Monday, April 8, 2013


I thought it would have been sort of difficult for me to get into full ketosis on ZC, but it seems this WOE does the trick quite well. Since I got my “ketone measuring device”, I did some random testing and I was always between the 1 and 3 mmol/l ketosis level.

Of course, this means I did have to forget about these “all-u-can-eat meals” here. Only SMALL PORTIONS OF PROTEINS + A LOT OF FAT does the trick. “No exceptional discovery here” you would comment. But, still, I noticed two important changes.

First, when I say “A LOT OF FAT”, I do mean it. As long as I get my minimum daily proteins and DO NOT GO OVER MY MAXIMUM LIMIT TO PROTECT MY LEAN BODY MASS, it seems an “all-u-can-eat-FAT-buffet” is on the menu. I noticed, a few days in a row, my weight was stable even with all that fat which means, interestingly, even with “over the top” calories intake, I did not gain one ounce.

The good thing being in ketosis means, some days, I can easily jump a meal without hunger pans, or just eat a little, and THEN I can see a change of weight.

Secondly, and this seems to be the greatest benefit of full ketosis, my health condition, my mental capacities and my overall wellbeing are at max. All my life I suffered from severe sleeping problems but in ketosis, I go rapidly into deep sleep and even if I wake up in the night, I feel like if I had taken medication and I fall asleep in no second. What a nice feeling!!! Mentally, I feel totally focus and my mood is, well, let say, just fantastic. Which certainly goes with the concept ketones are the “brain’s favorite energy source” contrarily to the popular saying you need exclusively glucose to make your neurons working…

Maybe FULL KETOSIS is not the fastest way to loose weight but it seems an EASY WAY to loose some of it and a GOOD WAY not to gain some back.

Our body was designed to work on ketones, not glucose. Our metabolism requires us to eat fat, a lot of it, not only lean proteins.

It is that simple; we just need to feed our body with what it is REALLY designed to be fed!!!


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