Friday, June 7, 2013


I will write today about a very strong and personal experience that is related to doing a Zero Carb diet.

Folks that have been reading me on this blog may have pick up the fact I suffer, since I am 18 years old, of the “Restless Leg Syndrome”.

To make it short, let say it is a disease where “crawling pains” appears in your legs during the evening and night, pain often associated with insomnia and pain for which there no evident cure except occasional and mild relief. 

The strangest thing being the legs themselves show no pathology as it is thought the defect is in one brain center (substansa nigra) where some dopamine is produced. Some medications are available (stuff given for Parkinson disease) but they have serious side effects and they usually stop working after one year, when sufferers end up having even more pain.

Over the years, I have tried everything “in the book” and “outside the book” to find a way to calm down the problem but ALL was unsuccessful.

All this being said, I always hoped changing my diet would helped as I notice when I eat MSG, I have more pain. But on a long run, it seems it was not enough to cure the Restless Leg Syndrome.

But… but we know a KETOGENIC DIET is quite useful in treating neurologic diseases, especially epilepsy in kids. And nowadays, evidence shows it may also help many other neurological pathology such like brain strokes, Alzheimer disease, brain cancer, autism and even diseases like multiple sclerosis. How a Keto Diet works is unclear but we think the basic common problem is an “aberrant energy metabolism” in brain cells and using ketone bodies as an energy source, instead of glucose, do help to correct the imbalance.

As you know, a Zero Carb diet is basically a Ketogenic Diet, if your fats are high enough in your daily regiment and you don’t overdo proteins. And, again, as you may understand, I had great hope my Zero Carb Keto Diet would give me some results.

And it did!!! But it took 2 years of serious Zero Carb…

Now, since more then a month, I am totally free from any symptom of this RLS.

What does amaze me the most is, SOME kids, doing a Keto Diet to treat epilepsy, can STOP the diet after 2 years and they remain free of seizure. It seems using ketones bodies to fuel your brain does restructure the energy metabolism of neurons on a permanent basis which is a process call "neuroplasicity".

Anyway, here I am, after 2 years of Zero Carb Keto Diet and having for the fist time in such a long period, evenings and nights without any pain.

I tried to find on the Web if other folks had the same experience and I founded some comments on a few blogs but not much more. I called a Center treating patients with the Restless Leg Syndrome and they let me talk to one of their doctor. He said he knew about the Keto Diet but had zero knowledge someone ever used it to treat the RLS. He concluded our talk admitting it was very brave of me to do 2 years on such a diet…

So what can I say?

Zero Carb is probably not only about eating no carbohydrate. It is much more as we can see. It is certainly a way to get all the components of the Metabolic Syndrome under control and gain some health, but it seems is also a way to “restructure” a damaged brain… which was probably damaged originally by eating an high carb diet???!!!



  1. Denis,
    I am glad to hear it helped your RLS, I do find it amazing that it takes so long in some ways but look how long you lived with it. Did it sort of sneak up on you and you notice one day that you did not have the problem any more?

  2. I seems the problem vanished from one day to another. Very surprising. I would have expected it would go down slowly in intensity of pain, or duration, or one day on, one day off, something like this. Maybe I have reach a sort of threshold and then the "firering" from the nurons was just turned off.

    Anyway, I am amazed every night to realize around 10-10:30 pm, when the pain used to begin, it is simply not coming back… what a relief!!

    When I think that probably up to 20 % of the population suffers from this Restless leg Syndrome, and all the severe side effects associated with the medication they could take to get some relief, it makes me sad… as they could simply do a Zero Carb diet…




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