Saturday, June 1, 2013


I did a big mistake the other day; no, not a big mistake, a huge mistake. And if this was not enough, I repeated my mistake 30 minutes later…

I drank a cappuccino; and it was so good I had to drink a second one.

I must have done this in a moment of total insanity…

The results? I felt very well for about 2 hours; I was on a “high”. Then I began to feel bad… very bad. Then I had a horrible night, not because of the caffeine, because the sumptuous foamy milk created some cravings…

Luckily, some cheese helped me to go through the horrible feeling I suffered. Someone could argue I had some “casein” cravings but I do not really care. The cravings were there and this is the last thing I wanted…

Still, my sad experience had a positive side: I do realize I need a Zero Carb diet and it is more then a necessity, I need it to survive.

Of course, we could discuss the fact my body getting no carbohydrates for a long period of time has become very “carb sensitive”. But sorry, I do not agree with this. Anything that reinitiates some old cravings has to be bad. Give some alcohol to an alcoholic and look at the effect: studies are showing after consumption it takes about 15 minutes to reconnect the brain networks of any dependency by up regulating gene expression.

It is that easy.

And please do take note that I did not have sucrose; I just got some lactose from the milk, which should have taken some time to be transformed into glucose, which only shows how sensitive I am to carbohydrates.

All of this said, it brings up a point, which I think is important: someone may do Zero Carb because he think it is a sensible way to nourish his body, to gain some health. Others will enjoy Zero Carb to control a weight problem and even an eating disorder, but I tell you honestly, I am doing Zero Carb because it is a necessity.

After celebrating 2 strict years on Zero Carb, my “cappuccino experience” just proves how I need to eat this way, and only this way. I felt so crappy and with so much pain, it just reinforces the concept Zero Carb is the way I have to nourish myself at this point of me life, surely my "metabolic life"...

I have spent the last few months writing how Zero Carb is healthy, full of nutritious food items such as vitamins and anti-oxidants, how it brings any metabolism into favourable ketosis, but I think I need to go one step further and stipulate I must eat this way because it is THE ONLY WAY I can eat.

And I do not only need to “cut on sugar and white floor” or “avoid vegetable oils” or even “stay away from processed food” but I have to stay away from all sources of carbohydrates.

No discussion here for me.

OK, I will not argue Zero Carb may not be for everyone as we all have different levels of carbohydrate tolerance, genetically programmed and/or caused by years of carbohydrate consumption, but I will argue “to death” following a Zero Carb diet is for me a necessity.

It is a necessity to maintain health, physically and spiritualy.

So I have “learned again” what I already knew: there is NO WAY OUT of Zero Carb for me.



  1. denis i am so sorry for you. i make a cappuccino every now and then. i just use a little heavy whipping cream whit the steam frother, then i sprinkle a little cinnamon and a little unsweetened coco. i drink one or two a month. you are right zc carb is the only way to eat.


  2. Cappuccinos are a nice treat, but I do enjoy my plain coffee black.I don't ever want to get carvings. It is easier as time goes by. Two years zc is great. Congratulations Denis. Another milestone in your book. -Jane

    1. I do agree with you Jane, the best thing is to avoid allover the risk getting any cravings. And as you say so well, with time it gets sort of easier… but, and I think it is worth to mention, it gets easier to get any "accidental cravings" under control!!!


  3. Thanks for your support Sara!!! And you are right, a little heavy cream would have been a better choice then the huge amount of ultra-pasteurised lactose laden milk of my 2 cappuccino……..

    Luckily, things are since then under control and I stick to my black coffee which I always drink and enjoy since years…

    The nice thing about Zero Carb is the moment you cheat with a little carbohydrates, your body reacts very fast and send you clear signals something is wrong with what you have eaten. I think this is quite neat and probably one of the great quality of this diet. Anyway, all these signals our body sends us were created for a reason… and we have to learn to identify them and react accordingly.


  4. Hi Denis, two years Zero Carb, where has the time gone? It looks like me and you are about back to back with our Zero Carb experience. BTW Jane left a comment and it ended up in the spam folder (sorry Jane). I released it and it is now in the regular comment section.

    I will post soon. Our new Guest Author sent me an email that she will be posting soon. So as soon as I get some INFO I will post an introduction post about her and an update about myself. I want to thank you Denis for keeping the blog alive as I finish up some business. I am eager to start to post on a regular basis.





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