Thursday, August 22, 2013

MSG (monosodium glutamate) AND THE ZERO CARB DIET

This post is NOT about “everything you should know on MSG”.

If you have zero knowledge about monosodium glutamate or want to get specific information concerning it, just Google “MSG” and you will see, there is already plenty of good reviews and websites on Internet concerning this chemical.

We know MSG is a potent flavor booster and is founded mostly everywhere in food nowadays, even minimally processed items, and it is hidden under different names, the most common being “flavors”, which tells you nothing about what the said “flavors” may contain… except probably MSG. The law now permits food companies to keep their recipes “secret” by including whatever ingredients they want under this term and this is where they hide the stuff you do not want to eat...

Luckily, for many years, there was no way to introduce MSG in sugary food because it just didn’t work, but it is something of the past: it is now in all commercial sweets and beverages…

Do not think because you are on a Zero Carb diet, you are protected from MSG ingestion. They are very often included in meat seasonings or even salt mixtures for steaks; it is also in most commercial butters, flavored oils, not forgetting mayonnaise, and, of course, our beloved sausages and the cold cuts we do eat here and then…

What I want to write about MSG today comes from 2 recent studies.

The first study shows how MSG, by containing acidic amino acids, acts as a brain excitatory neurotransmitter, especially the glutamate group, and it interacts with receptors of the nervous system. And, by doing this, it tends to DESTROY the concerned brain cells that host these receptors… permanently.

But the worst effect of MSG is it tends to deregulates energy expenditure and promotes a neuroendocrine dysfunction, which means, at the end, weight gain. MSG does not only stimulate appetite because it is flavor booster, but because it interacts directly with our metabolism. It is an addictive molecule and so, very toxic for the nervous system.

The second study is even more interesting. It shows MSG does cause hyperglycemia, so it does impair glucose homeostasis by disturbing hormonal and neural signals, activated normally by glucose sensors in various parts of our body including liver, pancreas and brain.  

This means it causes insulin resistance and is associated with an increase in incidence of metabolic syndrome. The more someone consume MSG, the more he increases his risk for developing diabetes and being overweight, and this arrives INDEPENDENTLY of the energy intake and the level of physical activity.

Sadly, again, the study demonstrate the glucose deregulation is caused by DESTRUCTION of receptors rich neurons which leads to high level of adipose tissue accumulation with resultant insulin resistance and hyperinsulinism. The worst consequences being the effect is PERMANENT and is cumulative with time…

This is serious stuff because it demonstrates diabetes is NOT only cause by carbohydrates consumption but other molecules, including MSG, and probably ASPARTAME, which also tends to be in many food items.

All this can certainly explain why many diabetic folks are surprised to be diagnosed as having a blood sugar problem even if they do not have any tendency to overeat sweets. Interesting.

So what do we have to learn from all this if we are on a Zero Carb diet? EAT CLEAN FOOD.

When you put seasonings on your meat, select individual spices or make your own mix. Choose oil and butter with no added chemical like flavoring or colouring, except, and maybe, salt. Try to discover what is added to your sausages you buy.

Finally limit your visits to fast food restaurants even if you smartly ask for “no buns”, thinking you are on the safe side.

Yes, and even if I am repeating myself, this is another important rule about Zero Carb: EAT CLEAN FOOD.



  1. Great information Denis, EAT CLEAN INDEED!!! Thanks for giving everyone here this great source of information. Keep the Faith my FRIEND and Always Battle On!!!

    (ZC)er Ready and Willing



    1. Knowledge, information, studies, reviews… this is what increases my faith into Zero carb!!!!!!!


  2. thanks denis, i always wondered about msg. i always felt it was not good. i just did not how bad until now.


    1. What I posted is just one aspect of MSG bad effects on the human body… and I suspect there is much more to come!!!


  3. Great insight Denis. So much junk out their and people wonder why their health has gone to hell.


  4. I wonder sometimes how much "clean food" there is left for human beings to eat???!!!




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