Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day 2 Zero Carb Diet 7/24/2013

Day one is out of the way. I am feeling very good and optimistic about the zero carb diet. It is way too early to really have any set thoughts. I can say that I totally flopped at the exercise yesterday. My goal was 30 minuets, I struggled to do 10 minuets. I know that exercise is not necessary on this diet, but I want to condition my muscle and bones to a healthier state.

So far I don't feel any different. I am not having any cravings at the moment or any physical discomforts. I guess the big thing for me is the morning fast with black coffee. I love coffee so that is not a big deal. I really don't plan to eat out during this time, but since I need to lose up to 60 lbs that may change. I am afraid that I may lose control once at the restaurant. I have control for the most part at work and total control at home since I live by myself. That is it for now. I an not too excited about the weight loss today. I know it may be water loss among other things. So until a week or two I will feel confident that it is real fat that is gone. Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone.

One more thing, I almost feel funny not adding a picture at the bottom of my post like Denis and Dave. Do you think I should follow that tradition?


Day 1 - 231.2 pounds
Day 2 - 230.0 pounds  (-) 1.2 pounds


B     black coffee

L     2 hamburger patties with american cheese

D     2 hamburger patties with american cheese

Exercise 10-30 minuets on the elliptical machine

Goal - 160 pounds


  1. great first day connor. keep it up. we are here to help you.


  2. Good for you. Nice start.


  3. It will only get better. I had a hard time my first two weeks of ZC. Now it is an after thought. welcome to our community. Taylor

  4. Don't worry about the exercise, that too will get easier with time. -Jane

  5. I would try to stay away from restaurants in the beginning… because, as drug addicts, sugar and/or starch addicts are very sensible to environmental stimulus which can be the trigger that reconnect brain's pathway and cause lost of control on substance abuse… always talking about sugar/starch here… and restaurant's ambiance, noises, lights, smells, happy folks ect. all these can suddenly creates unresistable cravings…

    I think your menu of DAY 2 is much more sensible then the one of DAY 1… portion wise. Anyway, 2 patties + cheese must be very satisfying…


  6. Oh goody! I love these experiments. Can't wait to see everyday thoughts and progresses. Good luck and keep up the good job.

  7. Sara, Simon, Taylor, Jame, Denis, and Teri thank you so much for your support. It really helps to know that you are not alone when you are going into uncharted waters.

    Thank you very much,




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