Monday, September 30, 2013


Today’s post has for purpose to demonstrate why LC diets, and especially the Zero Carb diet, do not fit the description of “cognitive restriction”, a state very often used by psychologists and psychiatrists to describe “diets” that limits any food item or, worst, according to them, any category of food. It is sad they are using this description, which, of course, creates 'a state of illness" because the “restriction of one macro element such as carbohydrate” is EXACTLY WHY restrictive carb diets work so well and WHY they are sustainable on a long run…

But still, let’s read what they have to say:

“According to the specialists defending this idea, many people wanting to lose weight too often impose a so-called <restrictive> diet. They tend to limit or even exclude, starches, sugar, or any fat; in a few words, they deprive themselves from the pleasure of eating. This behavior of voluntary control of food intake is called “cognitive restriction”. As a result, these individuals cause removal of natural regulatory and sensations of hunger and satiety. But we know that they are essential signals in the regulation of body weight: they inform the subject on its metabolic state and allow it to adjust its food intake to their real needs.”

Well, in my personal experience, a Zero Carb diet do responds to our real needs and there is certainly no deprivation from the “pleasure of eating” with a “unlimited calorie high fat satisfy your appetite” diet such as Zero Carb… But, still, let’s see what they have to say more:

“In the long run, this restriction leads to a cognitive disorder of the physiological mechanisms of weight control by triggering hormonal stimulation of regulatory systems that will increase hunger. It becomes difficult to fight against it, and the subject is condemned to live a permanent state of frustration.”

If there is one thing I do not feel on a Zero Carb diet is frustration… and my hunger certainly didn't go up but surely went down...

“In addition, this food control is fragile: the subject has to be tempted by a small amount of forbidden food and then will eat without brake. This will result in guilt and sense of failure. To counter these emotions anxiety, he will seek to regain its previous state “hypercontrole”, which will only reinforce the physiological irregularity.”

Some of this is probably true: going back to eating drug-like substance like sugar and starch can bring a lot of problem on Zero Carb… and this will CERTAINLY bring in a lot of anxiety… But let’s be brave and finish reading what they have to say:
“Impose a restrictive diet is a method doomed to failure because the body loses its natural ability to control his weight and frustrations; deprivation almost always involve a resumption of previously lost weight, and if the loss is very poorly experienced by the individual, regain weight may even be greater than the loss.”

Again, they are right: if you go back to eat a high carb diet, watch your weight sky-rocket…

I always like to say that eating a nicely grill steak with BĂ©arnsaise sauce, or a cold salmon filet with a dill mayonnaise, and maybe some garlic-rosemary marinated pork ribs, and having as much as I want to satisfy my hunger, is certainly all what I need to be happy "food wise" (and "nutrition-wise"…) in my life!!!

Going back to eating carbohydrates would certainly bring up "psychologic illness", much worst then the "cognitive restriction" state describe here, especially for anyone doing a Zero Carb approach… which would also open the door to taking medicine such as Xanax and Prozac… For myself, I think I would have to go directly to ELECTROSHOCK BRAIN THERAPY…

What about you???


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