Sunday, July 28, 2013

Day 6 Zero Carb Diet 7/28/2013

Hello everyone. I was so relieved this morning. I was almost scared to get on the scale. Now I am relieved that I am back on track. I actually thought of that out of date old saying "leaping lizards" when I saw today's weigh-in results. Wow, what a relief. I guess Dave won't be kicking me off for breaking my agreement with him to stay on the straight and narrow with this way of eating. I think that I suffered from water retention from my HOT WING session the other day. I swear to have more control and more than likely just drink some black coffee or just avoid eating in that type of place while I am losing weight.

I do appreciate the opportunity Dave has given me to use the Zero Carb Chronicles as my personal journal through my weight loss. Believe me he invested a lot of time to answer at least 50 or more emails concerning this woe. I asked him question after question and he answered most of them within hours. Then I we came to a conclusion that a daily journal would be helpful because of the accountability. Dave explained that while some frown on a daily weigh-in, it helped him to focus more on what worked and what did not work for him. Those who chose to weigh-in on a weekly basis did not know if something they did up to 7 days ago may have stalled or cause an increase. For example Lisa wrote to me about dairy. I ate 4 slices of american cheese in one day with my burgers and still lost weight. Could I lose more without the cheese? I can try and find out, but without daily weigh-ins who would know.

Dave further explained that I need to put my scientist cap on and look at ups or downs on the scale as an experiment of what works and what does not work until I narrow it down. He said not to get too excited on gains or stalls, but to learn from them and then put them into practice. He stressed for me to go back to my journal and study it and repeat certain things to see if any other factors may have caused gains or stalls and not to be afraid to try new things. For me that would be to eat fattier foods. I did tell him that was a concern and he said a small portion of fatty meat, such as brisket or beef check meat would fill me to the brim and that I would not want to over eat.

I am writing about these things to help me understand the basics that he tried to instill in me about Zero Carb and the attitude that I must have to succeed. I do understand that this is a life style change forever if I want to maintain good health. Dave has wrote about his experience which includes ups and downs, but at the end he succeeded all the way and past his goal. I really do intend to do the same. BTW I moved the daily weight stats at the end of my journal because I intend to be here a long time and I promise it will grow with more weight loss entries as time goes by. I also corrected Day 5 results. One last thing, Dave did ask me to put a picture with the postings to carry the theme of the blog so I hope you like my selections. I will try to match them with the post if possible or just something cheery if nothing else. Thanks everyone for your support.


B     black coffee

L     Three over easy Eggs in Butter

D     BBQ Leg Quarter

Exercise 0 minuets on the elliptical machine


Day 1 - 231.2 pounds
Day 2 - 230.0 pounds  (-)  1.2 pounds
Day 3 - 229.4 pounds  (-)  0.6 pounds

Day 4 - 228.8 pounds  (-)  0.6 pounds
Day 5 - 230.0 pounds (+)  1.0 pounds 1.2 pounds (correction)
Day 6 - 228.2 pounds  (-)  1.8 pounds




  1. connor you are doing great. i love your attitude. just keep things simple. you will be fine. zero carb works, just don't get in the way lol!


  2. Hi Connor, I won't be kicking you off anytime soon lol!!! Just stick with our game plan. It looks like your gain must have been water retention. Hey it happens. It would frustrate me big time!!! Try to stick to the basics until you reach your goal, then you have the rest of your life to play around with experimenting. You have a good crew here to help guide you. Just ask a question if you are not sure and someone will answer you. That is for sure. When in doubt leave it alone and ask. We are here to support you. You are not alone my Friend. Now lets lose some weight, get healthy and reap the rewards of Zero Carb!!!



  3. What an up and down. Don't despair these things happen during the transition. Listen to the ones with the experience. Don't try to rewrite the book. Lots of us had to do it the hard way. You have a great opportunity here with this group. We are like a little family of open minded people. Take advantage of being the first person allowed to use this place as their journal. :-)Cat

  4. Good for you Connor. Keep up the good work. I will be following your journey like the others.


  5. Great update Connor... Just remember that every day is a learning experience on your ZC journey. Even after 4+ yrs on ZC I still feel like I am on an incredible journey and still learning every day....

  6. Sara, Dave, Cat, Taylor and Lisa thank you so much for the encouragement and common sense approach to Zero Carb. Everyday is getting better. Keep me inline.




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