Saturday, May 4, 2013


In a recent post, I blogged about antioxidant CARNOSINE which can ONLY by find in animal products. Adding it to Vitamin A, D, E and K, and the array of vitamin B especially Vitamin B12 found exclusively in meat and eggs, I think we have good arguments the animal world provides excellent nutrition for humans.

But now, we can add to this another powerful antioxidant, named CARNITINE. This is a serious matter as a recent study published in the MAYO CLINIC PROCEEDINGS of April 2013 showed this molecule has fantastic effects on our body: from a reduction in all-cause death rate to serious decrease in hearth problems such as angina, arrhythmia, to heart failure and re-infarction, the combination of amino acids lysine and methionine, make up the one of a kind molecule called CARNITINE.

Interestingly, this study is a meta-analysis of 13 control trials with CARNITINE, which included a substantial number of patients. When researches are made and conclusions are ALL the same, the chance the discovery is not only a coincidence but a RELIABLE fact gets stronger.

Of course, the interesting thing here is antioxidant CARNITINE is highly concentrated in meat: the richest food sources being beef, pork and lamb, containing on average 81 mg CARNITINE per serving. On the “plant food” side, most of items of this origin have none or only little CARNITINE, the avocados having the highest source but, still, provides only a small 2 mg per serving.

Yes, meat is a rich source of nutrition and is the only thing one needs to ingest to be strong and healthy.

Before finishing, I would like to mention another fascinating research: it is a clinical study, which means it is not only observational stuff, where subjects ingested a MEAT diet with no antioxidant of the plant world for a period of 2-1/2 months. Note it is a fairly long period compared to many "2 weeks studies" in nutrition, unreliable durations to observe any impact on health.

So the subjects, during a 10 weeks period, with a diet devoid of fruit and vegetable and any other source of antioxidant EXCEPT what meat can provide, saw a DECREASE in oxidative damage to DNA, proteins and lipids and so, could benefit of a MARKED increase in the oxidative defenses of their body.

This way, to antioxidant CARNOSINE, we can now add antioxidant CARNITINE to the list of the good stuff largely find in a Zero Carb diet. I hope you have noted how CARNOSINE and CARNITINE resembles the word CARNIVOROUS...

When I was a teen, one of my old aunt use to say to me: “Denis, you study too much… let me serve you a good steak, it will provide extra strength to your body”. Surely, she had no idea of all these studies, but she was right all the way!!!



  1. dennis, did i miss it or did you put the serving size of the meat for the 81 grams of carnitine? we learn more and more of the miracle of meat. you had a wise aunt, it is funny how lots of people dismiss the wisdom of our elders.


    1. I went back to the articles and they do not specify what is a "serving size" for the 81 grams of Carnitine. Usually, a serving of meat in the "traditional nutrition language" is between 3 to 4 ounces but since on Zero Carb we do eat much more, our daily intake of Carnitine must be quite high. Which certainly explain some of the good results we do have…!!!


  2. Very good report Denis. We may never know all the good things in meat. I really don't care, I just eat it and benefit from the nutrition it gives my body. Sandy

  3. You are so right and it will probably take some time before we really know ALL the nutrition value of meat.

    But I do think if we had to compare any food item from the plant world to any piece of meat, the winner would be the meat, as it has a complete array of amino acids, a huge selection of vitamins and mineral, PLUS a lot of antioxidants as we know now.

    Any person on a vegetarian diet needs to have a lot of notions on nutrition not to get into deficiencies… and even then, they often occur. When they could easily eat meat… and never get into any problem…!!!


  4. Hi Denis, Wow the things your learn about meat. Jeez!!! It is pack full of goodness and some we did not even know we were enjoying all along. More and more we are seeing that we were built to eat meat. It has everything we need to survive or should I say live and live good if not great!!!





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