Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day 1 Zero Carb Diet 7/23/2013

Hello everyone, I am privileged to be here. I have been in correspondence with Dave for several months discussing the zero carb diet. Actually my first name is Connor, but the last name and picture of course are not mine. Yes, it is spelled correctly. There are a few variations how to spell my name, but it is Connor, not Conner or Connar. I always get questions about that one. I do wish to remain private at this time, so I will only say that I live in Houston, Texas and have been following Dave for awhile. I have enjoyed his posts over the years and I have really appreciated the information that Denis provides.

I am an adult male in my mid forties and need to lose 50 to 60 pounds. I have struggled with weight all my life. I have had ups and downs with various diets. I am tired of dieting and want to find a way of eating for life. I am always tired. I feel that I have no energy at all on most days. I can go on sugar binges at times. Once I start to eat candy or a pastry I can't stop. Those foods are pure taboo for me. It can be an everyday struggle whether to eat the company supplied assortment of pastries and doughnuts every morning. I live alone, so I don't have any excuses why I should be tempted there. I made a clean sweep of all the carb loaded foods in my refrigerator and pantry. I am not active at all. I am a carb loaded couch potato. I bought an elliptical machine and intend to use it at least 30 minuets everyday to get the juices flowing starting this evening. I have some experience with blogger so I know have to navigate the blog for posting reasons.

Dave and I worked out a diet plan. I like the way he starts his day off with a plain black coffee fast every morning. So I will start my day off like that and then I will eat two meals a day. I am pretty sure I understand the concepts of zero carb. Eat when your hungry and drink when your thirsty. I do tend to drink a little more fluid because I have always heard that when you are thirsty it is too late. At that point you are at the first stages of dehydration. I don't know if that is really true, so I will stick to my regiment of drinking fluids throughout the day. That really should not matter. I will only drink a black coffee and water. Some days I may drink seltzer water to help curb my diet soda pop carvings.

I appreciate this opportunity and any support of suggestions from anyone. I don't have a thin skin so any helpful advice is welcome. I am confident that I will be able to succeed. In reality the plan is very simple. The problem is the human side of us wants to mess it up. Dave please let me know if this format is OK. From your email I am sure it should be fine.


Day 1 - 231.2 pounds


B     black coffee

L     2 chicken thighs

D     1 hamburger patty

Exercise 30 minuets on the elliptical machine

Goal - 160 pounds


  1. Nice to see you join our little community. You will do fine following this woe. Once those cravings if any disappear it is all downhill. :-)Cat

  2. Wow, great to have you here Connor! Nice introduction. I am sure Dave gave you great advice. Sandy

  3. I will be following you progress.


  4. Connor you are in good hands with Dave. Keep reading and learning. It is simple, yet there is a lot of information out there and actually here. I am sure you have read the information that Denis provides on a regular basis. as Dave says battle on!


  5. I saw this blog article posted on Before It's News. Dave used to post a lot of his blog articles over there. I hope this rss feed continues. If not I will definitely return daily to see your progress Connor. Good luck with your diet.

  6. You are welcome here Connor. This is a great place to journal your journey. -Jane

  7. Hey Connor!!!

    Nice to have you onboard. I think it will be refreshing for us to give a look to Zero Carb from a new angle and I am sure, reading your story, you will provide this new perspective for us!!! I surely can rely to what you said, especially the sugar binges….

    To answer one of your question about water input and dehydration: I also always thought that once you felt thirsty, you were already dehydrated but, with time and readings, I have change my opinion. I think we were trick into drinking much more then our needs by the water companies. Chinese medicine teaches us to drink to satisfy our thirst and not more. The risk of overdrinking is the leaching of minerals from your body, especially precious potassium and calcium. As we should learn to eat to satisfy hunger and not more, it is the same for thirst.

    I think your ideal to drink throughout the day, according to what you feel, is excellent. For myself, I always keep a glass of cold water around me and I take sips as I go on with my daily schedule and this seems to do the trick.

    So let's go on with your Zero Carb adventure!!! And do not forget, we are here for support, not to criticize or judge.

    Your fight is our fight, and there are rough moments, but Zero Carb is a powerfull friend!!!


  8. Cat, Sandy, Simon, Bill, Anonymous, Jane and Denis for your welcomes. I am feeling much more comfortable writing about my journey through zero carb. This is just the start and I have a long way to go. Please guide me in the right direction if you should happen to see me making a mistake. I feed that I have down correctly, but you never know. Thanks Denis for the guidance about hydration.




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