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We read more and more about the existence of a “toxic environment”in relation of nowadays epidemic of obesity. For many researchers, and even in the LC world, it is still a controversy as this would take OUT human responsibility for any weight problem. But as ZC’s, we already know the strong effects of cutting carbohydrate in our diet so, clearly, what we eat has a important role to play.

But still, we have the duty to ask ourselves about the existence and effect of such a toxic environment.

I am not talking here about the “toxicity of food” and I hope that as “advanced ZC’s”, we have already figured eating CLEAN, UNPROCESSED AND NATURAL FOODS is essential.  What I am referring is all these substances, natural or artificial, substances foreign to our body and that, sadly, are part of our daily life. They accumulate with time and since many of them are lipophilic, they happily invade our adipose tissue and disturb their secretion of obesity/diabetes-related hormones.

The best example would be the estrogens.

The problem with estrogens is not the estrogens themselves but our body receptors that hooks to them quite easily, as it seems they are not very “picky” about the source or quality of this hormone. And so, our receptors can get wild on MINIMAL stimulation.

Estrogens are found everywhere from water supply to soap, shampoo and cosmetics, as in many other products that we encounter every day. The worst being the Bisphenol-A or BPA, a substance released any time an acid touches a plastic bottle. I don’t need to describe how these bottles are part of our life… Interestingly, we may dose blood level of BPA, and the more one has, the higher his Body Mass Index.

One big effect of all this “exterior stimulation” of our endocrine system is the stimulation of fat cell differentiation, which means weight gain. It was believed that our fat cell numbers was fix for our lifetime. If they were numerous, we were at risk to get fat more easily. But recent studies showed it was wrong and fat cells do multiply. Lucky for them… bad news for us...

I cannot go on without mentioning the most important source of estrogens nowadays: soy products. They are everywhere, INCLUDING the beef patties of any fast-food hamburger, all of them containing 30% fillers in the form of soy flour…  Anyway, a brilliant study done in the USA showed the “real meat content” of commercial hamburgers is not more then 12%. Do I need to comment more?

Let’s continue with an easy one: SMOKING AND AIR POLLUTION. The chemicals we inhale every day including second hand smoking, correlates directly with obesity, diabetes and ASTHMA on a worldwide basis. Studies have demonstrated living near highways is a factor to develop both three problems. The level of air quality of a child that lives within 150 meters from a road correlates DIRECTLY with his Body Mass Index.

Another big actor in this toxic environment is the PHTHALATES, a substances that renders plastic soft and pliable. Go and smell your shower curtain; this is what phthalates smells like. They are on coatings of pills, nutrition supplements even kid’s toys. If you measure them in the blood, they correlate to adiposity and insulin resistance. And the same is true about many pesticides, especially ORGANOCHLORINES that are largely used. Add this to the cancerous hazards of these chemicals and you have a bomb.

Finally, INFECTIONS are also part of the scene. There is an adenovirus, one that gives a common cold, has the ability to ATTACK and TAKE OVER your fat cells, which means you will “fill them in” more easily. When we identify the passage of this virus in the blood of obese folks, they are 35 lbs. heavier then non-infected one.

Interestingly, the effects of this toxic environment begin even before you are born; meaning the chemicals your mother was exposed to already change part of your metabolism.

So as ZC’s, what can we do about this toxic environment?

We all have this dream of a “prefect, clean and untouched world” but reality is different. We have to accept, at least partly, that we are living in industrialized countries and we enjoy all its commodities from car to cell phone, from frozen foods to computers. So maybe we have to accept these extra pounds refusing to melt even on a 100% well done ZC diet???

But this does not mean we have to accept things the way they are. Checking the ingredient content in every day products we use is an option, AS EASY AS USING LESS OF THEM; which is, at the end, not a big deal for a lot of health GAIN… and maybe a lot of fat LOSS …



  1. ****
    Great post Denis,
    I really enjoy reading your insightful postings and look forward to them.
    My ZC life is basically ribeyes and ground beef that I grill at home. On occasion when stuck out and about and the need to eat hits, I head to a Wendy's if I can find one and order the triple w bacon and tell them emphatically that I would please like just the meat and bacon in a container with nothing else. It is a satisfying meal when I can't be home to eat. I was concerned when I read your soy fillers in burgers observation and wanted to check what Wendy's has in their burgers... According to the Wendy's website....the ingredients listed for the hamburger patty is "ground beef, salt"
    I'm sure it would have to list the soy if it were an additive since it is an allergen for some people. I don't eat them more than maybe a few times a year, but nice to know Wendy's seems to not have the fillers

  2. I am glad you are enjoy reading the posts. I try my best to keep things simple and informative.

    Also happy to know about Wendy's hamburgers. Anyway, if it is only an occasional thing, I believe the consequences would be, anyway, very minimal. It could be compared to when our ancestors caught nothing during hunt and had to eat some roots to survive…

    But as you say so well, your life of rib eyes and ground beef is the way to go!!!!!!




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