Wednesday, July 17, 2013


So here we are with this fascinating study demonstrating how CARNITINE, found in generous amount in meat and animal products, affects positively muscles.

As previously stayed on a post, CARNITINE is also known as a substantial antioxidant, thus causing a reduction in all-cause death to serious decrease in hearth problems such as angina, arrhythmia, heart failure and re-infarction

It is made of the combination of amino acids lysine and methionine, and the best sources are beef, pork and lamb.

Before going further, we must understand some physiology about muscle. Grossly, there are 2 types of muscles fibers: TYPE 1, which uses oxygen (aerobic) to produce energy from fats which makes them efficient for continuous, extended muscle contractions and are helping athletes run marathons; TYPE 2 muscel fibers, differently, use glucose as substrate and produces energy without oxygen (anaerobic) for short bursts of strength and speed, BUT do not sustain long period of exercise.

Having a lot of TYPE 1 is usually a sign of good physical condition, while having more TYPE 2 is typical of obese individuals. Interestingly, be gene up-regulation, we can switch some TYPE 2 fibers to TYPE 1. 

And here comes the study.

Obese rats were given CARNITINE supplementation for 4 weeks, with a control group of obese rats receiving no CARNITINE, as well as another control group of lean rats also receiving no CARNITINE.

At the end of the study, it was observed the obese rats receiving CARNITINE had lower blood level of triglycerides JUST like the lean rat group. It was also discovered they had more TYPE 1 muscle fibers and MORE blood regulators of CARNITINE uptake, fatty acids transport, beta-oxidation and thermo-genesis.

The conclusion being ingestion of CARNITINE counteracts the transformation, induced by obesity, of “preferable” TYPE 1 fiber into “unpreferable” TYPE 2 fibers, and restore the oxidative metabolic phenotype which burns fat for energy instead of deleterious glucose.

Which means they could have probably put these obese rats on our ZERO CARB CARNITINE RICH DIET and without doing anything more, this would have lower the blood lipids, switch their muscle metabolism to become more efficient, and get the performance advantage of athletes muscles.

If anyone think this is not a good example of how eating meat is extremely favorable, please let me know...



  1. Great post Denis. Besides the meat we eat I wonder if carnitine supplements along with our meat would help increase fat burning for those of us that seek to loose weight. I for one know that meat alone will do the trick for loosing weight, but some may want to loose quicker or maybe their system is not as........... well I don't know........maybe efficient is a good word? Anyway what do you think?



  2. denis i love your report. poor lab rats. i think i have read that muscle builders use carnitine to get bigger. I don't know it that is correct. this just goes to show that nature has provided us with all the nutrition wee need all in one item.




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