Monday, April 22, 2013


I recently crossed an article about a powerful antioxidant that I had no idea about, an antioxidant that can be founded easily in a human diet, but in a diet that NEEDS to respond to one important condition: it must contain MEAT.

This antioxidant is called CARNOSINE and is NOT found in food of plant origins. This is why CARNOSINE comes from MEAT sources and it’s name sounds so much like CARNIVOROUS…

Sadly, not so many studies were done on this substance; but, interestingly, these studies gave impressive results.

For example, in a group of old folks with cataracts, supplements of CARNOSINE taken for 6 months improved severe cataracts by 80 % AND, in the case of light to moderate cataracts, the improvement went up to 100%. If these are not excellent results, what are they?

The nice thing, if you are on a Zero Carb diet is you will get plenty of CARNOSINE. This antioxidant is made from the combination of 2 amino acids, alanine and histidine, which are especially concentrated in MUSCLE meat.

Now, aren’t you happy you have been doing your all-animal product diet since so long? Enjoy the moment; make it last; never forget about it. This is probably the best decision you have taken in your life.

CARNOSINE has been proven to “scavenge” reactive oxygen species (body’s oxidized and feared molecules) and so, it fights against oxidation of delicate UNSATURATED fats in cell membranes. It also helps opposing glycation (bounding of glucose or fructose to protein or fat), source of the AGEs molecules (Advanced Glycation Endproducts), these substances responsible for production of pro-inflammatory and disease-initiating compounds causing cardiovascular pathologies, diabetes, macular degeneration and much other age-related pathology such as skin wrinkles or arthritis.

Recently, it was also showed CARNOSINE fights against AGEs of ALL sources, even if they are produced inside the body OR coming from outside origins such as in food items.

Antioxidant CARNOSINE prevents cancer initiation in the body by fighting against acrylamide compounds in our diet, another wicked byproduct of glycation formed when sugar is added to bake goods to enhance browning or caramelization (processes highly used in pastries and soda). CARNOSINE also protects the liver against alcohol and fructose abuse, along with being very helpful in repairing brain stroke damages and havocs of numerous neurodegenerative conditions.

Finally, and not the least, it was reported CARNOSINE improves AUTISM, especially socialization and receptive vocabulary of affected children.

Don’t you think now more pieces of the puzzle of Zero Carb are beginning to fit together?

Certainly, it makes a NICE change to read about antioxidant CARNOSINE and its meat origins, compare to watching all these marketing adds from the agro-business about the unique (!!!???!!!) properties of “blueberries, beans or buttersquash”……!!!!!


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