Saturday, July 27, 2013

Nutrition for your Eyes

I didn't forget about this blog but life has been getting in the way lately...
I hope to continue to contribute and help to make this a great zc source of information along with Dave and Denis and Connor

I wanted to write a post that pertained to my profession and zero carb...
As an eye doctor, I recommend to my patients who either have early signs of macular degeneration or have a family history of macular degeneration to take supplements of Lutein and Zeaxanthin.  There have been studies done that show that these are somewhat protective of the macula.  I am very skeptical of all studies and wonder always who is funding these studies.  I myself do not take any supplements since I strongly feel that eating ZC provides all of the necessary vitamins and nutrients that my body needs.  Unfortunately though I feel obligated to educate and inform patients of these findings since taking these supplements for macular degeneration is considered “standard of care”.  Which in plain English means I need to inform them of this.  I can also assume that most all of my patients are eating SAD so taking these macular protective supplements may not be such a bad thing.

In any case, I was curious about sources of lutein and zeaxanthin and whether I was getting them in my current zc woe since I knew only of it being in vegetables. The highest concentrations are found in dark green leafy vegetables, especially kale and spinach.  They are synthesized by plants and obtained by animals either directly or indirectly from plants.  So reading further it is identified that they are also found in egg yolks and animal fats.  They are both a deep yellow/red color and give yolks some of its color and also the yellow color to chicken fat and skin.

So this all leads me to feel confident and comfortable that ZC is a healthy and sustainable woe and I am now satisfied yet again that supplements are not at all necessary.


  1. Hi Lisa, great post. Wow there are so many angles to Zero Carb we may never know all the true benefits, especially when folks out there think we are crazy for the most part. Jeez!!!

    This just goes to reinforce the reason this blog needs folks like you and Denis who have the scientific backgrounds to make sense and report findings such as the one presented. I am more than sue it is appreciated across the board.

    Battle On Lisa!!!



  2. We are really getting somewhere here!!!

    After reading your post, I did some research on Lutein and Zeaxanthin and I founded something that I really need to share here.

    VERY interestingly, even if you smaller quantity of both in egg yolks and animal fats compare to plant material, a brilliant study documented the BIOAVAILABILITY of these nutrients is HIGHER when they come from animal products: plama levels were 32% higher !!!!

    I feel this is probably the same for many other nutrients. For example, someone eating a lot of fruit will get a lot of vitamin C, but the carb content of the fruit will compete with absorption and cause leaching of the same vitamin. Contrarily, a Zero Carb diet may provide low amount of vitamin C from animal product, but the BIOAVAILABILITY is higher because there are no carb to compete for absoprtion and your body goes into a recycling mode for the vitamin C.

    I think these are all precious informations we need to collect and make available to everyone!!!

    Many, many thanks for your post Lisa; it was "EYE-opening" !!!!!!!!


  3. lisa you help confirm that a diet rich in meat is all you need to be healthy. great contribution i hope you find time in the future for more insight or some guidance with all your zc experience up or down. we all need some understanding encouragement.


  4. Thanks for the post complements....and thanks Denis for that extra bioavailability info, very interesting indeed.
    Stay tuned for my next post, it takes me a while to think it through and get it all down when I can grab patches of time between my kids, the house and my job

  5. Great information, it is always nice to get insight on our way of eating from people we have learned to trust. Can't wait until your next post. -Jane



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