Saturday, June 22, 2013


First I want to send out a thank you to Dave for asking me to be a contributor to his great blog. And also to Denis for all of his extremely informative posts that I have really enjoyed while Dave is pursuing his educational goals.
I'm honored to join them in the zero carb chronicles.

So here is some background information. I am a 48 yr old mother of 2 teenagers and have been a practicing eye doctor for the past 22 years.  I have a lifelong history of struggling with my weight and carb addiction.  About 9 yrs ago after many attempts at losing weight, eating salads and lean chicken breast, I began reading a lot of books....I started out with The Schwarzbein Principle and cut out sugar and flour and then moved onto Neanderthin by Ray Audette and began eating basically meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds.  I soon found out I could easily binge on dried apricots and roasted nuts.  Then in 2009, while reading on a paleo forum I was on, someone posted a link to Zeroing In On Health and after reading on there for just a day or 2 I decided as I continued to read that I would jump right in and start eating ZC.  It truly has changed my life with hope that I would no longer be a slave to carb cravings and weight issues.  
It has been a journey and everyone's journey is their own experience but I hope to be able to share aspects of my journey that may help others looking for the same Golden Ticket that I feel I have found in this way of eating.


  1. Glad to have you onboard Lisa!!!

    Isn't it amazing how life can change when you adopt a Zero Carb way of eating? I like the way you call it "the Golden Ticket" because this is really what it is!!!

    So let's share our experiences, our questions, our answers, anything we could have learned on this journey that, as you say so well, has truly changed our lives.


  2. glad to read about you lisa. i have read your journal in the past at zioh along with dave's when they were public. i am real fortunate to find this woe at an early age. i don't have a weight problem, but i do eat this way for health reasons and it has been amazing. you are a great inspiration to us all.


  3. Hi Lisa, great to see you here. Zero Carb can be up and down for me. Right now I am doing fine. It is places like this blog with Denis and Dave and now you that help us with this way of eating. -Jane

  4. Lisa nice post, struggles seem common along with great changes in our lives. It took me a long time to break free of carbs. It was like I was addicted. I always refer to carbs as drugs. Having kids at home sure does not make things any easier. I always feel like the stranger in the house. I try to teach them good eating habits and to some degree they understand. At least I have them vlc. :-)Cat



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