Thursday, August 1, 2013

Day 10 Zero Carb Diet 8/1/2013

Hello everyone,

Nice weight loss trend happening recently. What a way to start the month. I did not expect that to happen so soon or maybe at all. I thought I would lose the weight at a slower pace. Then again this might just be the water thing. I feel really good. I am trying to practice the eat when your hungry routine. I don't let myself get real hungry, but I do wait until I feel those first signs of hunger. I try not to follow an eating schedule other than the morning fast. I am trying to lose weight and just like anyone else the results mean everything. This is keeping me motivated. I have read about stalls  and always wonder what did they do wrong if anything. I really hope that does not happen to me.

I can't wait for another week to pass and see what has transpired. It should be interesting. I know I wrote that I was taking this day by day, but I can't help to be excited by the results. I need to refocus on today. Tomorrow will come soon enough. I can't seem to get the exercise to fit in with my daily routine. I have the time, but not the will. I did do some research on some basic stretching exercises. I can see myself moving forward with that. I could use the elliptical as my 5-10 minuet warm up prior to the stretching. I can't thank everyone enough for the support and comments. I can't wait to cross out that first mini goal!


B     Black Coffee

L     Grilled Pork Ribs

D     Two - Three over easy large Eggs in Butter

Exercise On hold for now


Day 1   - 231.2 pounds
Day 2   - 230.0 pounds (-) 1.2 pounds
Day 3   - 229.4 pounds (-) 0.6 pounds
Day 4   - 228.8 pounds (-) 0.6 pounds
Day 5   - 230.0 pounds (+)1.0 pounds 1.2 pounds (correction)
Day 6   - 228.2 pounds (-) 1.8 pounds

Day 7   - 228.0 pounds (-) 0.2 pounds
Day 8   - 227.6 pounds (-) 0.4 pounds
Day 9   - 226.8 pounds (-) 0.8 pounds
Day 10 - 225.8 pounds (-) 1.0 pounds
Mini Goals

220 pounds
210 pounds
200 pounds
190 pounds
180 pounds
170 pounds




  1. woohoo another pound goes into history. i am so happy for you. you are doing what it takes to be successful.


  2. Great results so far Connor. Don't change a thing. Keep eating the way you are, keep hydrated and you will be finished before you know it.


  3. Still have my eyes on you. Good job.

    1. Teri, I know that you are Dave's cyber-mom and I appreciate your support.

  4. Good job Connor, I would say just make sure you not going hungry.

    1. Thanks Steve, I have read your journal on zioh in the past.

  5. Hi Connor,
    Great results so far!! Just remember that it takes a while to fully keto adapt so be patient as the weight drops off and keep going day by day and let meat, eggs and water work their magic.
    One suggestion I will make is that I think your Menu section should be a bit more detailed/accurate. Instead of writing Grilled Pork ribs it would probably be helpful to you later if it had the amount....was it 1/2 a slab of ribs? 3 ribs? full slab of ribs? And the eggs you write as two - three over easy on both the past 2 days....which was it? did you eat 2 or 3?
    Normally zc is all about just getting hungry and then eating till full without having to measure or count anything but I found at the beginning it is helpful to track approximate food amounts so you can see what is working and what isn't. And if you hit a stall, being able to go back in your journal and see what you ate and the amount while you were losing weight. I am not talking about putting your food on a scale before you eat it....just a good approximate guess. I remember there being times when I would eat a whole slab of ribs at noon and then a ribeye that was a little over a pound at 9 at night and be shocked the next day to see yet another weight drop. Helpful to see that in your daily postings
    And remember this is just what I felt worked for me on MY zc journey....everyone is different. Maybe Denis and Dave can chime in on their experience/opinion.

    1. Lisa I can't thank you enough for all your effort to help me out. I really value your views and will honestly follow your advice. Thanks!

  6. Jeez Connor you have the support team in full alert.......HA!!! No really you are getting if not great advice from solid folks. Yes be a little more specific about your menu, mainly as a reference point for the future. Keep sorting your way through Zero Carb. It is not one size fits all like Lisa said and you should not go hungry like Steve suggested. I keep Zero Carb food near by at work or home. So I personally let myself "just" get hungry and then eat. No right, not wrong just what works for me. You will find your "GROVE" just Keep in the Fight. Hey you even have my Cyber Mom cheering you on. Thanks Teri........

    I gotta tellya you are getting really, really good support from members and some non-members alike. I salute you all for your efforts to help Connor.



    1. Dave, the person I owe this opportunity too, thank you very much for having enough faith in me to allow me to use this blog as my personal journal. I will be more specific as you and Lisa asked about the amounts of food I eat. You are right. I am getting a lot of support. I did not know that Everyone here would accept me so soon. Thanks!



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