Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Day 15 Zero Carb Diet 8/6/2013

Hello everyone,

I am doing really good, I had some minor cravings last night for ice cream of all things. That was a  major weakness. I could eat through a whole pint in one sitting without a problem. I always thought it was funny that a pint of ice cream is considered four servings. I can really binge on sweets. Besides the ice cream I loved to go through the bakery rack at the local grocery store. I would get at least two pastries. One of my favorites was apple fritters. I also loved old fashioned and chocolate doughnuts. Now thinking of the pastries makes me want to puke. Though I still crave the ice cream. 

How did I get on that subject? Sorry, but it was on my mind. I did not get much sleep last night so today I feel groggy. I have a lot of projects at work with very little time to finish them, so I end up doing some of that work at home. So the Zero Carb Diet is agreeing with me for the most part. I really like fatty meat so no problem there. I am in a tight budget for now so no steaks real soon. Things will change in a few weeks to a month and I hope to find some good deals on rib eyes. That along with prime rib are my favorite cuts of beef. I went to the store and found a marked down package of chicken hearts. I stated to buy them. I had planned on pan frying them, then I change my mind. Every once in a while I like to fry up a batch of chicken livers. That is a nice treat for me. Thanks for the continuing support and advice all.


B     Water

L     Two Chuck Hamburger Patties 8 oz

D     Two Large grilled Chicken Thighs

Exercise: Stretching routine


Day 1   - 231.2 pounds  Start weight
Day 2   - 230.0 pounds (-) 1.2 pounds
Day 3   - 229.4 pounds (-) 0.6 pounds
Day 4   - 228.8 pounds (-) 
0.6 pounds

Day 5   - 230.0 pounds (+)1.2 pounds
Day 6   - 228.2 pounds (-) 1.8 pounds
Day 7   - 228.0 pounds (-) 0.2 pounds weekly loss = 3.2 pounds
Day 8   - 227.6 pounds (-) 0.4 pounds
Day 9   - 226.8 pounds (-) 0.8 pounds
Day 10 - 225.8 pounds (-) 1.0 pounds
Day 11 - 225.2 pounds (-) 0.6 pounds

Day 12 - 224.6 pounds (-) 0.6 pounds
Day 13 - 224.2 pounds (-) 0.4 pounds
Day 14 - 223.8 pounds (-) 0.4 pounds weekly loss = 4.2 pounds
Day 15 - 223.6 pounds (-) 0.2 pounds

Current Loss: 7.6 pounds

Mini Goals

220 pounds
210 pounds
200 pounds
190 pounds
180 pounds
170 pounds




  1. I am really happy when you say you "could binge on sweets" and I am much more happy when you add that you "like fatty meat", and I will tell you why.

    When you crave a specific food, in reality you crave for the rush of brain DOPAMINE you will get ingesting it. The same dopamine someone gets from alcohol or any drugs…

    Studies have shown sweets do create in most people a serious rush of this "pleasure hormone" and after years of having them, the brain receptors numbers for dopamine goes down which creates the need for increased quantity of sweets for the said "rush of fun"… which is the basic explanation for binging.

    A lot of folks doing Zero Carb with success are usually former sugar addict, including the taste of sugar from any source. What happened to them is a "rewirering" of the brain connection from the HIGH release of dopamine when eating sugar towards a LOWER release when ingesting fatty meats.

    Don't get me wrong: meat and fat, as any food items will cause a dopamine release but much LESS then sugar.

    So now you are slowly rewirering your brain so you can have "some pleasure" eating your meat including gaining back some brain receptors for dopamine. Let's say you will begin to have a much normal relationship with food… as long as the said food is Zero Carb…

    Some studies state it may take 3 weeks for it to happen. But I am not sure of this… I think it can vary according to the presence of other addictives substances in your life, from heavy coffee drinking to cigarettes, from alcohol to drugs, maybe even addiction to porn or gambling…

    So just let the process slowly settle in, have your nutritious fatty animal products, and your sweet cravings will disappear… ACCEPTING that anything with a sweet taste is a no-no for you for the rest of your life… BECAUSE IT MAY TAKE LESS THEN 20 MINUTES AFTER INGESTION OF SWEETS TO RECONNECT YOUR OLD PATTERN OF ADDICTION… even AFTER years on Zero Carb...


  2. Thanks for the detailed comment. It is very much appreciated. Great explanation for what I continue to go through.




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