Sunday, August 4, 2013

Day 13 Zero Carb Diet 8/4/2013

Hello everyone,

It is almost two weeks since I started the Zero Carb Diet or way of eating. Where has the time gone? I feel like yesterday was my first day. I had a few ups and downs with cravings, but nothing overwhelming to the point I would cheat and blow everything I have accomplished so far. I feel really good abut the whole idea and do not regret my decision. I ended up meeting with some close friends yesterday and I explained what I was doing and why. They mostly understood and supported me. Of course the concern about eating only meat and fat came up, but there was no push for me to get off the diet and they all wished me well. 

I did some grilling last night. I bought eighteen ground beef chuck patties and grilled them. I also bought eight chicken leg quarters and separated the leg and thighs. I put them in a container with some herbs and spices to let marinade over night. Nothing had sugar in the spices. I want to grill them, but if I get lazy I may jut put them in the oven instead. I also have a lamb roast that I want to cut up and grill. I like lamb best when it is grilled on the BBQ. I guess the wood smoke gives it a good taste. As you can see I am loading up with a variety of meat to keep me satisfied along with eggs, butter and so on. Wow, 7 pound down is not bad at all. I am taking this day by day. No rush, no worries, just a change in the way I eat.


B     Black Coffee

L     Two rashers of thick cut Bacon, Pork Sausage patty 4 oz and two easy over Eggs in Butter

D     Two Chuck Hamburger Patties 8 oz

Exercise On hold for now, Stretching routine to start Monday 8/5/2013


Day 1   - 231.2 pounds  Start weight
Day 2   - 230.0 pounds (-) 
1.2 pounds
Day 3   - 229.4 pounds (-) 
0.6 pounds
Day 4   - 228.8 pounds (-) 
0.6 pounds
Day 5   - 230.0 pounds (+)1.2
Day 6   - 228.2 pounds (-) 1.8 pounds

Day 7   - 228.0 pounds (-) 0.2 pounds weekly loss = 3.2 pounds
Day 8   - 227.6 pounds (-) 0.4 pounds
Day 9   - 226.8 pounds (-) 0.8 pounds
Day 10 - 225.8 pounds (-) 1.0 pounds
Day 11 - 225.2 pounds (-) 0.6 pounds

Day 12 - 224.6 pounds (-) 0.6 pounds
Day 13 - 224.2 pounds (-) 0.4 pounds

Current Loss: 7.0 pounds

Mini Goals

220 pounds
210 pounds
200 pounds
190 pounds
180 pounds
170 pounds




  1. Nice and steady, you are doing really good. Stay on track. :-)Cat

    1. So far so good. Thanks for the support Cat.


  2. I like the changes you made to your post. Keep strong take it day by day. I have been zc for awhile now and I do it day by day always. The only thing I plan ahead is food preparation and it looks like you are already thinking that way.

    Cindy Taylor

    1. Thanks Cindy, I am doing fine so far. One day a time is right. I agree with the food preparation. This past weekend I cooked a lot of meat and froze some of it for future use.




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