Friday, March 29, 2013


No doubt, in the recent times, ketones are a very hot topic in the LC world. It seems so “IN” to plan your diet around them that one can easily feel “OUT” if you don’t do it. So is this only a short-term trend or are we dealing with a serious issue here?

I sincerely think to answer the question there is only one solution, especially if you are on ZC: we should interest ourselves to ketones, so we can understand their physiology and relation to weight loss and health, and be able to read about it and follow the “evolution of knowledge” in this field.

Ketones bodies are produced in the liver + brain cells when your body switches from burning glucose to fat for energy. This happens with a very low carbohydrate intake AND when your diet proteins do not exceed your daily needs, as about 50% CAN be transformed into glucose

Ketones seem to be the body’s favorite source of energy, especially for the brain but also for muscles according to recent studies. We could even say the human body was designed to work on ketones, not glucose. If your body ‘runs on ketones”, your daily needs for glucose goes down to 30 g (mainly for red blood cells and a few brain cells). This glucose can easily be produced by glucogenesis from proteins in the liver, and with glycerol from dietary fat + adipose tissues. YES, 20 % of fat can by transformed into glucose. If you eat 100 g of fat per day, you can produce 20 g glucose!!!

It seems measuring ketones bodies is a useful tool, as it is the only “physiologic way” your can know if your body can burn excess fat. Dr. Atkin’s himself knew it and recent studies are proving it again. So let’s see what WE can do about it.

First, we have learned with years the measurement of ketones bodies in the URINE seems NOT reliable as results can vary upon your actual hydration (dilution or concentration), your ketosis status in the last few days (it is not an instant process) and, of course, your level of physical activity.

The most reliable way to know if you are in optimal ketosis (between 1.5 and 3 mmol/l), is to measure them in the blood. If you have a good budget, you can purchase a testing device + strips and do it at home but it is extremely expensive (2.50 – 5.00 $ per strip).

After reading about ketones and blood sugar, I realized another way to estimate if you are in ketosis. But don’t get my wrong, this is an approximation; but, still, it seems reliable: BECAUSE ketones can only produced when your blood sugar is LOW, measuring this last one can give you an hint. If your blood sugar is above 90, your chances being in ketosis are much lower then if you are under 90 and stay there INCLUDING ONE HOUR AFTER A MEAL.

And how can we get our glucose to stay under 90 after a meal? First do a ZC diet (easy!) then be sure your are NOT doing high-protein meals, which is not that easy on ZC… I know. The trick being you should know your MINIMAL daily protein needs (to maintain your lean body mass), then you divide the amount into 3 or 4 daily meals. This way, you reduce your chance of glucogenesis, which can kick you out of ketosis.

To measure your blood sugar, you can buy online a NOVA MAX BLOOD GLUCOMETER for 16$ and a box of 100 strips (.30 $/strip), which is quite affordable.

Finally, the healthy blood ketone level of 1.5-3 of a KETOSE DIET is very different form the ACIDOKETOSIS status of diabetics. To avoid confusion (especially in the LC world), it has been redefined as “HIGH KETONES BODIES IN THE BLOOD and BLOOD SUGAR OVER 250”. So don’t let anyone put you down with the risk of a ketone diet.

Anyway, I will write more about the subject as I just ordered a blood ketones measuring device!!!


Thursday, March 28, 2013

3/28/2013 - The Zen of Zero Carb

Greetings Friends, My Spirits couldn't be better and my Energy is on the rise.

Where should I start? Where should I end? Is there really  a start and an end? OK, Dave has gone to the deep end (again) .......... or has he? He has indeed!!!

Do I sound like the Joker of the old hit "Batman" "Riddle me this"?  HA!

Actually this is not joke at all it is serious, yes my Friends and Family serious as a Heart Attack.............

Heart attack you say? Yes, yes indeed. If some of us keep on the track we have been most our lives we are indeed on the road to a heart attack or some other form of disease or condition. Something that may have been avoided by a simple good Way Of Eating.

Now let me focus on a recent comment:

Hi Dave,
As they say in Buddhism, there is no end to desire! As a culture we are trained to believe that more is better, especially food. But more food inside us, once we are satisfied, is really a waste. And the truth is, most of us are over-fueling our bodies and then the body has no choice but to store the excess as fat. YOU have done so well to transform yourself, you are a true inspiration!! Cheers, Sally

A simple comment yes? A simple comment NO!!! Sally, first of all THANK YOU! Second of all WOW, what a powerful comment. 
"There is no end to desire"

What a Powerful statement indeed........... yes I like the word "indeed", so sue me........Anyhow with my little brain I can see how Sally's comment shows us how many of us, me included, use this "desire" to harm ourselves by overeating or how she so wonderfully put it "Over-fueling" our bodies..............

................. How can we Turn the Tide and use this "desire" to help us...ah, Dave has been doing his homework or has he? 

Look-it: The bottom line is that we all make decisions: The Good. The Bad and the Ugly. If you are like me I have more Bad and Ugly decisions in my LIFE. Yes I do or is that yes indeed!!! So where do we go from here you may ask. 

Now lets take a look at what Sally has brought to our attention DESIRE. Why not DESIRE ourselves with a oh so GORGEOUS BODY or more oh so Gorgeous HEALTH............. can health be gorgeous? Sure why not. 

Bottom Line (part 2): Take that DESIRE by the throat and make it push you in the right direction. Do it anyway you can. Never lose hope, Never give in, most of all NEVER GIVE UP! You can't, your life depends on it...........

Have a Healthy Day my Friends, New Friends (Sally) and Family. The choice is yours, it always has been and always will be. Move forward and don't look back. Tomorrow is gone forever: Live, Learn and Love to the fullest. Life is too short on planet Earth. Live Long, Be Strong and Always, Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er Love Your LIFE



Today's menu:

*Morning Fast:
 Plain Black Coffee

*1st Meal:
3 oz  Fatty Beef Brisket

*2nd meal:
Bulletproof Coffee (2 T of Butter)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

3/27/2013 - Hello Sunshine

Greetings all, my Spirits and Energy level is good.

OK, so I have been seriously thinking all things Zero Carb (ZC). All you say? Yes all things. Right, anyway all things I eat or drink. I am trying to go back to the basics at least Monday thru Friday. Then expand my (ZC) menu a little on the weekend to break it up.

I am still having a time of it with portion control. I can actually get by on very little if it has high fat content. The problem is............ YES THERE IS A PROBLEM................ sometimes I can't control myself. Sucks I know. Hey I like to eat. I go beyond being satisfied because I enjoy the food I am eating. It is not a matter of feeling full. I just need to stop when I am satisfied. Easy..yes?? Easy no.....hell no! Oops I forgot this is a PG blog. Sorry. HA!

This is the proverbial cross I bear. OK.... not lighting bolts.... I must be OK. Hey this is not all the time, it is just time to time. I just want it to go away. Eat, be happy and move on. I don't think I am asking too much. So that is what I really need to grasp and put into play every day.

OK time for a nice glass of wine...............................

Have a Great day my Friends and Family. Fight the Good Fight and always Battle On!!!

(ZC) Seize the Day



Today's menu:

1st meal

  • Plain black coffee
  • 3 oz  Fatty Beef Brisket
2nd meal:

  • 1 boiled egg
  • small portion of jalapeno & cheese summer sausage

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I hope some of you already got this new variation of the bulletproof coffee so dear to David. If not, here it is: THE BULLETPROOF CHOCOLATE DRINK !!!

The IDEA is simple: instead of coffee, after boiling a cup of water, you add a “small” teaspoon of unsweetened cacao powder + the usual butter quantity you enjoy and then, up, in the blender until you have a thick foamy buttery chocolate layer ON TOP. I use a "Magic Bullet" blender to do mine.

The carbs in there are extremely low; I estimate somewhere around .5 g. which is about what you get in an egg. Note that chocolate do contain some fiber….

I do NOT advice any sweetener but this depends on your personal approach to ZC and +/- your sugar addiction level. Anyway, the chocolate taste is very nice and the butter replaces largely the sugar.

If you are more adventurous, you can prepare yourself a half coffee/half chocolate drink. Different and interesting when you are in the mood for a change…

Finally, I noted many folks are now adding to the butter, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil to their bulletproof drinks and the results seems great. For myself, I prefer pushing on the butter (1-1/2 to 2 tablespoons for a large coffee). It is all a question of personal taste.



Monday, March 25, 2013

3/25/2013 - Better Late Than Never....Really?

Greetings all. My Spirits and Energy levels are on the up and up.

Yes I said I would post what can I say? I just did not have the time or did I?? No, I truly did not. I am deep into a project that will take me into the end of August 2013. It is literally eating all my free time. What is it? I really wanted to keep it private. Only a hand full of folks know ..... but I have been thinking just to "tell all". It really is not a big deal in a sense, or is it?

So this journey through Zero Carb has taken me to HIGH and low Places. Mostly high, mostly. So where am I now? I am at the point of re-dedication to continue my quest for good if not Great Health!!! What do I mean by that cryptic message? What indeed!!!

"Dave the man of MYSTERY" coming to a theater near you. Make sure to look a your local listings for dates and times. Right?? Jeez times 100!!!

Ya know, considering my age = almost 50 yrs old, this is still NEW/OLD for me. Shazam another great insight from Dave............HA!

No really, I wish I could be clear, but sometimes I...........

OK, enough of that mess......... the show must go on!!! Go on indeed! So what is the topic of today? None really. Just...... yes there is a "just" involved. Am I making senses? OK I am totally confused, what point was I trying to make anyway???

Once again I see in my not so far future: men in white uniforms chasing me with giant butterfly nets...................

Breathe In.....Breathe Out......Breathe In.....Breathe Out......Breathe In.....Breathe Out...... OK I did that 3 times so I should be clear, crisp and calm. Yes I am.

Are we there yet? Yes, I am back to my old self....really! Right, like I was saying before I interpreted myself, I am at a point of re-dedication. It is too easy to take things for granted. I want to be on this Journey with the same ZEAL and Enthusiasm that I had not that long ago. I have let work and other endeavors sort of steer me away.  For now I am back to the basics:

  • Fatty Beef Brisket
  • Water
  • Plain Black Coffee (basic for me, sometimes bulletproof coffee)
This is basic for me. Can I eat other Zero Carb foods? Yes I sure can and will on occasion. But for my everyday regulate meals will consist of what I listed. 

Weekends may consist of Steaks, Burgers, Bacon, Eggs, Seafood and so on and on. Exercise.... I am not there yet. Yes I want to do some simple stretching and light weight lifting and some Kung Fu moves (oh brother) but, I am not there yet. 

Did I just say a whole lot of nothing....... you be the judge.

Have a Healthy Day my Friends and Family. Gone, but not Forgotten. Make your daily choices count, day after day after day........... Fight the Good Fight and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er Just Call Out my Name...



Saturday, March 23, 2013


This is a question I get often: should we eat our meat RAW and, if yes, why should we do it?

We all had the chance to read about the subject; from “raw foodists” to “paleo folks”, eating raw meat is a very hot topic nowadays. But still, it is not easy to make an opinion in the ocean of information we get so I will try to put some of them together so you get a clearer image.

Maybe you will decide to stop reading right here as you surely know a RAW RIB-EYE steak is nothing interesting especially chewing on the uncooked fat (…) compare to biting in the juiciness of a grill one. You probably had to change so much your WOE on ZC, putting aside a lot of “serious food pleasures” since then, you may decide there is a limit to what you are willing to do, AGAIN… And this is all OK.

Let’s first settle the case of pork and poultry: they need to be cooked, even if we are beginning to serve “ lightly cooked pink pork” in restaurant, which is nothing really interesting in my opinion. In the case of fish and seafood, the lemon juice, vinegar or any acid you will use to prepare/marinate them will take care of “cooking the proteins”. 

What we will talk here is mainly red meat like beef, veal or lamb.
I will immediately eliminate the “gourmet delicacies” that include raw meat as, for example, BEEF CARPACCIO or BEEF TARTAR, as they wouldn’t have any sense prepared in any other way.

So let’s look at the reasons that could encourage us to eat raw red meat and other reasons that could prevent us from doing so.

The nutrition value between raw and cooked meat is different, especially if you consider the proteins. Some cooking methods are worst then others as high heat and/or long exposition “denature” the said proteins. Clearly, here, we are loosing nutrients, especially in the fantastic and complete array of essential amino acids content of meat as, when the proteins are destroyed, they cannot perform their physiological role in the human body, which means they become useless. The other big concern is these “denatured proteins” are no more considered as food in the body and so, they trigger an immune response, the road to inflammation. Interestingly, white cells blood count does goes up if measured after eating cooked meat which means your body is reacting to an “invader”…

Another big concern with cooking meat is the loss of the vitamin content. As you all know, we were brainwash to believe that we need to eat vegetable and fruits “to get our daily vitamins” but meat is, contrarily to what most people think, a rich sources of vitamins. It contains good quantities of vitamin A and D, which are great antioxidants, a large array of vitamin B, including B1 (thiamin), B2 (riboflavin) B3 (niacin), B6 (pyridoxine), B9 (folic acid), not forgetting B12 (meat being THE best source of vitamin B12 and it is NOT FOUND in the vegetal world…). Meat do also contain, against the mainstream belief, some vitamin C; that is, sadly, very heat sensitive...

Another big concern about cooking meat is the lost of liquid during the process. This can be translated into loss of minerals, including valuable iron and zinc, phosphorus, copper and precious selenium.

But the most important negative effect of cooking meat is the formation of AMINES, especially heterocyclic amines and polycyclic hydrocarbons. They are formed when muscle meat is cooked using high-temperature such as pan frying or grilling over an open flame. Sadly, these amines formation is what gives grilled meat its great taste as it SIMULATES brain neurotransmitters and STIMULATES pleasure centers…

The amines are known mutagenic molecules, that is, they cause changes in DNA that increase the risk of cancer. The cooking method is important as well as the “doneness” level, but whatever you do, above 300 F, some amines will be produced. Well-done, grilled or barbecued meat will contain a lot of amines.

Luckily, they can be diminish by avoiding exposure to open flame or hot metal surfaces, by reducing the cooking time or using a microwave to partially cook the meat before exposure to hot temperature. Other solutions include flipping the meat over many times during cooking, or removing the charred portions before eating and refraining from using sauces made with meat drippings.

But cooking still has beneficial effects as it helps destroying any microbes on the surface of meat, which can be of big concern in many countries but also it everyday hamburgers. It also helps digestibility by breaking down collagen, tenderizing any “non muscle” parts meat such as ligaments if you purchased low cost cuts.

Be careful when reading studies saying meat is bad for you as they also include “processed meat” in their statistics. The same for the association of meat and bowel cancer: it has been proven wrong many times by mega-studies.

Conclusion: meat is a very nutritious food items but overcooking can reduce these qualities and even cause some negative effects on our health.

Suggestion: if you are not into “raw meat”, try first a nice BEEF CARPACCIO. It should do the trick!!!


Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I am sorry I could not post in the recent days but I was busy helping this next-door couple since Monday night as the wife called me for help when she discovered her husband lying unconscious on the floor…

An hour later, a CT SCAN confirmed this man had a huge brain hemorrhage with total paralysis of the right side of his body and complete loss of speech.  He got a brain surgery and he is still in intensive care. Age: 55 years old…

The worst thing being he was “trying” since some time to do ZC to loose weight and get his blood pressure + blood sugar under control... while refusing categorically to take any medication prescribe by his doctor for theses health issues...

After talking with the wife, I discovered while having all his nice daily ZC “fat + meat”, which "he enjoyed pretty much" she admitted, he would also have some chips, cans of sweet tea and fruit juices... 


Which brings up another IMPORTANT rule about ZC: 


ZC asks for no compromise. Which is, probably, why it is works so well.


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