Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day 23 Zero Carb Diet 8/14/2013

Hello everyone,

Denis and Dave thanks for the supportive comments. I really do appreciate the time you have taken to view my situation and advise me. I am in no hurry to lose the weight. The results so far speak for themselves. The cravings are fewer. I wish they would stop altogether  I guess after over 40 years of eating them it will take some time to physically and mentally get over them. Wow it is like a drug addiction. I am still trying to stay low key at work in order to avoid arguments. I just wan to focus on my mission without being side tracked. I am no expert and only know the basics. Just as Dave recently commented, all you have to do is look at his pictures on the main page and it tells the whole story as far as the potential result are concerned. I am 10 pounds down and this has me very excited.

A coworker actually made a comment that my face looks thinner. I think it is because of the excess water weight I have lost that made my face puffy and the weight loss. It is nice to receive positive comments like that. I don't have a big ego, but I do care how I look so I guess I am a little vain. I am still single and I guess this will be a factor in that department. All I can really say is that tor the most part things are under control. I have another get together with a good friend this weekend that supports me and I am looking forward to the visit. I was thinking of grilling up some rib eyes I have stashed in the freezer. I have been eating burgers, chicken and eggs for awhile and this will be a nice break. Thanks to all for the continued support. 

B     Black Coffee

L     Two Chuck Hamburger Patties 8 oz

D     Four large easy over Eggs in Butter & Two rashers of really thick cut Bacon

Exercise: Stretching routine


Day 1   - 231.2 pounds  Start weight
Day 2   - 230.0 pounds (-) 1.2 pounds
Day 3   - 229.4 pounds (-) 0.6 pounds
Day 4   - 228.8 pounds (-) 0.6 pounds

Day 5   - 230.0 pounds (+)1.2 pounds
Day 6   - 228.2 pounds (-) 1.8 pounds
Day 7   - 228.0 pounds (-) 0.2 pounds weekly loss = 3.2 pounds
Day 8   - 227.6 pounds (-) 0.4 pounds
Day 9   - 226.8 pounds (-) 0.8 pounds
Day 10 - 225.8 pounds (-) 1.0 pounds
Day 11 - 225.2 pounds (-) 0.6 pounds

Day 12 - 224.6 pounds (-) 0.6 pounds
Day 13 - 224.2 pounds (-) 0.4 pounds
Day 14 - 223.8 pounds (-) 0.4 pounds weekly loss = 4.2 pounds
Day 15 - 223.6 pounds (-) 0.2 pounds
Day 16 - 223.2 pounds (-) 0.4 pounds
Day 17 - 223.0 pounds (-) 0.2 pounds
Day 18 - 222.8 pounds (-) 0.2 pounds
Day 19 - 222.4 pounds (-) 0.4 pounds
Day 20 - 222.2 pounds (-) 0.2 pounds
Day 21 - 222.0 pounds (-) 0.2 pounds weekly loss = 1.8 pounds
Day 22 - 221.6 pounds (-) 0.4 pounds
Day 23 - 221.2 pounds (-) 0.4 pounds

Current Loss: 10.0 pounds

Mini Goals

220 pounds
210 pounds
200 pounds
190 pounds
180 pounds
170 pounds




  1. "D Four large easy over Eggs in Butter & Two rashers of really thick cut Bacon"… AND ..."Current Loss: 10.0 pounds"... I see Connor has understood well the concept of Zero Carb…

    No more comment from me for today.


  2. Hey Denis, I am trying hard to just let go and go with the flow of the Zero Carb Zen. So far I am loving it. As the days go by the easier it gets. I can only reason that my body is finally adjusting to my new way of eating. Thanks for the comment and confidence you and others have in me.


  3. congrats. Conner I just caught up from day three your doing great.

    News wife has now lost 110 lbs and daughter has reached her goal, passed her endurance test to the police dept. Both have decided to go to a low carb diet now. We find with ketosis sticks wife's limit to stay level is 55 grams daughters is 64.

    I still advise any on a 0 carb diet to use them as I takes away all guess work on when you gain a lb or stalled for a few days you can do a simple urination test to find out the offending food with hidden carbs or just assure yourself nothing has thrown you off course. They are cheep a bottle of 50 only cost a few $$. If your in Ketosis your losing fat even if is not showing on the scale.

    I also find from myself and 5 others over the years I have coached that it makes little or no difference how much you eat, with fat or anything else has little or no effect on weight loss as long as it is 0 carbs. I am no Doc. or expert but I think in 40+ years I have learned a little. I have maintained right at 185 lbs all this time on low carb after a year of 0 carbs to start.

  4. Thanks Gramps, it seems like a common theme about eating fat. I am actually trying to increase the amount of fatty beef to see how my system reacts to it. I am glad that you and your family have found a way of eating that agrees you. I hope you all have continued success.




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