Sunday, July 21, 2013

7/21/2013 A Little Update and Some BIG News

Greetings all. My Spirits and Energy levels are goo if not great.

OK y'all it has been a bit since I checked-in, but that is soon to change. Yes it is indeed!!!

Why you may ask, well as I have reported not too long ago I am in school at the moment. Now I am very close to finishing it. I thought I had a little longer than I did, but I should be finished by mid August........ YES!!!!!!

So far I have been doing fine on the Zero Carb front thank you very much. I have found my way for LIFE on what I need to eat to be MEAN and LEAN. Meat, meat, meat and more meat.

Now for some NEWS:

I have been in contact with someone for the last few months that has asked me about Zero Carb. He has been reading our little Zero Carb Blog for awhile now and has been inspired by Denis and I. He needs to lose about 60 lbs or so and wants to journal his Journey through Zero Carb here. I told him that I would consider it. After thinking about it I have come to a conclusion that it would be nice and a little exciting to have his progress reported here. I told him it would be OK and that I would set him up as a "Guest Author" like Lisa.

Now for that privilege I told him that he would have to Journal everyday. It did not make a difference what the results were it had to be revealed everyday. So lets get behind him and give him some encouragement. For those of us that has lost weight on this WOE know how important support is in the beginning especially when the cravings hit and HIT they will with a vengeance.

He goes by Conner MacLeod. Yes, that is not his real name. He wants to stay on the "Down Low" for now. I can say that he lives in Houston,TX. That is right next to me. As most of you know I live in The Woodlands, TX. I have not met him in person and don't know if we will ever will. We shall see.

ANYWAY these are the conditions I have posed on our NEWEST MEMBER:

  1. He must post an update everyday. Some exceptions are OK on occasions
  2. He must post his current weight and post any loss or gain or stall
  3. He must post a daily menu and how much he ate as close as possible
  4. He must not cheat the whole time. NO CHEAT DAYS PERIOD!
  5. He must eat a Zero Carb, no veggies or fruits. Spices and herbs are allowed for flavor
I instructed him to put the current date in the title of the post and to simply name it "Zero Carb Diet Day One and so on. I also instructed him to put a daily gain lose tracker. So we can see the progress at a glimpse. I have done similar things to track my daily gain/loss. He does not have to come up with little tags like I did HA!!! 

OK we all know that dairy is allowed, but that is a tricky area for some people. I have already discussed this with him in detail. Yes coffee is allowed, especially Bulletproof Coffee HA! Hey we all know during weight loss the more strict you are the faster you will lose weight. I did not make those rules, NATURE did. 

So I will send the "Invitation" and he will start sometime this week. Unless.................

OK, that is it for now. So again lets give Conner some support. I hope that some of my ZIOH Brothers and Sisters who drop by from time to time throw in a comment. That would be nice indeed. SO this would be a nice time for any and all who have tried this WOE and fell off the wagon and hopped back on with Conner. 

As for me, I will lend support and advice as needed. The door is open for any and all.................

Have a Healthy Day my Friends, New Friends and Family. United We Stand, Divided We Fall. That is still true today and everyday. Live Long, Stay Strong and Always Battle On!!!

(ZC)er Out of the GATE




  1. wow dave that is big news. connor welcome to our blog. you are going to do great with zc. i eat it to stay healthy and it has worked for me. denis, dave and lisa have a lot of experience and can help if you ask. no luck needed just eat meat.


  2. Nice update Dave, good luck with your class. I am looking forward to reading about Connor's journey. Denis has been doing a fabulous job wih the blog. So much great information. Maryzc



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