Thursday, March 28, 2013

3/28/2013 - The Zen of Zero Carb

Greetings Friends, My Spirits couldn't be better and my Energy is on the rise.

Where should I start? Where should I end? Is there really  a start and an end? OK, Dave has gone to the deep end (again) .......... or has he? He has indeed!!!

Do I sound like the Joker of the old hit "Batman" "Riddle me this"?  HA!

Actually this is not joke at all it is serious, yes my Friends and Family serious as a Heart Attack.............

Heart attack you say? Yes, yes indeed. If some of us keep on the track we have been most our lives we are indeed on the road to a heart attack or some other form of disease or condition. Something that may have been avoided by a simple good Way Of Eating.

Now let me focus on a recent comment:

Hi Dave,
As they say in Buddhism, there is no end to desire! As a culture we are trained to believe that more is better, especially food. But more food inside us, once we are satisfied, is really a waste. And the truth is, most of us are over-fueling our bodies and then the body has no choice but to store the excess as fat. YOU have done so well to transform yourself, you are a true inspiration!! Cheers, Sally

A simple comment yes? A simple comment NO!!! Sally, first of all THANK YOU! Second of all WOW, what a powerful comment. 
"There is no end to desire"

What a Powerful statement indeed........... yes I like the word "indeed", so sue me........Anyhow with my little brain I can see how Sally's comment shows us how many of us, me included, use this "desire" to harm ourselves by overeating or how she so wonderfully put it "Over-fueling" our bodies..............

................. How can we Turn the Tide and use this "desire" to help us...ah, Dave has been doing his homework or has he? 

Look-it: The bottom line is that we all make decisions: The Good. The Bad and the Ugly. If you are like me I have more Bad and Ugly decisions in my LIFE. Yes I do or is that yes indeed!!! So where do we go from here you may ask. 

Now lets take a look at what Sally has brought to our attention DESIRE. Why not DESIRE ourselves with a oh so GORGEOUS BODY or more oh so Gorgeous HEALTH............. can health be gorgeous? Sure why not. 

Bottom Line (part 2): Take that DESIRE by the throat and make it push you in the right direction. Do it anyway you can. Never lose hope, Never give in, most of all NEVER GIVE UP! You can't, your life depends on it...........

Have a Healthy Day my Friends, New Friends (Sally) and Family. The choice is yours, it always has been and always will be. Move forward and don't look back. Tomorrow is gone forever: Live, Learn and Love to the fullest. Life is too short on planet Earth. Live Long, Be Strong and Always, Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er Love Your LIFE



Today's menu:

*Morning Fast:
 Plain Black Coffee

*1st Meal:
3 oz  Fatty Beef Brisket

*2nd meal:
Bulletproof Coffee (2 T of Butter)


  1. very nice post dave. i love brisket and bulletproof coffee. sally has it right and i stay focused and keep my desires on better health.


  2. Sadly, "desire" can be translated into "desire for a brain chemical rush" as it is demonstrated when we craved alcohol, a cigar, coffee, sugar or simply food, we are craving for a "dopamine and endorphin rush"…

    I like the "desire for better health" attitude…..!!!!


  3. Desire can lead to a lot of things. I guess it is all how you look at food. I see it as fuel, but I also can't help loving the taste of certain things such as a grilled Rib eye steak.


  4. Wow, thanks Dave for highlighting my comment on desire. We all desire optimal health and to feel our best - it's so important to overall happiness!! I really enjoy your blog and your optimism in taking steps to improve your improve your health. I have trained my stomach to be a smaller stomach which is satisfied with less food. A smaller stomach is the gift that keeps on giving!! Cheers, Sally



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