Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Day 9 Zero Carb Diet 7/31/2013

Hello everyone,

I am really feeling really good right now. One thing, yesterday I had a hell of a time with cravings for something sweet. I did not cave in. I was at home when it happened and had already got rid of all the carb stuff in my home. I do have to say that I may have indulged if something was there. Thank goodness that that was not the case.  Other than that so far so good. 

I can't say enough about the support I have revived from you guys and gals here. I did not know what to expect exactly when I start my journal. I know Dave is pretty popular since he originate this Zero Carb blog. I loved the way he plays around with his posts yet still keeps a serious face on Zero Cab. Then with the addition of Denis and Lisa to help with the more scientific aspects to the Zero Carb way of eating brings this place to a complete circle. I have seen where Dave says he has plans to expand this blog into a dot com. I just wonder what ideas he has in-stored for us. 

As you can see I posted (with Dave's blessings) a copycat goals section to the below the daily weigh-in. It kind of excited me to anticipate crossing out the first goal and so on. It was a really good idea. At this point the weight seems to be coming off at a nice steady pace. I will feel more comfortable after at least two weeks to a month to really see the results. I can promise you that I will be here posting in this journal on this Zero Carb blog. I am desperate to lose this weight once and for all and to  change my lifestyle for the rest of my life. I want to be healthy as I get older and happy  and good matured as Dave and the others here. I have read elsewhere in the past with people starting this journey only to fall on their face within days, weeks or even months into the diet. I do not intend to be one of them. I want to be one of you. Thanks again everyone for your support. Please chime in even just to say Hi.


B     Black Coffee

L     BBQ Chicken 2 legs and a thigh

D     Two - Three over easy large Eggs in Butter

Exercise 0 minuets on the elliptical machine


Day 1 - 231.2 pounds
Day 2 - 230.0 pounds (-) 1.2 pounds
Day 3 - 229.4 pounds (-) 0.6 pounds
Day - 228.8 pounds (-) 0.6 pounds
Day 5 - 230.0 pounds (+)1.0 pounds 1.2 pounds (correction)
Day 6 - 228.2 pounds (-) 1.8 pounds

Day 7 - 228.0 pounds (-) 0.2 pounds
Day 8 - 227.6 pounds (-) 0.4 pounds
Day 9 - 226.8 pounds (-) 0.8 pounds

Mini Goals

220 pounds
210 pounds
200 pounds
190 pounds
180 pounds
170 pounds




  1. Hi Connor, it looks like you are doing well. Make sure you eat enough. Of course I am not saying overeat just try to balance your meals so that you are not tempted to cheat. I don't know if it is related to your recent round of cravings but you never know. Your posting format looks great. Don't hesitate to use anything that I have in the past. You will get their Connor. Patience and dedication is the key success with the the Zero Carb Way of Eating. Battle On!!!



  2. You are doing great Connor keep it up. -Jane

  3. I am sort of "happy" you had some cravings because they are absolutely normal at this time of your Zero Carb venture… and not "caving in" is a sign the diet in beginning to readjust your hormonal system and metabolism… You cannot ask for better results!!!

    And as Dave already told you, be sure to eat enough… just enough to satisfy your appetite and that'it.


  4. Dave, Jane and Denis I really appreciate the time you took to comment on my post. Dave I will be patient. Thanks Sandy I will keep it up for sure. Denis I am glad that it is normal and I do feel that I am readjusting to the new diet.

    Thanks all,




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