how easy it is to throw your body off balance.

    This information you are sharing is invaluable. This blogs really needs to go somewhere where it can get more exposure. I don't if anywhere else where the people in charge give so much of themselves with nothing asked for in return. Bravo Denis. You and Dave make a great team. -Simon

    1. Thank you so much for your support!!! It keeps me motivated to continue to work with Dave on this very unique blog.

      I am a big beliver that "Small is beautiful" and I profoundly think that the way to change things is to go from individual to individual. If you do not take care of the roots and just care about "the show", your tree will die. I prefer making a BIG difference in the life of a few folks then to "set in fire" a big group.

      And, yes, you are right: it is easy to abuse our body with toxins and get out of balance. I intend to write about this, among many other things. So stay tune.


  3. Hey Simon you took the words out of my mouth. It seems so simple yet so hard. I think Dave touched on that sometime in the past. Are we just a bunch of addicted people. Not in the sense of looking for a cheap thrill but addicted in the sense that we just go with the flow and don't question anything and when we suffer illness we attribute it to age or air quality or something to that matter. I could just go on and on.

    Thanks Denis. I follow your information with a lot of gratefulness. It does help me plan and think about the way I look at my zc deit. ~Maryzc~

    1. Addiction is a real and serious issue. I am deeply convince that if someone do not address his food addiction (and it is more then only food as you say so well...), he will have serious problems doing ZC and achieve good health.

      Human being are genetically programmed to live 120 years old AND accepting that getting sick is a normal process of aging is a serious mistake. When you see newbord with "old age diabetes type-2" as it used to be called, or kids having brain stroke like folks in there 80's or even teenagers with heart attacks, I think this is the proof we do not get sick with age but by doing something WRONG.

      Many thanks for following and commenting. It gives me a profound feeling of meaningfulness!!!




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