Friday, June 28, 2013


Many thanks to Lisa for bringing up the interesting question about the place of organic meats on a Zero Carb diet. Even if it is not an easy question to answer…

The concept of ORGANIC products is very attractive, as much as for plant material then animal products. It is a sort of dream: eating food items, the purest they can be, void of fungicides, insecticides, weed killers, preservatives, colorings, name it, the list is long. Eating them the way nature has created them, for us, to enjoy and survive.

But is this dream a reality?

Reality being such a decision needs to be based on serious science, at least observational, not only on the concept.

Organic food is generally sold with vague, unsubstantiated claims that they are “safe” food, “healthier” food and more “natural” food. It even has sort of a mystic thing about it that reaches some sensible spots inside us, giving a sense of harmony with the environment, plants, animals and the entire universe… 

Sadly, it is a misconception that buying organic means you are supporting local farmers and more sustainable agriculture. Most of the organic food items in your local supermarket are, nowadays, from big agribusiness that does imports from around the planet where control on quality is largely disputable.

Historically, to be able to sell a product as “organic”, the company had to answer one criterion: having a business address “in the countryside”. Then, with years, when our governments saw it was a big market and big money, they decided to regulate. But as we well know, regulation is not everything…

Amusingly, a few years ago, there was an arrival of organic products in store that came at an impossible speed; the reason being a lot of products on the shelves were already “produced organically”, but nobody knew about it, nor the agribusiness folks, nor the clients. This is why, for example, paprika, which do not need, and never needed, any chemicals to farm, became, from one day to another, labeled as “organic paprika”… with, of course, an higher market price…

Not the least, organic food isn’t any nutritious than conventional food. This is a big point. They do not contain more proteins, more vitamins or minerals. If you have anemia and you eat red meat to get some iron, you will not get more iron from organic meat then from regular meat.

The problem nowadays with food supply is the time it gets to arrive on your plate. And even in a world where things goes faster and faster, our food is taking more and more time to travel from the farm to your kitchen. And this is, sadly, a very bad point for organic stuff. For example, it was discovered on many organic vegetables serious mold growth, molds that are “at high risks’ for human health, simply because they had to travel for days without any applications of “decay preventive substances”… Strangely, they often spray CITRIC ACID as a preservative, which is not a big deal helth wise...

Most interestingly, some farmers refuse to go “organic” especially if they raise animals. The reason being that if they do and their animals get sick, they cannot treat them with any medications because it would be “unorganic”...

As for the taste of organic products, especially meat, according to a German study, there is no gain in flavor, texture or any other aspects. So when you ear folks saying they had an “organic steak” and the flavor was “outstanding”, let yourself have some doubts.

Personally, I think the only food item where there are some scientific reasons to go organic is butter. The reason being animal fats is where all the chemicals accumulate.

For the rest, there are NO studies, whatever, showing organic products are better for human health. The only we can find, are assumptions…



  1. i agree with you denis. the only thing i buy organic is butter. it just tastes better to me. now i know it is actually better for me too. i get so tired of people who don't know anything about zc telling me how unhealthy it is.....

    anyway like dave, i don't eat much. it does not take a lot of fatty beef to fill me up. so i end up eating a lot less that almost anyone i know. all my labs always come out great. shame of those who have closed minds or just don't research before they make wild claims.


  2. I too agree with you Denis, I think people take the organic thing over the top. I just eat the meat I feel like eating at the time. Thanks for the great information. -Jane

    1. I think you have a very good attitude: just eating the meat you feel like having. We were so brainwashed about the "necessity" to eat this and eat that to be healthy…


  3. You are right about one point Sara: you do not eat a lot on Zero Carb because it is filling AND it is a very important aspect because "overeating on ZC" can be a serious problem for some folks...


  4. Denis you are right to the point and I think that is something we all appreciate about your contributions to this blog. I too am not a great advocate of organic meats. I am not against it or for it. If it makes someone happy to buy, go for it. I personally don't see the need. I do appreciate the information on the fats. That is an area I been considering to do and now I just might do so. I have had some organic butter and do find it a bit different. The only thing I found is that it spoils faster than the regular stuff. :-)Cat

  5. Denis and others of this little but delightful blog. To add to Denis's great post I will say that I really feel that organic beef is just a scam. If you want to eat it go ahead, but if you don't want to eat it that's OK too. I really think this organic everything is just a shame. I eat what meats I enjoy and don't over indulge. I really feel most here are on the same page.




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