Friday, July 12, 2013


One of the main problem with a Zero Carb diet is we do not have scientific studies supporting our “high-fat all-meat” way of eating. The only thing we can rely on is our personal experience and the positive health impact, and the testimony of other folks on Zero Carb website.

This being said, I think there is an indirect way we can use to support our WOE, at least part of it, and it is the result other “officially recommended diets” are getting. Especially when serious studies are demonstrating they are a big flop…

The ADA (American Diabetic Association) recently published a study showing their recommended diet offers NO PROTECTION, whatever, for hearth problems, especially for folks suffering diabetes. And this research ALSO INCLUDED, aside the low-fat low-calorie diet, some lifestyle changes including support groups, education and daily exercise. The study talks about “intense lifestyle change intervention”, and it was, and, I must admit, aside the negative results of the intervention group compared to the control group, the study was well conducted. It is a clinical research and not random observations.

Their recommended diet is a low-calories diet, allowing between 1,200 to 1,800 calories per day, which means patients must have been starving all the time. Please note it is well known any diet under 1,500 calories per day CANNOT bring to human bodies the necessary nutrition, AND it would also slow down any metabolism setting it on the starvation mode.

This same tested diet also doesn’t allow more then 30% daily calories from fat (including no more then 10% saturated fats) and 15 % calories from proteins, WHICH MEANS 55% of calories had to come from carbohydrates…

Please take note that this "recommended diet" is ALSO the same diet the AHA (American Hearth Association), the USDA, most nutritionists and doctors are pushing on everyone.

This is bad science... and this is good science!!! As there are NO recorded studies in human history showing a low-fat diet is beneficial but a LOT of studies showing how bad it may be. And this expensive well-designed clinical trial is just another one getting the same bad results.

All this said, two questions comes up: 

What is the contrary of a LOW-fat, HIGH carb, NORMAL protein diet? The answer being: a HIGH-fat, LOW-carb, NORMAL protein diet… 

And what is the best example of such a diet? A Zero Carb diet would be a good answer…

I think we do not have to wait for studies showing Zero Carb is an option. Maybe it is not an option for everyone as we all have different levels of tolerance to carbohydrates and/or level of addiction to the said carbohydrates.

But Zero Carb is a definitely a road someone can choose as we now know with certitude “low fat-high carb” diet offers no protection for so many common and serious diseases, and could even be dangerous for “carbohydrate sensitive” folks.

Anyway, when you follow a diet that treats diabetes, high blood pressure, dyslipidemia and any other components of the metabolic syndrome including weight issues, when the same diet always cause your lab test to be excellent and, finally, when this diet make you feel great and happy in your body, you do not need expensive clinical studies to demonstrate the Zero Carb diet you are following is for you!!!


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