Monday, March 25, 2013

3/25/2013 - Better Late Than Never....Really?

Greetings all. My Spirits and Energy levels are on the up and up.

Yes I said I would post what can I say? I just did not have the time or did I?? No, I truly did not. I am deep into a project that will take me into the end of August 2013. It is literally eating all my free time. What is it? I really wanted to keep it private. Only a hand full of folks know ..... but I have been thinking just to "tell all". It really is not a big deal in a sense, or is it?

So this journey through Zero Carb has taken me to HIGH and low Places. Mostly high, mostly. So where am I now? I am at the point of re-dedication to continue my quest for good if not Great Health!!! What do I mean by that cryptic message? What indeed!!!

"Dave the man of MYSTERY" coming to a theater near you. Make sure to look a your local listings for dates and times. Right?? Jeez times 100!!!

Ya know, considering my age = almost 50 yrs old, this is still NEW/OLD for me. Shazam another great insight from Dave............HA!

No really, I wish I could be clear, but sometimes I...........

OK, enough of that mess......... the show must go on!!! Go on indeed! So what is the topic of today? None really. Just...... yes there is a "just" involved. Am I making senses? OK I am totally confused, what point was I trying to make anyway???

Once again I see in my not so far future: men in white uniforms chasing me with giant butterfly nets...................

Breathe In.....Breathe Out......Breathe In.....Breathe Out......Breathe In.....Breathe Out...... OK I did that 3 times so I should be clear, crisp and calm. Yes I am.

Are we there yet? Yes, I am back to my old self....really! Right, like I was saying before I interpreted myself, I am at a point of re-dedication. It is too easy to take things for granted. I want to be on this Journey with the same ZEAL and Enthusiasm that I had not that long ago. I have let work and other endeavors sort of steer me away.  For now I am back to the basics:

  • Fatty Beef Brisket
  • Water
  • Plain Black Coffee (basic for me, sometimes bulletproof coffee)
This is basic for me. Can I eat other Zero Carb foods? Yes I sure can and will on occasion. But for my everyday regulate meals will consist of what I listed. 

Weekends may consist of Steaks, Burgers, Bacon, Eggs, Seafood and so on and on. Exercise.... I am not there yet. Yes I want to do some simple stretching and light weight lifting and some Kung Fu moves (oh brother) but, I am not there yet. 

Did I just say a whole lot of nothing....... you be the judge.

Have a Healthy Day my Friends and Family. Gone, but not Forgotten. Make your daily choices count, day after day after day........... Fight the Good Fight and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er Just Call Out my Name...




  1. ****
    Hi Dave,
    Glad to see your post...
    Did you get my email???

  2. Hi Anonymous****, I am so sorry I missed your email. I will respond today. I hope all fares well with you.



  3. nice to see you back dave!




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