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I would like to answer this question without writing pages and say here, right now: “YES IT IS!” And, luckily, I wouldn’t have to argue with a lot of folks on this blog…

But since you are here and reading, I think I have to add more and explain why and animal-based diet is probably the best-suited diet for humans.

I am not sure I want to discuss about the capacities of our body digesting foods of plant origins and if it was designed for it, so, yes, I will say it: we can digest “some of them” but I will immediately add “they are not a necessity”; they are more the kind of stuff we may ingest when there is nothing else available. It is more a “survival skill” then anything else.

Interestingly, anthropological studies confirm, we, humans, NEVER willingly adopted, I mean only by choice of taste, an all-plant diet; it was always done be necessity except, as you know, in the recent decades. But I will not insist on the “why” this happened. Life is too short…

I think the best way to understand why an animal-based diet is ideal for us is to look at what it PROVIDES compared to what a plant-based diet does NOT. This brings up the concept of “critical nutrients”, these being the precious molecules we can ONLY nourish our body while eating animal products.

The best example is Vitamin B12. Our body CANNOT produce it and only animal food can provide it, especially meat, fish and eggs. The main consequences of any deficiency of B12 is anemia, mental disorders including memory loss and, in kids, development of smaller brains. Sadly, many older folks diagnosed with Alzheimer disease, in reality, only suffer from a B12 deficiency that could easily be cured eating meat. Sadly, some brain damage can become irreversible.

Another good example of precious nutriments found ONLY in an all-meat diet is Vitamin D. This main source of this vitamin SHOULD be transformation from our skin cholesterol exposure to sun. This being said, we NEED the sun exposure and it has to be on a regular basis (at least once a week). Sadly, many of us live in northern countries and places where sun is available all year around, folks are now using sunscreens and any SFP protection over 15 stops production of Vitamin D by 98%...

There is 2 types of vitamin D in medical literature: D2 and D3. Note that D3 can only be produce from our skin or originate from animal sources, while D2 comes from plants. AND, please do note, there is still controversy if D2 can fully substitute D3 in the human diet. So don’t be fools about plants sources of Vitamin D…

Lacking vitamin D can be disastrous. From osteoporosis to hearth diseases, it can initiate cancer, affect the immune system and cause cognitive impairment. It is mainly known for absorption of calcium and phosphate.

The best animal sources are eggs, fatty fish and liver. And, let’s never forget: butter does contain a good amount of Vitamin D!!!

Interestingly, if you Google “food sources of vitamin D’ be prepare to find: cereals, milk and orange juice in the list. But, again, don’t be fools; in reality, they all contain ZERO vitamin D in their original form, as they are all “fortified” with artificially produced vitamin D…

If we continue in the list of the “critical nutrients” only find in animal food, we come now to Omega 3. This is an essential fatty acids our body cannot produce and it comes in 2 forms: DHA and EPA, but DHA is the most important.

Omega 3 is very important in brain functioning as it makes most of the lipids in this organ. It has also been proven important fighting depression and nowadays, psychiatrist largely prescribes it to depress patients.

The best sources are, again, fish, eggs, dairy products and meat. Grass-fed beef do contain more then cereal-fed but when you look at numbers, the difference is not that much and I note there is a trend to exaggerate the qualities of grass-fed meat. I am not arguing against it, I am just citing a fact.

You will read that plant food, especially flaxseed, is a rich source of “plant omega 3”. But again, note it comes in the form of ALA that needs to be transform into DHA (functional omega 3) in our body to be useful and studies are showing we are quite ineffective doing the job...

Another interesting nutrients only find in meat is CREATINE. It is well know by body-builders to grow up muscles. I will not insist here on Creatine as I will be the subject of a coming post.

Finally, other precious stuff only find in an all-meat diet are the antioxidants CARNITINE and CARNOSINE. But as they were the subjects of recent posts, I will refer you to them if you want to get any extra information about one or both.

To end this post, I hope you noticed how these exceptional nutrients we find in our animal-base diet on Zero Carb, target one big and important organ: the brain. If this doesn’t ring a bell in your head, what would???


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